Friday, August 21, 2015

Knowing Is Half the Battle

Kalorned and the rest of our merry Agents are good at many things, but they specialize in victory. Behold, more proof:

Dazzling action, explosions, and miner tears, all in a Code-friendly package. Be warned if you're one of those miners who lets their toddler help them mine: They'll see a video like this and want to join the New Order instead of following in your footsteps.


If "knowing is half the battle", our Agents are winning that half just as overwhelmingly as the other half. Knowledge is PvP.

Bellatrix Invicta understands that not every miner is willing to read stuff. A PSA in audio format will do the trick, though:

Very calming for miners in need of calming down.

Permanent links to all New Order artwork may be found on the Links page.


Another New Order contest incoming, courtesy of AeleDeux...

Want to participate but aren't a member of the CODE. alliance? You've got until September to join before the contest begins. Send in your membership application today.


  1. What a bag of goodies, Code-toting friends!

    Thank you as ever, Kalorned, for a rumbustious role-call of superlative ganks. I particularly enjoyed seeing the dizzy Retriever bouncing off an Orca, and both spinning off into space. Or was it the other way around? Music really good too. I missed most of the quotes though; which is as good a reason as any to - watch it again!

    Did I see a Procurer go down amongst that lot? I hope so; they offend me (almost as much as Skiffs...).

    Well done Bellatrix. Your voice is smooth and even; very calming for all those hysterical miners. The music was well-suited to your text. I gave you a well-deserved 'like'. I Look forward to your next piece!

    Alas AeleDeux I'll be unable to take part in your exciting contest; like many New Order geeezers and geezals, I enforce using my own non-allied Corp. Nevermind! I'll give you a wave if I see you about our usual district. Thanks for organising this.

  2. That video was BEYOND inspiring!

    Sasha, your praise is humbling. Thank you, sir! I am honored to serve The Code!

    Now... time to hunt some Asteros.

  3. How can an indy player donate to the event?

    Love what code brings to the game style.

  4. I think Agents should go "Miner, no mining!" when ganking/bumping in honor of this event.

  5. inb4 anonbears whine about copyrights

  6. But my corp wants to join the competition in September and we miss you guys :(

    Lady Ati
    Systems High Guard CEO

  7. Might want to clear up exactly when September 31 shows up on the calendar......WINNING!!!!!!!!

    1. September 31st was created by James 315 especially for this contest. Participation in this sacred day is mandatory for all of Hisec.

  8. "Bellatrix Invicta understands that not every miner is willing to read stuff. A PSA in audio format will do the trick, though:

    Little problem, how the deaf people can "hear" the message. Would you mind to put the message in word ?

    1. Then you should be reading the email I send you, miner.

      Now, if you cannot read nor hear, EvE MIGHT not be the game for you.

    2. Then they read it, as they likely would be willing to read stuff in that case you idiot? lol?

    3. Miner, you're going to need to calm down. You're not making sense. If they read the email they don't need to listen to the audio, however I am benevolent and generous so I offer options.

      I don't have to. Remember that.

  9. I can read english even if it's not my born langage. And i'm doing fine in eve, 'following the CODE, tanking my ship and don't afk when i'm undock.

    I don't fear losing a ship, it's just some pixel.

    So all praise Jame315 and the CODE always win !

    (no need to feel superior just 'cause you can "kill" some pixel)

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