Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kills of the Week

What a week! What a slaughter! In a surprise move, gankers from the New Order and the Imperium teamed up and laid waste to the highsec travel lanes, destroying 83 freighters and 6 jump freighters. You could think of it as a sort of unannounced Burn Jita event. Except it wasn't unannounced, really. Anyone could have foreseen the destruction of those carebears, had they simply read the Code. No permit, no ship. In this post, I can merely offer a sample of a taste of a slice of what happened during the week of August 9th @ 00:00 EVEtime through August 15th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Those of you who joined the game within the last few years may be unfamiliar with Chribba. It's enough to say that Chribba has a net worth well in excess of 10 million isk. He should've invested it more wisely. The New Order doesn't play favorites, so our Agents had no choice but to hold Chribba to the same standard as any other freighter pilot. Congratulations to Agents loyalanon, Sasha Cohenberg, Capt Starfox, unknown boat, Lament von Gankenheim, Bob Painter, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Fabulous Andy, Insta Podkiller, RAGE QUIT, Braggs Seyllin, and Sophia Soprano for showing such integrity and impartiality on this occasion.

Speaking of impartiality, the standard of "no permit, no ship" applies to empty freighters as well as those packed with goodies, as Paen Detralis learned. However...

...hauling 20 billion isk through Uedama is bound to attract attention. Vice Hunter's demise should be a lesson to us all. Agents PV Rock, Jason Kusion, Rabe Raptor, Sasha Cohenberg, loyalanon, Seylene Ravlonov, Krominal, Aleqs Villint, TheNewGuy13, Yabba Dabba Do, Unfit ForDoody, jet crash, Mark Eting, ThatOleSerpent, Jayson Kusion, AntiGanks TooStrong, Zula Terra, and Ben Li were more than happy to add a little extra green to their killboards--and wallets--with this one.

There was plenty of tank on Jon Bigbootie's Bowhead. Scouting, escorting, cargo management, and permit-buying... less so. Jon lost 8.8 billion isk when he was ambushed by Agents Balthusdire Dominus, Talon Calais, rackarns, Mildron Klinker, Lament von Gankenheim, Ben Li, loyalanon, BoneyTooth Thompkins ISK-Chip, Capt Starfox, ThatOleSerpent, Sasha Cohenberg, Bratok Srayona, Jacqueline Zartz, Fabulous Andy, Zula Terra, Will Wart, borodimer antipas, borodimer, Ricki Lake Show, Seylene Ravlonov, and Strife Senior.

As far as I know, there's no evidence that Jon Bigbootie has quit the game.

The tears really flowed in highsec this week. More than usual, I mean.

Oops! Hobbie Belvar did the Belvar family name proud when his thoroughly anti-tanked Iteron Mark V breezed its way through a trade route patrolled by the New Order. Agent Kermakakku glanced in the Iteron's general direction and it exploded. The carebear fit a bunch of cargo expanders on his ship because he had a bunch of garbage to move. After he nearly filled it to capacity, Mr. Belvar decided at the last minute to toss in his entire library of blueprints. zKillboard automatically lists them as blueprint copies, but the in-game killmail reveals that the unlicensed hauler was actually packed with blueprint originals. Estimates of the value of this kill range up to 24 billion isk.

Fun fact: Mining permits occupy 0 units of cargo space.

While Hobbie Belvar proved there's more than one way to lose a fortune, Darth Bobborov showed us that there are multiple ways to lose a mining fleet. His freighter contained no less than 50 Procurers. Guess how many mining permits he owned? None. Agents ectweak, Capt Starfox, PV Rock, Letifer Ostus, Nitetime Video, Lament von Gankenehim, Zula Terra, Irisz Renalard, Yabba Dabba Do, Bob Painter, loyalanon, ThatOleSerpent, Jason Kusion, Markus Vittore, Mitten's Mittens, Eva Mavas, and Braggs Seyllin killed 50 mining ships in one mighty gank.

Monny Steinbrot had a pod worth just shy of 3 billion isk. You might suppose he didn't expect to engage in combat, but you'd be wrong. His alliance was at war with the Public-Enemy alliance, which destroyed his Proteus and tackled his pod. One by one, the enemy gang aimed their warp disruptors at his pod, not daring to fire a shot. They wanted as many people on the killmail as possible.

...and then Agent Pod-Goo RepoWoman swooped in for the kill. CODEdot doesn't need fancy wardecs to do its job.

A special bonus, courtesy of Agent Zopiclone. Pictured here, Amrin Onamon competes for the title of Worst Retriever Fit of the Year.


  1. You missed one:

    And here's the link:

    1. What was your ingame name again?

    2. lol at anti ganking tinfoil hattery surrounding an irrelevant okra that only they care about.

    3. What's the matter, Wolf ?
      Didn't you know permits are the best tank ever ?

      Antitank fit... You should be ashamed !

    4. LOL

      A 4.38 Billion ISK loss for the wolf wanker himself. No point to get mad about it, after all, your so called "lord and savior of highsec" James 315 even said that loss is a part of the game.


    5. Indeed that Orca and it's interesting choice of rigs. The Providence and the fact that it died. Thing is the players piloting said ships undocked knowing full-well they might lose them.

      That Orca was baiting and the Providence was being used to ninja loot. Both uses put the ship and player directly in the path of PvP.

      Most AG members do not actually try to stop anything that happens, despite themselves. Instead most sit in some in-game channel and complain; well, some give questionable intel, most complain. Some of those who do actually undock sit at a nice distance away from the action and essentially whore by either shooting at ships that are going to die anyway and/or attempting ECM on ships that are fit with ECCM; this isn't some super secret either and it doesn't work, yet several AG members continue to use this strategy anyway and declare victory even though the target dies 100% of the time.

      There are some AG members who do actually risk their ships. Rhamnousia, Jennifer en Marland (when active in HS), The Saint (though haven't seen him in awhile), Sarah Flynt are some names that instantly come to mind; and, if I'm failing to mention anyone, my bad and please let me know.

      Did losing an Orca and Freighter do anything except some laughs? Nope. The New Order, CODE. and friends keep on going. The same cannot be said for most of AG.

  2. Looks like another week of failure from Anti-ganking XD XD

    The Code is non-stop winning while carebears are non-stop whining!!!!!

    1. What about your whining?

      Reddit: CODEdot lost Orca to highsec griefers

      EvE-O: Oh the Irony

      The Killmail:

      Then Loyalanon/Wolf Soprano rage kicks the corp out of the CODEdot alliance.

      And then there is this:
      And the pod as well:
      Thanks to Anonymous 10:46 PM for finding this little gem.

      Sure doesn't look like CODEdot is winning now, does it. Furthermore, you just proved yourself a hypocrite. Anti-tank fit which is forbidden by the very "code" that so claim to so cherish and enforce. And I bet you didn't get an escort either.

      For shame.

    2. That wall of tears I didnt even read XD XD

      stay mad XD

    3. Hey Wolf, you should read it. It's about your and your failures. You claim to be winning every day, but the evidence says otherwise. We are laughing at you trying to play it off, but you can't.


    4. It's just BM focusing on one failure of code while ignoring the many, many wins of code and failure of AG. kinda sad, actually.

    5. It's okay, it's okay. Captain Starfox meant Wolf didn't want that Providence anyway...
      ... Now where did I hear something similar before ? :)

      Those killmails are proof that Code does NOT always win. That's all I need.

    6. People are playing EVE instead of AFK EVE/ World of Tanks. The Code wins again.

      Look back over the whole thing and see if you get it this time.

      -Galaxy Pig

    7. The CODE always wins,
      That Downsy N is just butthurt miner trying hard not to look like a total sperg.
      What fukin idiot. Like we cannot tell.

    8. @Anon 4:19
      You said : "Like we cannot tell". Really ? Ming claims i'm "Elsa", some people think i'm "M", and you claim i'm Butthurt Miner. Seeing how divergent your opinions are about me, it looks like you REALLY cannot tell. At all :)

      Please, by all means, ridiculize yourself even more and show me the (obviously forged) proofs while i grab some popcorn :)

    9. I find it amusing that CODE kills many, many ships but someone (not even AG) kills one Orca and the AG crowd goes fucking nuts. Guys, get some perspective.

    10. N, I actually like the idea that code think you and I are the same person. It just goes to show that code cannot and will not adapt to challenges to their fake authority. It also goes to show that code has no skills at finding out anything that their opponents do not freely give to them. I love it every time I give away easily earned isk and then code members, and ming (who obviously is not an agent) rage on about it.


  3. It's ok I sure -M- pretended to donate isk to all these carebears.

  4. Any orca kill is a good kill, as far as I'm concerned.

    1. And James would agree with you Alana, for hath he not said:

      "As any ganker will tell you, there is great satisfaction in the killing of hulks and mackinaws. But having tasted the delicious flesh of an Orca, and having savored the most delectable pods that they conceal within...It's ruined me for the less-exotic carebear hulls."?

  5. Are AG spergers even in on any of those kills? Even with those losses, CODE's KB is over 97%. Keep failing, AG...

  6. One Word - The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!!

  7. What, in the name of decency, was this Retriever? Please, dear God, tell me it is just photoshopped. Please? God?

    1. No It was as Real as could be. Z


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