Friday, August 28, 2015

Glory in Gamis

If there's one thing we've learned about the Agents of the New Order over the last three years, it's that they love shooting ships that shoot back. It's a travesty that so many Code violators either refuse to properly equip their ships for combat, or simply engage in behaviors that render them ineffective in combat situations (going AFK, etc.).

However, there are those who at least attempt to shoot back. Then they get defeated by our invincible Agents.

Kalorned is back in action!

It's a video with many honourable duels, each one enriched by a backstory:

Impressive work. Who can deny our elite PvP when the proof is staring them in the face, streaming in HD?


Speaking of elite PvP, in case you missed it, check out loyalanon's tribute to The Conference Elite. It's got everything you need: Combat, forum tears, my face--everything!


  1. Goon Titan and Super Carrier down by Mordus Angels and our allies. 200 Billion ISK decommissioned in the name of all that is good and just! We will fight back and we will prevail!

    See the entire report here on EVE News:

    We are still recruiting anyone interested in PVP to help us win this war on evil. See a Modus Angel recruiter today!

  2. Get back to us when you've "decommissioned" trillions.

    Like we have.

    1. and.... done.

      12.98 trillion in goon tears (which is the same as ISK).

    2. This just goes to show that the 'real' pvp is in nul sec, not high sec like code keeps screeching about. Good job Modus Angels! Far better then anything code ever does. :)

      oh and, in b4 code starts to give tears over this.

    3. Do Ragnaroks count as titan kills these days?

      I've always considered them mercy killings. Good job, I guess?

    4. Fearsome stuff, comrades. Kalorned, Gallant Gentleman of the Space Lanes, and loyalanon, Bringer of Death; Salut!

  3. meh, a so-called alliance unable to prove itself the Tournament?

    1. Did your alliance fail again anom 1:33
      moa runs, Crybears whine, CODE WINS! Always!

  4. That was a really interesting video.

    His ship and fit certainly helped but his skill in minimising incoming and maximising damage was impressive.

    I think if a couple of those obviously pve fits had thrown on a web for better hits he might even have been beaten, especially by the RNI.

    He did lose a cruiser at one point, but certainly some good wins in there.

  5. CODE wins everytime they lift a miner away from the task of mining. Giving someone a chance to PvP and interact with other players is what EvE is all about. Hopefully the excitement of battle will inspire them to do more than just mine.

  6. Dammit, James!

    I mean, this is cool and all but WE WANT OUR RED-HOT FESTIVAL LAUNCHER ACTION!

    C'mon man, we're salivating for the conclusion!


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