Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meanwhile, in Anti-Ganking

In theory, EVE's game mechanics make it trivially easy to disrupt a suicide gank. Electronic warfare and remote-repping can enable an anti-ganker to counter-punch well above their weight with dirt-cheap equipment--even cheaper than the stuff gankers use. However, the anti-ganker must know in advance where a gank is likely to take place. In the early days, our Knights were so few in number that the rebels could simply follow us around. However, the New Order has spread so rapidly across highsec that this is no longer possible. Anti-gankers can no longer track or anticipate our attacks; therefore, they cannot prevent them.

There's an exception to this rule: Freighter ganking. It takes a large fleet to get the DPS needed to gank a freighter, and the popular freighter death zones (e.g., Uedama) are all well known.

Yet the Anti-Gankers are powerless to stop ganks, even when they know exactly when and where the ganks take place. This has made them a bit bitter.

However, even in the Anti-Ganking channel, there are those who tell their fellow industrialists to toughen up.

Those who are disillusioned and unhappy about modern highsec congregate in the Anti-Ganking channel. It's a crowd that attracts radicals like Rusell, who encouraged his fellow carebears to rise up against the New Order.

In Rusell, perhaps the rebels finally found someone with the credentials and charisma needed to forge a truly effective anti-Order movement.

Or perhaps not.

No conversation in Anti-Ganking can get very far before it is derailed by paranoia and suspicion.

Annah Tsero's pro-Code bio made her a frequent target of suspicion. Since she proudly supported the New Order in her bio, some Anti-Gankers questioned her commitment to the rebel cause.

On this occasion, there was probably something to their argument.

One thing that's usually missing from Anti-Ganking is any serious discussion about how to use EVE's game mechanics to stop ganks, or how to help the miners avoid being targets. But today, Rusell was there to get everyone organized. To make them rally to the cause.

Rusell struggled. After three straight years of constantly failing, Anti-Ganking morale is in poor shape. They have little patience for would-be rebel leaders these days.

But what about the rebels who are still highly motivated? Surely they can still focus on the mission. They should be fertile soil for proposed actions against the New Order.

...In fact, even the most diehard Anti-Gankers now admit that Anti-Ganking is toxic and useless.

Although the rebel "community" inspires much well-deserved pity, it's worth celebrating in another sense: It's content that only exists because of the New Order. Without us, there is only silence, botting, and bot-aspirancy.

Gradually, Rusell drifted toward the natural carebear equilibrium--a permanent state of "someone else will handle the problem for me."

In truth, enough time has passed for us to confidently say that no one will ever solve the problem of the New Order. Because we're not a problem at all; the highsec carebears are the problem. We are the solution.


  1. Not just AG channel. Was logged in Amarr a couple days ago and some less than week old NPC corp alt named "Code Braker" was spouting anti-CODE stuff in local. Most people that didn't ignore him mocked him. CODE is winning hearts and minds!

    1. Hard to gather support when the character name isunironically spelled 'Braker'.

  2. Sometime I bring characters into AG channels to praise James 315 and spread the word of CODE, gets them riled up every time shortly before I get banned. What's worse than their ignorance is their belief that there are no tools to stop CODE ganks when they simply don't want to use them.

    CODE will always win because we get the best of EVE players, meanwhile AG get dirt that's left over.

    1. I hope my kids grow up to become proud, productive members of the Anti-Ganking community!!

  3. Its easier to whore on freighter killmails than it is to try and prevent the gank, so you're going to have more people wanting to gank.

    Have you guys ever considered making anti-ganking alts to make it more interesting in the kill zone systems?

    It would be pretty sharp to see freighter flying with a webber and a fleet of escorts and all warping off sychronized.

    1. Freighter gank fleet sizes vary wildly. I've seen as few as 7 for anti tanked freighters up to 30 with mostly Catalysts, but one properly flown webber (or scout in a shuttle for that matter) can prevent a gank from even taking place. I had considered making an AG alt just for the challenge, but after hanging out in both channels, I'd rather fly with CODE. Between the vitriol and paranoia of AG, and the laziness and stupidity of people putting billions of assets in slow, anti-tanked ships and going AFK, it was really no contest.

    2. I've considered it, yes. I think that it could possibly be interesting to see the effects of injecting a few truly skilled players into the AG "community."

      A strong enemy would increase our influence simply by expanding the scale of the conflict. Getting more players actively engaged with the community and the actual PVP of the game is the New Order's goal, and while I'd prefer them to join the Winning Team, coordinated, effective opposition to us is in line with our high-level goals.

      I'd like to see the narrative of AG fixed. They need to stop being hateful and start having fun. Then the whole game will benefit. Until then, we'll just keep on winning unopposed. :)

    3. Let's try it. Even if ONE person who has never attempted to anti-gank before that resides in the AG channel steps up it will be a victory for Eve Online in general and our community as a whole.

      This is the story that along with yesterday truly displays the differences between both sets of players. One side is playing Eve and the other wants to turn it in a rollercoaster pve only ride.

    4. "Its easier to whore on freighter killmails than it is to try and prevent the gank, so you're going to have more people wanting to gank."

      Yeah, sure. People are overwhelmingly drawn to ganking over anti-ganking because "it's easier", right...

      I'm not even about to go into the fact that ganking a freighter requires TONS more time, effort, manpower, planning etc. than fitting a logi ship and parking yourself in the spot where the last fifty ganks happened.

      No, I'd like to focus more on the fact that this dude ACTUALLY thinks that people choose ganking over anti-ganking, because of it's EASE.

      How very out of touch.

      -Galaxy Pig

    5. Let us never forget that there were others who tried to rise up and unite the anti-gankers into a superior, unstoppable force....

    6. Here's the thing: anyone who shows signs of competence in AG or gives good advice will (correctly) be suspected of being a CODE. alt and be kicked from the channel.

    7. Not so - at the point I was still writing Gank-Intel, reading AG, and despairing of people who don't understand the Crimewatch or killright mechanics, I was incorrectly suspected etc etc and kicked. :-)

  4. Anti-gankers keep failing and continue producing salty delicious tears

  5. For over a year now since subbing and enforcing the Code, I haven't had to buy any salt at the grocery store. The miner's salty tears have kept me fully stocked!

    Praise James!

    1. You and me both friend, I heard CCP is opening a bulk salt export company from all the tears that Anti-Gankers cry

  6. Haha AG looses again (Ty James for using all of my magnificient screenshots <3)

  7. CODE. You have been constantly breaking the real laws of High Security Empire Space. Although your "Halamia" doctrine in some areas make sense, attacks on non-combatants are against the law, and you have betrayed that law. Retribution is coming.


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