Saturday, August 15, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #86

How to begin the 86th edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag?

With another unlicensed carebear getting eighty-sixed, of course.

Wardecs are a good tool for making sure every carebear in a corp or alliance is held accountable to the Code.

...However, a carebear's responsibility to obey the Code is not contingent on membership in a corp or alliance. If you're in highsec, you're following the law of highsec, period.

The bot-aspirants, when they stop giving us the silent treatment, want so badly to express themselves. Yet their excited declarations often produce more questions than answers.

Andron Glavtorg wanted to present his freshly minted mining permit in his bio. Unfortunately, he didn't have room for it. This was a good opportunity for Andron to learn about the purpose of one's bio. Bios do not exist primarily for the purpose of listing NPC damage types or AU conversions. Nor is it necessarily a free-for-all where you can write whatever you want. A bio's main purpose is to glorify the New Order and its Code, and to proclaim loyalty and support for highsec's Saviour. Prioritize accordingly.

Like I always say, our Agents are natural-born educators.

According to this miner, his corp (at the time he wrote the EVEMail) is the largest in EVE. In fact, he was in a very large corp--over 800 members. He thought that would impress our Agent, but it didn't. It simply meant that his corp owed the New Order a lot of money.

Try as they might, even the best space lawyer can't find a "coffee exception" in the Code.

After the caffeine high wore off, Spika Deva said he would be calmer in nullsec. I sincerely hope he's right. We've been sending a fair amount of angry miners to nullsec these days.

Highsec carebear Rusell started bragging about his lowsec adventures but had to stop himself when he remembered all his victories were confidential. Only his losses showed up on killboards.

As you might recall, Rusell tried to inspire the Anti-Ganking community.

...but they remain as toxic as ever.

Tunnel Snake showed signs of progress when his note-taking was inadvertently sent to our Agent. Still, his note betrayed ambivalence about the Code. Let's close this edition of the Grab Bag with something more purely Gallant:

New permit owner Nikisha Okel took full responsibility for the actions that originally led to her encounter with our Agent. Impressive!


  1. Further proof of what we all know - Antiganking encourages real life death threats and think WE are the bad guys XD XD

    For every Sperg from AG, the Code Wins AGAIN!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, and you ran for the hills with your tail between your legs when someone started shooting at you.

    2. Not sure if you actually are stupid and believe what you say or if you are just a fail troll. Calling someone a coward while posting anonymously seems to suggest the former.

    3. What's the matter Nitetime? Truth hurt? Regardless of Anon 11:23 PM's posting habits, he/she speaks the truth.

      Fact: Loyalanon = Wolf Soprano.
      Fact: Loyalanon and the rest of the code members ran for the hills when confronted by RvB in a REAL PvP fight during the previous Alliance Tournament.
      Fact: CODEdot was banned from all future ATs by CCP.

      These are facts. Read them and weep.


    4. I bet you're the type of person who wags their finger in the other person's face every time you say 'fact'. probably spit a little too.

    5. Hmm... So that's how you are going to spin it now? Code "won a moral victory?" How pray tell was it moral? RvB banned catalysts and taloses (I think) and next thing you know Loyalanon and the rest of the code fleet didn't bother showing up. They thought it was more fun to gank freighters, like the one belonging to Clockwork Orange who sponsored CODEdot's entrance into the AT BTW. That freighter contained their ships for the AT. Then Jimmy butt fungus picker 315 claims that the NO won the AT since Clockwork Orange won.

      Then CCP banned CODEdot from all future ATs. This is a fact. Read it and weep. Jimmy boy posted quite a tear filled post on this blog.

      CODE = Chicked Out, Deny Everything.

  2. I am declaring that code agent hunting season is now open indefinitely. License cost is free. Make sure you have your warp scrams because once you start shooting at them, they will try to flee like the cowards they are.

    1. Considering we operate as -10 we are open season 24/7 so still waiting on you to do something XD XD

    2. "good luck in your murder"


    3. Hey, I made a blog post. Educating miners is just one of our many hats.

    4. @Anon 11:21 PM
      Nice. Time to get a posse together to do some hunting.

      @Anon 3:25 AM
      You are living proof that shit can sprout legs and walk.

    5. BM,

      We eagerly await your posting a CODE KM.

    6. @Anon 1:56 PM

      So I see that you are attempting to pull a page out of my playbook. Nice try. However, I have pictures of you banging your mom's corpse. You are too much of a coward to go and find a live one. But hey, who am I to judge. I hear is pretty chick these days to be into an older woman.

      @Anon 2:24 PM

      Really? Bring it on. Post here with the results, but you won't because you can't. Now lets see you squirm at your keyboard in your impotent rage as I laugh at you.

  3. Hey loyal, I hear you've ragekicked an entire corp from CODE after one of its members lost a baiting Orca. Looks like bot-aspirancy to me, caring about killboards so much.

    1. Oh man. That thread. People are soooooo happy about a dead Orca. I'd say that a 740 KDA for Orcas is well within the "acceptable" range. As for kicking the corp, that's what it takes to be as Elite as CODE. is. If you were arguably the best PVPer Eve Online had ever seen, you would be entitled to make such decisions as well. :)

  4. As an Agent of the New Order, I never get tired of winning everyday.

  5. As an Agent of the New Order, I never get tired of winning everyday.


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