Monday, January 28, 2019

An Agent's Duties Under the Code, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... We engaged in an enlightening examination of one facet of carebear hypocrisy: Their desire to hold Agents accountable to the Code while denying the Code exists.

We know the Code exists; it's as real as anything in EVE can be. Indeed, it has a bigger impact on more EVE players than any other aspect of the game. Even the most rebellious carebears, on some level, accept this fact. We know, too, that carebears have many responsibilities under the Code. What about Agents?

Rebels and skeptics often bemoan the "unfairness" of the Code: Agents get all the benefits and miners bear all the burdens. (If they really believed that, though, then why are they mining instead of enforcing the Code?) As evidence, the rebels point to the following provision of the Code as an example:
Keep local clean. Miners should be courteous in local and should refrain from the use of profanity.
The carebear whines, "Why should only miners be barred from using profanity in local? Why shouldn't gankers be required to follow rules on what they can and can't say?"

The carebear is, as always, disingenuous. He has no concern for the quality of local chat. If he did, we wouldn't have so many issues with foul-mouthed carebears spewing their toxicity all over highsec. Unlicensed miners are known for using racial slurs, death threats, and committing other bannable acts--in local chat, private convos, EVEmails, you name it.

The miner's complaint about a lack of restrictions on Agents' speech is also an example of deflection--a common tool of the bot-aspirant carebear. Gank a bot-aspirant, and he'll tell you to "go after the bots, and leave us real people alone." Shoot a new (or not-so-new) player, and he'll demand you gank an experienced one instead. Pop an autopiloter in highsec, he'll tell you to go fight in lowsec. On and on it goes. Even if you take their advice--gank a confirmed botter, for example--they'll whine that you should be in nullsec where the real botting goes on. Or they'll tell you to let CCP handle it instead.

In other words, every time a good, honest man does something good and honest, a carebear will tell him to do something else, somewhere else. If we listened to carebears, we wouldn't be able to take any action to fix a problem, because the carebear would deflect our good efforts in some other direction. Highsec could never be saved like that. This is one of the countless reasons why I often say it's better to shoot a carebear than talk to him.

The best response to a deflection attempt: focus. The New Order of Highsec focuses on saving highsec. That's it. First we will eradicate bot-aspirancy by achieving 100% Code-compliance in highsec. Only after we have total, final victory do we need to worry about what comes next. Our Agents have total focus and clarity of purpose.

Does that sound extreme? It shouldn't. Take, for example, the problem of a house on fire. While the fire rages, firefighters are absolutely focused on saving lives and extinguishing the fire. Meanwhile, the Anti-Gankers would be complaining about how the fire truck is blocking part of the road, water is dripping out of the fire hydrant, and firefighters are tracking dirt into the burning house. The carebear whines, "Stop putting out that fire. There are worse fires in some other country. Go over there."

The problem of bot-aspirancy threatens to consume highsec. Fear not--our brave Agents are on the job!


  1. My own opinion of CODE is that the entire (IMO quite pretentious) 'philosophy' aspect of it is all an enormous farce to do one (or both) of two things:

    - make suicide ganking sound like a noble pursuit instead of it being an attempt to take advantage of dumb hauler pilots while praying to the loot fairy (or to just farm tears/mine salt)

    - extract salt/tears from the people they gank by pretending to be pretentious and philosophical about suicide ganking.

    Really it seems to me that CODE just wants to blow shit up, and the most convenient and accessible way to get that that they have devised is various methods of suicide ganking, primarily of miners.

    And personally I think that they'd be better off if they just admitted that they liked to blow up various industrial ships (or just really shiny shit in general) for the hell of it, instead of pretending like it's some higher calling.

    Also this whole "New Order" thing IMO also skirts pretty close to an (erroneous) invocation of Godwin's Law, but that's just, like, my opinion, man.

    1. It's CODE. (ie, a period follows 'CODE', regardless of whether the sentence has ended or not).

      The period must be omitted if you are referring to 'The Code', or simply 'Code' as a reference to the New Order, (although standard grammatical rules still apply if 'Code' happens to be the last word in the sentence).

      For example:

      "The CODE. Alliance always wins."

      "Code always wins."

      "anti-ganking* always fails – they are the antithesis of Code."

      * anti-ganking is spelled in lowercase to emphasise their insignificance - "Anti-ganking" at the start of the sentence would be incorrect, (and inappropriate).

    2. You say funny things Kenny

  2. It's so nice when anonymous miners offer such helpful advice on how we can run high sec. Thanks for your input.

  3. Praise James! The carebears are a part of the problem. Shoot first and answer questions later.

  4. durr my name is kenny im gonna say kenny as replay to every one who posts errr kenny errrr

    1. Oh no!

      Once the number of 'kenny' posts in the comment section reaches a critical mass, The New Order will spontaneously implode! I fear not even James 315 can stop this from happening!

      The End is Nigh!

    2. Ha ha ha ha ha! That is freaking hilarious anon agent 8:22. XDXDXD

    3. 8:34 too funny! WHAT EVER WILL WE DO! XD

    4. Your funny Kenny

    5. Kenny freaking out over his own name. Poor Kenny

  5. In before Kenny/CHODEanon.

  6. Why these losers can't just give a gf in local instead of crying in the comments section of this blog and other forums is too funny.

    Left wing failures in life.

    Westboro baptist church deciples the lot of them.

    1. Are you kidding me?
      Westboro hates gays,jews,islams,Catholics,just about everyone equally.
      Sounds far more like another alt-right,religious cult of personality.
      More like someone in the WH; at least James is always friendly and polite. Always!

    2. Such tearful intolerance Kenny.

  7. I'm really worried about Kenny Chode, it's not like him to miss a post. Has anyone heard from him?


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