Saturday, August 29, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #87

You know what that screeching sound means... Time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

A Perfect Election, A Perfect Democracy
How the New Order Protects Your Democracy

That should get you started. Basically, it's the will of the people.

We don't hide behind websites; it's simply easier to supply links than to repeat volumes of information to each citizen.

Another carebear figuratively throws his children under the bus. But Agent Remiel Pollard won't let him get away with it. I suspect Dr Longbow was acting like a bot-aspirant long before he had any kids.

Speaking of excuses, Richie Schmitt claims he was in the bathroom (but wasn't AFK). A new wrinkle: Richie sent the EVEmail more than a week after he was ganked. Pop quiz, readers! How can this be explained?

(A) Richie remembered exactly where he was when ganked 9 days earlier.
(B) Richie was in the bathroom for 9 days before discovering he was ganked.
(C) Richie took 9 days to come up with his excuse.

Kim Askold impressively darts from one excuse to another in an attempt to make herself feel better about being ganked. "Using shields and shit" indeed. Does that really count as fighting back? If so, do the carebears need to stop complaining that we shoot ships that can't fight back, as long as the miners "use" shields?

Rusell is an anti-Order rebel. We've dealt with him before. His honour was "hurt", so he's developed a new way to use his bio.

As we continue reading Rusell's new bio, the game mechanics of his honour mission become less and less clear...

...But we wish him luck anyway.

Mining Permits Purchased: 0/1
Rusell Status: Goofus

I think I speak for all Agents when I say that we'd never put a paw over a carebear's ear. Such cynicism!

Jimmy CC wasn't at all salty about losing his 519 million isk anti-tanked industrial ship. According to Jimmy, the loss was less than 1% of his wealth. If so, then despite being less than a year into the game, Jimmy has well over 51.9 billion isk to his name. Agent PV Rock sent a reply, asking Jimmy to confirm that this was indeed the case.

Hmmm... We might need an independent audit.

Sentiel Starcraft was another carebear who had plenty of money and claimed to be perfectly content with the loss of his ship. Highsec is filled with angry, happy, furious, calm people.

In the end, only the Code can bring true contentment and satisfaction to the highsec dweller.


  1. Quit lieing about your feeble attempt to take power, there was no election, you can't even control more than 1% of HighSec...

    1. Dr Longbow, he is the Queen of tears! :)

    2. Ahhh another bath in the sweet tears of carebears. I have to disagree with many real capsuleers that care bears are utterly useless wastes of pod technology, wholly without value or talent.
      Indeed, they are excellent for making me laugh and laugh and laugh. Their tears are the best medicine for a tough day in New Eden. Any time I am feeling a bit down, all I have to do is shoot a care bear and my chilled mug is refilled with more tears weeping from the eyes of the least among us.

    3. Ooh. I am deeply wounded by that quip. Some worthless care bear, who's comments on this page are even less useful than your character is to Eve Online, doesn't like me.
      More sweet, juicy tears.
      Please, continue entertaining me. Dance, puppet, dance. It's all you are good for anyway, entertaining real capsuleers with your tears, your deaths, your frozen corpses piling up in my hangar. I leave dead miner corpses at stargates in abandoned cargo containers, so everyone can open it, look inside, and see your failure for themselves.

    4. Do you really need to use that many words to make yourself fell superior? You are failing miserably, btw...

    5. You are certainly using fewer words to seem inferior.

    6. That is funny because I dont feel inferior...but I bet you old ladies in the new order that have your panties in a wad over how other people play do...

    7. @Anon11:07

      No, we simply disapprove of the boring way that inferior people like you choose to play this game, and we have the power and skill to deny you the ability to play the game that way.

      In short, we choose how you can and cannot play this game. Because, we are better than you.

      Also, please tell us more about our panties.

  2. Another fail anti-ganker with a hard on for me.

    Too bad they non-stop fail daily XD XD Now if only rhamnousia would stop whining like a little bitch all the time XD

    The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!!

  3. I think you should add more posts about Rusell. That guy is hilarious. I usually lurk the AG-channel, and he never fails to crack me up :)

  4. Manfred Sideous is pushing to remove troll play style to fix null. Only takes a little adjustment for universal application ie nerf high-sec. I thought being able to ruin someone's day was a foundation of this game?

    The lack of investment for suicide is absurdly out of balance. When you consider a destroyer hull is incredibly cheap and the fact that even a defender fitted tank and is taking every reasonable precaution to deter attack, cannot stop bumping.

    Where's the Savior?!


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