Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Petition Me, Bro, Part 1

Tase Ahashion is, in many ways, representative of the highsec freighter community. Even though he saw the storm coming, he ignored all warnings that he needed to buy a New Order permit. He suffered greatly as a result.

In Don't Tase Me, Bro, we saw how Tase's improvident actions cost him his favorite Providence. Despite having played EVE since 2011, he had no idea what the rules of the game actually were. He threatened to file a petition.

Agent loyalanon was FC of the fleet that took Tase down. If Tase did file a petition, loyalanon would be the chief target. So our Agent invited Tase to a nice chat on TeamSpeak and tried to get him to calm down. For a few weeks, nothing more was heard from Tase.

Then Tase contacted loyalanon out of the blue. Tase's corp, TLC Thunder and Lightning Corporation, had just over a dozen members. They were getting restless; it was becoming increasingly clear that Tase could not protect them from the gankers. Tase informed loyalanon that he was considering shutting down the corp. Duly noted.

A few days later, Tase's corp was wardecced. Nearly all of the corp's members had left or were leaving now.

Pictured here: loyalanon's characteristic honesty and directness. Sensible carebears respect that loyalanon is a no-nonsense kinda guy.

Anyone could see that Tase's main problem had to do with licensing. But Tase preferred to shift the blame.

Two days later, Tase decided he'd had enough. He took his concerns directly to the Crime & Punishment subforum on EVE-O. Now the EVE community would sit in judgment of the New Order. Tase started off his post by quickly catching everyone up to speed on the existence of the Code and mining permits. Then he got right to the heart of the matter.
"...Quoting there leaders name that I cant mention in this forum they feel they are completely justified in their harassing behaviour toward other pilots and claim that high sec is entirely their property with out regard to anyone but themselves. Now if they were in low or null sec I could understand their position, but they are not, they operate exclusively in high sec. They claim they are making high sec a better place for everyone in game and I don't believe that. The problem being that they are making high sec just as dangerous as low sec or null sec. The next point is, What is the purpose of concord when these folks do what they please? They don't care if they get blown up which makes them even more dangerous."
Tase's post was a call to action. It was also a cathartic experience for the former freighter pilot. As an aside, I'm not sure why he felt he couldn't mention my name. If you want people to listen, saying my name is a pretty good way to go about it. Tase continued,
"CCP has given the wrong doers all the power anymore and the peaceful people are given no regard whatsoever. This is what is unacceptable. You must give the peaceful people some regard. It is only fair. The answer you just gave me is a carbon copy of the exact same answer you have given several other people in game. Now while logging in everyday I have noticed that the number of people that log in is steadily declining. How long are you going to sit on your hands and let the bad guys and gals have all the fun and drive out all the good players. Depending on the outcome of this conversation CCP is going to lose even more players due to their unwillingness to help out."
Carebears may prefer to isolate themselves, but they do tend to catch on to the latest excuses for making highsec safer. Tase directly cited the issue of declining logged-in player stats.
"Your constant quote of "Due to the sandbox nature of the game" is no longer acceptable nor is it even relavent to the players that literally suffer at the hands of the GANKERS. According to your own rules, which I have read, this behavior is unacceptable, and the offending players will be spoken to and or banned depending on their attitude toward you folks. Just once I would like to see the GM's and CCP abide to their own rules. I have been in this game for many years and there is no other game like it. My friends and I have put up with many changes in game, some good some bad. and yet we stayed. The situation has now become intolerable with the allowance of these ganker gangs, that needs to be addressed."
Tase still believed that suicide ganking is against the EULA. He simply thought CCP wasn't bothering to enforce the rule.
"The complacent attitude you and your other GM's have taken is costing CCP revenue. In actual fact, I would like to speak with somebody that is a part of CCP management. Although I doubt that will ever happen. The peaceful players of this game are BEGGING for mercy. There is just too much evil transpiring in game anymore. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help. My friends and I love this game and really don't want to leave it, but if nothing is done we must leave. I for one come into game to relax, but lately the game is no longer relaxing, it has become extremely taxing on the people. Again I beg you to please help, otherwise we are going to leave."
Tase ended his post by begging. Lots of carebears beg for help from CCP, but Tase was more open about it than most. The posters who frequent the Crime & Punishment subforum reacted the way you'd expect them to. Eventually, a moderator came along to lock the thread.

A few minutes after writing his essay, Tase managed to get into contact with CCP. Now the fates of loyalanon and the New Order itself were up for grabs.

To be continued...


  1. Oh no! Will the New Order be finished by some carebear petitioning the New Order for not playing EVE according to its interpretation of the rules??

    I shudder to think that this might happen!

  2. Considering this was three weeks ago, and CODE is still winning daily, it kinda kills the suspense, but I enjoyed it none the less.

  3. The problem with code always winning is that you always know how these stories will end.

  4. Oh my goodness! Will Tase be the one to finally cause the CCP banhammer to fall on the NO? I'm totally in suspense!

  5. Tase we should go play Star Citizen together to dodge these sociopathic griefers.

    1. LOL Alana, too bad that game is a scam that makes anything in EVE look like kid stuff.

      I can't wait to reap the bounty of carebear tears that will result when Chris "Madoff" Roberts finally admits that he can't deliver, and no, you're not getting any money back.

      Sorry carebear contributors, no safe haven for you. Maybe consider buying a permit?

      -Galaxy Pig

    2. "Madoff"... kinda like "Made Off"


    3. @Alana
      At least they have an official player-run "space-court" for dealing with "criminals" in Star Citizen!

      No way the New Order could ever exist there!

  6. Where was CONCORD's Pre-Crime unit to stop this?

    1. Antiganking was busy failing to stop this before the big boys concorded our fleet.

  7. So that makes what? The 10000th care bear this month that demonstrates their lack of understanding of the rules of this game?
    Another space-lawyer about to fail their bar exam.

    Since the day Eve servers went live, Non-consensual PvP has been one of the core elements of Eve Online. Not once in the entire history of this game has killing another player been against the rules. Considering the success of CODE and Miniluv, only a goddamn idiot would think that killing other players in New Eden is in any way against the rules.
    Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. When I started playing Eve years ago I knew no one that played, and only vaguely knew what Eve was about. Yet even then I knew that PvP could happen anywhere, at any time, whether I was a willing participant or not.
    It is one of the fundamental aspects of this game. If you don't know or simply don't accept that before signing up for an account, then you deserve absolutely no sympathy. Indeed, a good mocking is more appropriate for just being terrible at a game that so many other people manage to play just fine.
    If anything the fact that you can be killed or scammed without the devs interfering is perhaps the most widely known aspects of Eve Online. It is specifically what attracts many players to the game in the first place.

    Ignorance and stupidity are not rewarded in New Eden. Nor should it be. There are plenty of games out there for those that cannot grasp the rules of Eve (as they have existed since day one) or just cannot handle the slightest amount of difficulty or adversity in their lives.
    It's not an insult to say that Eve is simply not the game for those people. It IS an insult to expect the entire game to be changed so you can continue to succeed while being terrible.

    Lastly- the claim of being defenseless is utter bullshit. Everyone can train the same skills, fly and fit the same ships/modules, and have access to the same tools like a D-Scan, map functions, etc. You can CHOOSE to be easy to kill- but that in no way has anything to do with being defenseless.

    1. Preach it. Nothing that we do is unavailable to the carebears. They have the same tools available to them. They simply choose not to use them.

  8. Welcome back butthurtanon.

  9. For one who disbelieves the claims of the New Order, you sure spend a lot of time on our forum, Anonbear. :/

  10. Carebear - A mindset describing risk aversion. income generation. Can tank, can PvP, needs Isk for skill books, 1st capital ship and modules etc.

    Anonbear - when you care too much about something you don't understand.

    I'm sure I've either not described either well, or went too specific.

  11. Sounds like I struck a few nerves....

  12. Anon 2:20am.

    Hardly. I know I enjoy role playing as much as the next person and that Eve and the Meta of Eve is only a game, not to be taken personally and to be enjoyed for what it is.

  13. People respond to anonbear post with comments that bring the bear down a few notches.

    The bear "struck a few nerves..."

  14. Where is that damned -M- anon, or his alt N-anon??
    I asked for a link to his killboard, so we could all bask in the glory of more crybear kills, and then he stops posting.
    Wtf MN-anon? Why you no linky kills? Why you make claims that cannot be confirmed with a link to your killboard. Why not a link that would prove you are not just another crybaby-anon shitposter that knows nothing about EvE, or CODE enforcement?
    So, linky your kb or stfu, you lying shitposter crybear bot-miner!
    Oh yea, fly station

    1. "N" actually manned up and revealed his name, it's Dywisa Otichoda, an alt whom was born on January 18th.

      His killboard may be found here.

      As for -M-, he remains too much of a coward to reveal his name or meet the conditions I laid out for him to "gank" with me. Probably for fear that he will be embarrassed after I murder him in Player versus Player combat.

    2. Ooooh Ming, does that mean you actually logged in Eve ?!?
      Whoa !!! That's quite the improvement.

      However, "N", or Dywisa Otichoda, still has more value than you : the guy actually undocks, unlike you.

    3. @Anon3:41, i'm deeply sorry if you feel offended by the fact i have a RL life :)

      And sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm not related to M. If you had better writing skills, you would have noticed that M and I don't have the same syntax or the same writing style.

      "you lying shitposter crybear bot-miner! "
      Lying ? No.
      Shitposter ? No. And at least less than you.
      Crybear ? No, i'd rather say "laughbear", since Ming Tso is so pitiful.
      Bot miner ? No. But yes, i do mine. And my lack of loss proves i'm not using bots !

      I'm not an alt. But i forgive you, since i admit the looks are not in my favor. I just had good teachers who taught me the basics, luckily before any code guy could teach me the hard way.
      And about M, you really are not in position to put any conditions.

    4. Lol January 18th? That is just an M alt

  15. @Anon 3:38, if you prefer to blind yourself to the truth to try and persuade yourself that i'm a M alt, that's your problem ! :)

    Don't act in bad faith, man :)

    1. @"Dywisa"
      I think the onus is on you to prove you're not an "M" alt.

      I mean you're cloning his gimmick. And yeah, you do clone his writing style.
      Why don't you start telling us about "Elsa" too?

    2. @Ming

      Whenever i read M and my own posts, the only similarity i find is making fun of you. The writing styles are definitely different. Mostly because English is not my mothertongue, unlike M. At the very least he seems to have a little more english vocabulary than i do.

      Try a few minutes not to act in bad faith, and read M's posts and mine again. You will notice the differences.

      And i honestly don't know about "Elsa". Though i'd be curious to know what makes you think i'm related to that person, just for fun :)

      But it's okay. It's still funny to see you going paranoid because you think i'm an alt. That means you're looking at the wrong direction, that also means you're chasing an inexistant target instead of focusing on me.

      I thought giving out my name would disrupt my operations. Looks like it doesn't. :)

    3. That fact i'm not, and i wish M would come to prove it. But, suit yourself. Keep on making fun of yourself ! :)

      And who is Elsa by the way ? I still want to know what makes you think i'm related to that person !! :D


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