Monday, August 24, 2015

The Newbie Brothers, Part 1

Some players have names that make you wonder about their intentions for EVE when they originally signed up for the game. Take NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers, for example. How did he imagine his EVE career going? He probably didn't think it would turn out this way:

Ganked while flying a fail-fit Retriever in highsec. Yet so many carebears end up exactly where NightStalkerTheSecond did. Agent Bellatrix Invicta, who was responsible for killing the miner, sent him an informative EVEmail and was promptly invited to join a convo.
Bellatrix Invicta > Greetings, miner!
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > can i call my freind in here
Bellatrix Invicta > You bet.
Bellatrix Invicta > Eskobar Troyun o7
Eskobar Troyun > o7
The first curveball: The miner immediately brought in someone to assist him. He had no intention of allowing the Agent to steamroll him in conversation. I'm surprised more miners don't do this, except that most miners are loners (even--or perhaps especially--if they belong to a large highsec corp).

NightStalkerTheSecond and Eskobar were members of Fratres in Armis. In fact, they were the only two members. Supposedly they had each other's backs, but I didn't see Eskobar telling his buddy not to live the life of a highsec miner.
Bellatrix Invicta > What questions can I answer for you two?
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > okey so im sorry but i dont know what the deal with afk mining?
Eskobar Troyun > What happened? what rule did hwe break
Bellatrix Invicta > Ah, well, it was all explained in the email I sent you.
Bellatrix Invicta > Did you read it?
Our Agent began with a polite version of "RTFM".
Eskobar Troyun > i read the rules and of the new order. He didnt afk mine
Bellatrix Invicta > Specifically, the part in bold, and red.
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > yes, m,aam
Bellatrix Invicta > Okay, can you show me your permit?
Bellatrix Invicta > Not having a permit while mining in Highsec is against the law.
It's amazing how many carebears claim to be in total compliance with the Code, and yet they lack mining permits. Is there some other New Halaima Code of Conduct that I should be aware of?
Eskobar Troyun > can you show us where to get the permits?
Bellatrix Invicta > From me!
Bellatrix Invicta > 10m a piece for 365 days of safe mining!
Eskobar Troyun > you just show up, kill him. then say he violated a rule never advertised
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > with all do respect ma'am im packing up and mining somewhere else im not buying your damn permit
...And straight into the denial phase. Carebears lose their curiosity about the rules once they're told they need to part with some of their beloved isk, no matter how little. The permit is a great litmus test for bot-aspirancy.
Bellatrix Invicta > Oh, but it is advertised.
Eskobar Troyun > where?
Bellatrix Invicta > We own all of Highsec and have for 3 years.
Bellatrix Invicta > If you don't know it by now, are you even PLAYING Eve?
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > we are new players we didnt know this existed
The brothers-in-arms claimed total ignorance of the Code. Admittedly, CCP ought to include something about us in the tutorial, or possibly the launch screen. If CCP won't teach the miners, we will. It's often said that if you tell someone to look up the information for themselves, they'll remember it better. Similarly, according to New Order science, the best way to teach a carebear is to kill them.
Bellatrix Invicta > Well, now you do.
Bellatrix Invicta > We were all new at one time.
Bellatrix Invicta > Welcome to Eve.
Eskobar Troyun > yea?? you killed 1 miner who was just tryna get a bit of cash in a suicide gank because you make psuedo claims to neutral territory
Eskobar Troyun > other than it isnt possible to own highsec
Ah! Behold the newbies, so quick to pick up the latest in carebear excuses. At this point, most EVE players have only the dimmest understanding of sov mechanics. But Eskobar was all ready to go with the "you can't claim sov in highsec" nonsense.
Bellatrix Invicta > Sure it is. We do.
Bellatrix Invicta > Every person in highsec is subject to our laws.
Eskobar Troyun > you got a deed for the space?
Bellatrix Invicta > Yep. It's called The Code.
Eskobar Troyun > thats bullshit and you know it
The miner's brother-in-arms dismissed the Code entirely. That's no way to get a reimbursement.
Bellatrix Invicta > Don't presume to tell me what I know, miner.
Eskobar Troyun > "miner" you say that like you are above me
Bellatrix Invicta > I am.
Eskobar Troyun > for what? being a bully?
Bellatrix Invicta > Bully? No.
Bellatrix Invicta > For being a glorious PvP pilot.
Again, Eskobar clearly hadn't read the Code, which explicitly and emphatically places miners at the bottom of the EVE hierarchy.
Eskobar Troyun > You just suiced ganked in high sec
Bellatrix Invicta > Sure did. Good fight!
Bellatrix Invicta > Wish I had gotten the pod.
Eskobar Troyun > because you want a monopoly
Eskobar Troyun > on space you cant own
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > that's not pvp shooting a defensless mining vessel
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > their is no honor in that
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > no glory
Once again, the newbies were up-to-date on all the carebear clich├ęs. If only they could be so well-versed in the Code, and ignorant of carebear talking points--instead of the other way around.
Eskobar Troyun > question. how do you treat lvl 1 who cant afford a mining permit? but need to mine to get it?
Bellatrix Invicta > 1m for 24 hours of safety but you pay 20m after that.
Bellatrix Invicta > And if you can't, we just find you again.
Bellatrix Invicta > Because barges are more expensive than permits.
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > he has a venture
Eskobar Troyun > what about starter vessels?
Bellatrix Invicta > I don't care what you're flying to be honest. I've dunked rookie ships and I've dunked freighters.
Another red flag appeared when Eskobar referred to himself and his fellow newbie as "level 1"s.
Eskobar Troyun > why?
Eskobar Troyun > they violate a law that they break just by joining?
Bellatrix Invicta > I will not attack you in a newbie system or a career system.
Bellatrix Invicta > Outside of those select areas it is game on.
Eskobar Troyun > that was a newbie system
Bellatrix Invicta > Haatomo is NOT a newbie system.
Eskobar Troyun > if a .7 isnt i dunno what is?
For the record, Haatomo is a 0.6 security system. Eskobar was absolutely convinced that all highsec was newbie space. (Another tutorial fail.)
NightStalkerTheSecond Hellbringers > so your saying that it was justice me getting killed
Bellatrix Invicta > Yep.
Bellatrix Invicta > You were stealing James 315s rocks.
Bellatrix Invicta > I can't let that stand.
Eskobar Troyun > who is james
Bellatrix Invicta > WHO IS JAMES?!
The ignorance of the newbie brothers was astonishing. Could they be taught to obey the Code, or would they only continue to rage at its truths?

To be continued...


  1. Bellatrix is an incredible agent, I can't wait for part 2!


  2. Another Victory for the New Order of Highsec !!!!!!!!

  3. Hmm a "new player" that has some idea of sov mechanics but not the New Order? Sounds like more carebear lies!

  4. Help make Eve a better place. Shoot a goon today! Support or join your local High Sec Militia. Or if you really want to take the fight to the enemy, and get into some real fun pvp, speak with a Mordus Angel recruiter today!

    We kill goons 24x7.

    1. Our recruitment post:

    2. It's a bit rude to post a recruitment advert on a blog post that isn't your own. Isn't it?

    3. what does shooting goons have to do with code?

    4. They are one and the same. One is based in High Sec the other in Null. Many goons fly with Code, 290xanaots for example, and many members of Code used to be goons, James 315 being one of them.There are quite a few Code members with alts in the goonswarm, and goonswarm has their own ganker fleet used to pad their killboards.

      They recently did Burn Amarr together and it was not their first date.

    5. Ok so they're two groups that have some overlap in their operations. Can hardly say code == goons from that.

      I would suggest not painting everything you see in a life with a big brush, use your brain matter a bit more.

    6. I saw a Mordus Angel flying with Brave Newbies one day; ergo, Mordus Angels == Brave Newbies.

    7. lol. Your not fooling anyone. You guys are all goons. Everybody knows it.

    8. Goons + CODE. 4ever

    9. @Anon3:36
      If we were Goons, we'd be in Miniluv.

      Since we are not in Miniluv, we are not Goons.

      However, the fact that you and your so-called "kind" are in need of the that education is not lost on either of our organizations.

    10. Highsec Militia changed their name to Hall Monitors. Didn't you guys get the memo?

      "Teacher teacher! Beatrix Invicta ganked a Mackinaw!"

  5. Yea join Mordus if you like running away from targets all day

  6. Join Mordus Angels and get all-you-can-drink goon tears, like the one above. It's like a soda fountain! Help us gank the gankers. :)

    And our killboard speaks for itself.

    1. Make sure to post relevent replies to the proper forums. CODE. != GoonSwarm. Now, run along and keep that one system in null safe.



    3. Hey wolfie. I like this one best:

  7. You know, I find it interesting that the code agents are ignorant of their own code that they profess to love, cherish, enforce, and live by. Consider the following quote taken directly from the code:

    "If a miner does not wish to purchase a mining indulgence, he may still be granted a one-day reprieve, if he is able to correctly answer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three."

    So, the way that I interpret this is that agents should (they are not required too) ask three questions of the miners/haulers about the code to test their knowledge. If they get it right, leave them alone. If they don't, blow them up. However, we never read ANYTHING about agents doing this. All we see are agents attacking people. If code wants to really be the "self proclaimed rulers of highsec," how about tempering justice with a little bit of mercy.

    But of course, we will never see any code agents do that, because it's against code's better interests to do so.

    1. I read it as having James 315 ask the questions, but if the miners ACTUALLY read the Code in the first place, they'll know this anyway.

      What really happens is they read the first paragraph and think they're missing out on mining for their ISK. In high sec that's silly, they really should join null as most of it is crying out for miners to increase their indexes.

      It comes to something when CCP gets DaBigRedBoat to post a mining fleet op isn't it.

    2. A normal Agent cannot present the Questions Three. Only James can do that. Which is why it's called the "Supreme Protector's Questions Three" and not the "Code Agent's Questions Three." Additionally, the questions themselves are not necessarily about The Code. The Questions Three and its close relative, the Test of Wisdom, have been invoked several times in the past; none have succeeded in passing.

      As for your advice on how Agents should handle their business--I encourage you to join on and enforce The Code as you see fit. Perhaps you would like to enforce The Code against only what you see to be the worst bot-aspirant. You could give it a warning in local. You could slowboat up to it from 20km away with a Catalyst. You could yellowbox it for a good 30 seconds before opening fire. You will learn, however, that we do things the way we do today because it is effective and, yes, even kinder to the carebear. I invite you to learn by doing, however.

      We await your application!

    3. Anon OP poster's assertion is incorrect; three random questions about the Code is not the same as "The Supreme Protector's Questions Three". Only once given the questions by James himself (which has not to my knowledge ever occurred), is an Agent then permitted to administer the Supreme Protector's Questions Three.

      You know, I find it interesting that, after 3 years of being retarded and stupid, anti-gankers would just stop trying to out-interpret/lawyer CODE agents when it comes to the Code and various technicalities therein. It is almost as if the Agents understand the document, the procedures, and generally how it works when it comes to administration in real time. Maybe the anti-gankers should read the glorious document to understand it instead of freewheeling idiotic guesses for years about a document they've never read!

    4. As the OP and a member of AG, I have read the document. The way this game is, I find myself largely agreeing with most of it. About the only point that I actually do agree with is no AFK mining. As for the rest of it, I just wipe my ass with it. I always disrespect code agents, I disrespect the code, and I disrespect James whenever I can. I steal "his" rocks whenever the mood strikes me. They actually belong to the empires and they are free for everyone, but the average intelligence of a code agent invokes a delusion which makes them thing that James owns the game.

      So code agents, when you enter into a system that I am in, open your mouths because I may need to take a leak.

    5. Its funny how AG spends so much time reading a blog they care so little about instead of doing their duty as AG. Because... you know, I am a badass, as long as I am anom.

  8. I have found that the best thing to do is just keep your head down and do what they tell you. I stay at my keyboard and if I get ganked I tell them gf and apologize for wasting their time.

    I probably had it coming anyway. Maybe I was mining too much?

    Also: avoid making eye contact with CODE. agents.

    1. To be honest, i laugh at some of the other miners who cry on here. My life has been a LOT easier since I got a permit. Now I watch the guy beside me get ganked as I continue mining!

      Helps if you keep popcorn handy, because you can always see the ones who are gonna get ganked when they roll up.

    2. One should never feel it necessary to avoid eye contact with an Agent of the New Order. In fact, eye contact is a great way to establish that you are not bot-aspirant.

      Look me in the eyes. Now.

    3. How romantic!

  9. I know if people started killing me in high sec, just because i was mining, and wasn't looking at the screen, for example watching a video on another monitor.

    if people kept repeatedly killing me in high sec over and over, i would be cancelling my subscription

    in my view CCP intended high sec to be safe where people can PVE, and not have to PVP

    if you want to claim this is a PVP only game, CCP is going to lose a lot of subscribers, and i don't think they'll like you very much for that

    1. No one ever claimed EVE was a "PVP Only" game - where are you getting that from?

      PVP is "permitted" in every single system and region of EVE online. The only difference is the actual mechanics. Highsec has a different set of mechanics in play then lowsec, lowsec has a different set of mechanics in play then null, etc.

      Learn the mechanics, get good at the game. Whining about the mechanics and threatening to cancel your subscription (Tip: No one cares) is childish. Rest assured that the game itself gives you dozens of ways to defend yourself, but don't forget that conflict and exploding spaceships is at the very heart of EVE itself.


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