Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kills of the Week

When I look at all the carebears being slaughtered across highsec, I feel sorry for them, and I hope they get the help they need. I have good reason for this hope; I know that highsec is being patrolled by upstanding men and women of the New Order! Still, it will take some time before our Agents can help each carebear on an individual level. Until then, I'd like to see CCP step in and offer some assistance by putting a bigger spotlight on our activities, like they did with the Goons' first Burn Jita event. Agent Nitetime Video had a great idea:

That single pop-up would solve so many problems. It could be the basis for an entire expansion. CCP could easily get it done within six weeks.

In the meantime, carebears have their warning in the Code itself. Let's see what was cooking in highsec during the week of August 23rd @ 00:00 EVEtime through August 29th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Balou82419 lost a freighter containing an allegedly ungankable Skiff and a whole host of items, including a large library of BPOs. The freighter was expertly ganked by a strike team consisting of Agents Sophia Soprano, loyalanon, Bratok Srayona, Jason Kusion, Dirk Magnum, Gallie Crendraven, PV Rock, Yabba Dabba Do, Nick Actilete, holdmybeer, Gohman Patrouette, Latir Darkspear, and Anti-Ganking Supreme Victory.

zKillboard doesn't value blueprints as originals, so estimates of the true value of this gank vary. A lot of items dropped. Sadly, the Anti-Gankers destroyed the cargo before it could be recovered.

...Or not! That's right, Anti-Ganking failed again. Over 19 billion isk in items were saved and put to proper use.

Nurtolus lost a 2.4 billion isk marauder and a 1.6 billion isk pod. Our Agents love to shoot ships that can shoot back, and the Vargur seemed sufficiently armed. Agents Brutal Anna, Marina Gankalot, Rick Therapist, and Carebears' Nightmare wanted to play with Nurtolus, but he was sadly AFK. Oh well. The Code was enforced and our heroes moved on.

DiaRoss is another gun-toting AFK'er. He's actually quite infamous in ganking circles. DiaRoss, along with his alt, DiaRosCris, never fail to lose expensive equipment.
DiaRosCris > pls suuport me..
DiaRosCris > so that CCP.. change that..
DiaRosCris > ERROR
DiaRosCris > we dont want to FIGHT!!! we WANT TO MINE!!!
DiaRosCris > BIG LETTER TO ccp--O CHANGE SO;ME things
Yes, that DiaRosCris. Agents Gunther Cucs, John E Normus, Pod-Goo RepoWoman, Aaaarrgg, unknown boat, Selo ibnSedef, 412nv Yaken, TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet, Sera Erquilenne, Sophia Soprano, Li Tsumi, holdmybeer, loyalanon, and Silence Dubensky recognized DiaRoss and greeted him according to New Order custom.

Speaking of notorious carebears, X-FEANOR got caught with yet another expensive freighter. This one was a doozy, worth over 14.7 billion isk. As X-FEANOR's corp name hints, he is a very special carebear. Consider X-FEANOR's personal killboard stats:

Past a certain point, statistics can't get the idea across. They're difficult to comprehend. But X-FEANOR, in just over a year, managed to lose almost 90 billion isk. And it only took him 22 lost ships (including pods) to rack it up, for a whopping 4 billion isk average per vessel.

But enough about X-FEANOR. You want to see the list of Agents responsible for taking down his freighter in Perimeter, a 1.0 security system. Credit goes to Agents Globby... and...

No, just Globby. The only other person on the killmail is X-FEANOR's webbing alt, who didn't perform very well. Globby, on the other hand, did a super job on this hyperdunk.

majorlox's pod was worth 4.6 billion isk before Agent holdmybeer started to work on it with a Thrasher. High-grade crystals and a bunch of x06 hardwirings were to blame. But it gets worse. majorlox wasn't autopiloting in a shuttle or anything. No, he was flying a speed-fit freighter worth 5.6 billion isk, for a total loss of more than 10 billion. Some credit must go to the gankers who eliminated the freighter, too...

...So, holdmybeer. I guess solo PvP really is coming back. Our Agent's Catalyst managed to squeeze out 205,000 in damage before CONCORD came calling. But wait, wasn't the pod killed by a Thrasher, not a Catalyst? Yup. holdmybeer re-shipped on site with the assistance of a friend. The pod sat there, floating in space, for ten minutes after the freighter popped. Our Agent sent it home.


  1. Code Alliance always at the frontier of New PVP Techniques.

    Id like to take this time to show my appreciation to Globby and Holdmybeer for bringing elite solo pvp back to the masses!!!!!

    The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

    Freighters Die while carebears cry and antiganking continually fails non-stop daily and sheds tears in their private secret channels!!!!!

  2. And yet, as with most KotW posts... AG is quiet. They hang their heads in shame. They know where the true problem in EVE lies.

  3. Incredible kills!!!

    But where was Anti-Ganking?

  4. Im starting to think AG is an urban legend. We hear about them, though never see them and they never stop anything

  5. They whine, therefore they are

  6. win win and more win

  7. Anti-who again?
    Do you mean bigfoot? Sometimes there are rumors of sightings, rumors ;)

  8. They shouldn't even be called "anti-ganking" as it would imply that they could stop ganks at some point in time. Everyone knows that this is not true.

    Therefore, I suggest we formally change their name to "anti-winning" as it would keep their identity intact and better reflect reality!

    1. Perhaps we should put it to a shareholder vote! Show the bears what democracy is all about!

    2. I created a new account recently to check out where Eve was at. Spent some time in the AG channel just to see if the rumors were true.
      I didn't actually see any real life threats or any particular vitriol even. Mostly it seems the channel is quiet with the occasional convo about how they can't do anything useful.
      Frankly, the attitude of the channel is one of giving up. I didn't really see any talk of getting organized to actually stop anything. When that was mentioned, people would talk about how much patience and dedication is needed to stop the gankers, and then no one would make any effort.
      Seems like they don't realize that to stop a dedicated, motivated group you'd need a motivated, dedicated group. Kinda sad really.

    3. Very sad that all they can do is fail non-stop daily.

      It also saddens me that by being in that channel alot of new players will end up leaving the game as opposed to if those same players were out ganking with Code I highly doubt they would leave.

      AG is a sad miserable place full of failure - non-stop daily.

    4. @Odie: I think there are about 10 people in AG that actually try to stop ganks, and a few more that just CONCORD kill mail whore. The mods have cleaned it up a bit after being made to look bad here with the screen shots of their chat. Try suggesting haulers and miners take some responsibility for their own safety in that channel. Won't be long before you're called a CODE spy...among other things.





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