Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't Petition Me, Bro, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Tase Ahashion had a case of the carebear blues. His corp, TLC Thunder and Lightning Corporation, was rapidly losing its members due to suicide ganks and wardecs from the New Order. Tase contacted the only person from the New Order he trusted, Agent loyalanon. His trust wasn't misplaced; loyalanon told him frankly that he needed to buy mining permits. Tase became very upset and made a scene on the forums. Then he filed a petition with CCP.

Tase's conversations with CCP were ongoing. He hoped for a positive result, but any assistance from CCP would arrive too late. Tase's corp was completely imploding. Tase disbanded his corporation and dropped out to an NPC corp.

The New Order watches all highsec. The next day, Tase found himself on the receiving end of a gank from Agent Aaaarrgg.

Though the gank was unrelated to everything that had happened previously, Tase was still sore about the loss of his corp. He took it out on Aaaarrgg. Without any justification, he threatened to report Aaaarrgg to loyalanon. Tase had powerful friends in the New Order.

Aaaarrgg was not intimidated, so Tase made good on his threat and sent a petition to loyalanon.

Our Agents are natural educators. Aaaarrgg broke everything down in terms that Tase could understand.

However, Tase still needed an attitude readjustment. He thought himself too big a fish to be "handled" by an ordinary Agent. Either loyalanon or CCP would need to step in. Unfortunately for Tase, all he got was radio silence.

The next day, Tase gave loyalanon another status update. His corporation was finished; his dozen or so PvE'ers had abandoned him. He was still hoping to get a ruling from CCP about the New Order. Perhaps being freed of the burden of running a floundering carebear corp had lifted Tase's spirits. In a better mood, he offered loyalanon much advice about how CODEdot should be run. Because EVE's #1 PvP alliance would be much more successful if only it got input from an expert on leadership like Tase.

loyalanon simply replied that Tase needed to buy mining permits.

Tase complied. He still felt CCP might one day shut down the "extortion" conducted by the New Order. But he could no longer wait. For the sake of survival, he bought a permit for himself and his alts. Still, he warned loyalanon that he was skating on thin ice.

loyalanon considered the matter closed.

Tase didn't take as much joy in his new permits as one would hope. He accused loyalanon of being rude. However, there is no record of such rudeness. loyalanon replied with an EVEmail instructing Tase that their business was concluded.

The carebear was in a state of confusion. He told loyalanon that he wouldn't contact him again, but also suggested he might apply to join the New Order. At any rate, Tase wasn't ready for CODEdot just yet. He reactivated his old corporation. This time, he wouldn't bother recruiting. The corp was only for Tase and one alt.

Although Tase Ahashion remained a work in progress, he'd come a long way. For the sake of comparison, here's Tase before he encountered the New Order:

And afterward:

A considerable improvement, as I'm sure you'll agree!


  1. High Security Carebearism - too big to fail.

  2. "Sooner or later, someone or something is going to show you ALL the error of your ways."


    But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

    1. Perhaps this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/3gp4nf/veldspar_died_15b_freighter_down/

  3. I love a happy ending.

    The Code always wins!! Always!!

  4. What does Aaaaargh mean with bot "aspirancy"? If I ever saw a spambot, it was this guy. :D

  5. code won again, typical.


    1. totally agree, it's making me hungry

    2. Yummmm, PASTA....

    3. Those afraid of posting from their mains should be faced with the uncomfortable reality that they are virtually indistinguishable from a computer--a "bot," if you will. Registered accounts such as mine never have to suffer the indignity of having to prove that we are human. You must endure it because we enjoy watching you squirm as you are faced with your own miserable existence as a bot-aspirant.

    4. I would not sully myself with registering to minerbumping :)

      And even if i did, i would still be a "bot aspirant". So why bother myself ?

    5. You're not an Anon. The previous post was not directed at you.

    6. Also, you're probably already registered. Google accounts are the ones used to comment, and who doesn't have one (or a half dozen) of those?

  7. Looks like another edge of your seat pvp match between an agent of the new order and a carebear!!!!!

    The Code is always non-stop winning!!!!!!!


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