Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Brilliant Swell of Tears, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Tisiphone Dira was on duty in the Uttindar system when she spotted a Bestower illegally piloted by Brilliants Well. In a perfectly executed gank, she destroyed the Bestower and removed 200 million isk of Nocxium from Brilliants' possession. In hindsight, Tisiphone made the right call. She made the only call. But Brilliants took his case to Uttindar local, hoping to incite an uprising against Tisiphone.

Brilliants failed to get the public on his side. In despair, he began spamming local.

It soon became clear that the carebear was barking mad.

Uttindar local was subsumed by the relentless propaganda barrage. Tisiphone couldn't even carry on a pleasant conversation about the Code anymore.

Now Tisiphone's only hope was to find some way of breaking Brilliants free of his chat spam routine.

However, our Agent only succeeded in making Brilliants slightly modify the chat spam before it continued.

On occasion, Brilliants would interrupt his spamming to answer a charge directly. But then the spam routine reasserted itself. Brilliants was more bot than bot-aspirant, now.

Then something curious happened. In spite of everything, a random passerby in local actually voiced support for Brilliants.

Finally sensing a sympathetic (if misguided) ear, Brilliants stopped spamming and began to present his side of the story.

Brilliants Well's guilt was beyond question. So he focused on procedural issues. Without citing any provision of the Code, Brilliants claimed he was entitled to be asked about his Nocxium shipment before being ganked.

The carebear stunned Uttindar local with his new line of argument.

What began as a debate about the Code and Tisiphone's reputation was about to take a strange and unexpected turn.

To be continued...


  1. guessing from the poor english and view of police "Brilliant" must be american. typical.

    1. @Anon: so you accuse someone of having poor English, yet fail to use basic English grammar. You must be a lowly carebear.

  2. Here we go. This carebear is about to pull the "race" card. I can just feel it.

    Carebears are so upset and indignant about following the law that no tool, including invoking racism, is beyond their reach.

    How disgusting.

    1. That is not as disgusting as the new order belief that it is the law when in reality the new order is a lie based on lies is,ming...

    2. only an anon would believe that shooting internet spaceships is worse than racism.

    3. Ming, Ming...
      You are talking! Does that mine you will gank alongside M ?

    4. @Anon12:46
      M has the conditions under which I will agree to gank with him. He must offically declare himself an Agent of the New Order, reveal his character name so that he is no longer an blasphemous Anon, (like yourself,) join a CODE. Compliant corporation, such as The Conference Elite or New Order Logistics, pay 10 million isk for a permit or 30 million if his name resides on the Red Pen List, (which it does,) and officially swear loyalty to James 315 by putting a pledge of loyalty to the New Order and Saviour of Highsec in his bio.

      When M has done these things, then, and only then, shall I deem him worthy to gank with me.

    5. Well Ming,..

      A miner dares to undock to pursue his objectives, while you don't. Any bot aspirant miner around is more worthy than you. And because of that, you are NOT in position of putting any condition whatsoever.

      Prove your worth, or stay a scared puppy barking from the bottom of his doghouse.

    6. Hahaha look! It's like you took a cue from the non-compliant miner in this very article that we're laughing at, and now you're trying to emulate that very same miner.

      "Why don't you come out of your doghouse and gank me again!"

      You make me laugh at you Anon, even though bot-aspirancy is no laughing matter.

    7. Hmm... You are stll wrong Ming. There is no need to emulate said miner, because there is one big difference you might have not noticed yet : unlike Tisiphone, you are not ganking at all.

      Thus making you a living joke among the Code "agents", with no credibility whatsoever. :)


    8. -M-N anon. Link your killboard please. Why you hide it? Link KB proof or gtfo.

    9. @Anon1:59
      Such demands for proof shall go unheard from someone who would dare not give his name for fear of retribution.

    10. Ming, you speak of retribution and yet you never gank. I'm sure you can understand why your "threat" of a so called retribution cannot be taken seriously for a single second. :)

      I don't fear your "retribution", because there is nothing to fear from you, and you know that as well as i do :)

      I don't fear real "agents" wardeccing me, because i can't be wardecced. Yes, NPC corps are annoying as heck, but they do provide that safety.

      My only, genuine fear, is to be camped, and to be forced to switch to my other character with lower mining skills, which means lower profits.

      But fear not Ming, and Anon 2:07 : as soon my precautions are taken, i'll give out my name, sooner than you'd expect.

    11. Well isn't this accuse Ming of being afraid to bring retribution..yet in the same breath admit to being a coward hiding in an npc corp, preventing said retribution. Honestly, until you have the balls to get in a corp and face a threat, you have no place to criticize anyone. You seem to be stuck in the same mentality as a large percentage of carebears..Code. is not all gankers. If you weren't hiding in a npc'd realize that. So you go on ahead and continue to believe in your false sense of superiority while you hide from the very thing you criticize.

      When the day comes that your testicles drop, you come pay me a visit. I'll show you what Code. is all ganking, no camping...just real, unadulterated nastiness. :P

      I won't hold my breath though......

    12. @Anon3:39
      More tears, whining, and failing from another nameless miner, who can't back up its words with actions...

      "I'll reveal my name to you... Someday!!!" *shakes fist*

      Sure I'm really scared of a nameless subhuman without a killboard or an identity that it can use to back up its words at all.

    13. A real ganker code agent would not bother with making demands of an unknown anon, even a semi known one like Mr m, but rather would go out and gank on his own or with other code members. Of course ming is excused from having to do this, since he is not a real code agent......

    14. There goes kaely with her fixation on balls again, and yet she talks about other players with unhealthy habits. *eye roll*

    15. @Anon6:26
      Sorry to burst your bubble, random Anon, but it is my duty to inform you that you are not qualified to determine what "real" New Order Agent does or does not do; because that is not your purview. Who is and isn't an Agent of the New Order is determined by one man: The Supreme Protector and Saviour of Highsec, James 315. And He has already determined and laid down the law as to what makes a New Order Agent; it is any person who takes any action to support the New Order and Saviour of Highsec in any capacity, whether that be ganking miners, making artwork, donating isk to the cause, (as I have) or be vocal in support of the high ideals of CODE., (which I also do.)

      As such, your weak and fragile argument is refuted, and I'm afraid to inform you that the Code has not only won the argument for me, it has also dealt you, yet another defeat.

      Remember, the Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    16. is having a personal stalker considered "winning" Eve? Seriously, this anon is very obsessed.

    17. @Kaely : Code use npc corps alts to serve as bumpers or anonymous scouts. Why couldn't i do the same ? Code do that to avoid being noticed, until the gank occurs. I do that to avoid wardecs. I don't even understand how you thought i was criticizing the use of npc corps. I may be in a npc corp, but at least, i dare to undock :)

      @Ming : Aren't you afraid that, unlike most miners, i ACTUALLY give out my name and zkillboard, thus proving to anyone that i have more worth than you ?

      @both Ming and Kaely : My name will be known before sunday, don't worry about that :)


    18. @Anon1:29

      "Aren't you afraid that, unlike most miners,i ACTUALLY give out my name and zkillboard,"

      Nope. Because you're posting as Anon. Which means you're not giving out your name or zkillboard.

      Which means you're a straight-up liar just like every other miner in existence.

      Glad I could help.


    19. @Ming

      You've just received an eve mail. With my name on it, obviously, and the zkillboard with it.

      I'll wait a little before making it public. Unless you make it public, for all i care.


    20. Ming said and i quote: And He has already determined and laid down the law as to what makes a New Order Agent; it is any person who takes any action to support the New Order and Saviour of Highsec in any capacity, whether that be ganking miners, making artwork, donating isk to the cause, (as I have) or be vocal in support of the high ideals of CODE., (which I also do.) *end quote*

      By your very description of what a code agent is ming, i therefore am a code agent. I use my alt to gank miners, as you said is one of the ways to be a code agent. Regardless of what i do after i do a gank, just the action of doing a gank counts.

      Your requirement of being in a code corp i also fill, as my alt IS in a code corp, and i frequently fly ganks with other code agents. I even have a few posts on here where my alt is mentioned in group ganks.

      Furthermore, your requirement of having paid for a mining permit and having placed it in her bio is also completed. I did this a long time ago, as it is one of the easiest ways to join code.

      As far as your last vague requirement of informing you of my alts, i might consider doing that only after you do it, which i doubt you will do ming.

      The end story ming is, I am more of a code agent then you ever will be. I gank, i am in a code corp, and i have paid the minor fee's, and most importantly, i do undock, again unlike you ming.

      Feel free to spin the story as you like now, it does not matter what you say, for you know I, as well as countless others are many levels above you.

      Lots of love,
      P.S. i am not N, however i give him or her credit for also being better then you ming :)

    21. Dywisa, "N"August 6, 2015 at 5:36 PM

      You have my thanks, M. :)

      Now that there is my name here, i've also proven that i'm better than Ming.
      Next step : proving Ming is not a threat by mining in the very system he has burrowed in, and take screenshots !

    22. Please be Veers, please be Veers, please be Veers...

    23. Dywisa, "N"August 6, 2015 at 6:25 PM

      Veers ?

    24. M,

      While you may be cleverly twisting your words to make it seem as if you are meeting my requirements for ganking with me, you fool nobody, and most certainly not a New Order Agent.

      You may have ganked. Sure, that's cool I guess. But you were not taking action to support the New Order, or the support the sovereignty of Supreme Protector and Saviour Of Highsec James 315. I didn't even hear a "Praise James" in your post, either.

      Marmite Collective ganks. Miniluv ganks. Random anonymous people gank. Ganking in itself is not deemed to be a revolutionary act done in the name of the New Order because anybody can gank. And as anonymous donors are not allowed to be shareholders of the New Order, I do not recognize a "random anonymous alt in CODE." since random anonymous alts are not allowed in the New Order. In order to be an Agent, one must have a name.

      Please hear now, the words of James 315:

      "Let your victims know that they have been attacked in the name of the New Order and provide them a link to this website. Remember, when you inflict damage on a player in highsec, it becomes a revolutionary act if it's done in the name of the New Order."

      As you are anonymous, Your ganking actions do not qualify as revolutionary acts that any New Order Agent could recognize or respect as being qualifying for meeting my first challenge.

      Furthermore, one of the requirements I laid out for you to qualify to gank with me that you convieniently ignored was to reveal your main character name as both I and Dywisa have done. You seem to have forgotten about this requirement.
      Until you rectify this error and reveal your main character name, you shall be summarily deemed unfit to gank with this character.


    25. Ming, i have given you lots of chances to find out who my main is, after all if you would undock and join me in a gank or three it would be obvious, even to you. Your the one who keeps declining to join me, not the other way around.

      I have also given you and the real code agents tons of clues what my main's name is, but you and the real code agents have failed to figure it out yet. Its not my fault your to slow to figure this out.

      Until you rectify your being to chicken to undock, i shal deem you ming, unfit to gank with me. Its not like that should bother you, since you do not gank anyway. Your undeserving of joining me anyway, and would just slow me down as i would have to explain to you simple things even a newbie should know.

      If you however change your mind, feel free to message me in the miner bumping channel, i might just respond.

      Untill then ming,
      Lots of love,

      p.s. N, if you need help, isk, ships, or general advice, let me know. I help just about anyone who undocks. (unlike ming)

    26. Dywisa, "N"August 7, 2015 at 12:25 AM

      Thanks for the offer, M. :)


    27. M, i would not even bother pretending ming is around. Its not like he will undock and bother you or any other honest miners. The mud i scrape off my boots when coming in from outside has more value then ming does.


    28. @ jeff 12:59
      Oh i know, ming is nothing really. All im doing is proving to all the readers how useless he is. You know it, I know it, but most importantly ming knows he is useless. Hell, code laughs at him all the time and he does not realize it yet.

      If anything i feel sorry for ming, being clueless and useless is really a sad state for him to be in. No wonder he does not even log in anymore!


    29. Dywisa, "N"August 7, 2015 at 5:19 AM

      What?! You mean... Ming never received my evemail?
      Aaaaw... Does that mean I told my name for nothing? :(

    30. @N
      If you sent ming an eve mail, then no he wont see it. To see his eve mail he would have to log into the game, which he refuses to do out of fear of having to *gasp* undock.
      Its ok thou, because he wont log in, you do not have to worry about ming :)

  3. BeBopAreBop RhubarbPieAugust 5, 2015 at 8:31 PM

    I'm really worried. How will Tis get out of this one?!?!

    1. On the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball CODE!


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