Friday, January 4, 2019

Over One Trillion Six Hundred Seventy-Four Billion in Shares Sold

As our 1,500+ other shareholders can tell you, it works. It works and it works and it works!

This is so much better than getting death threats in my contact notifications.

...And it's on.

Highsec legend Jason Kusion made a massive purchase of 20,000 shares of New Order stock, which took us past the 1,651, 1,652, 1,653, 1,654, 1,655, 1,656, 1,657, 1,658, 1,659, 1,660, 1,661, 1,662, 1,663, 1,664, 1,665, 1,666, 1,667, 1,668, 1,669, and 1,670 billion isk marks. This heroic deed earned Jason an exotic Vigintuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Very rare, those. The Kusion patriarch has also vaulted himself into 11th place on the all-time shareholders list.

Another good contact notification. NephariousDA Tawate enclosed the isk for 3,333 shares. We have now cleared the 1,671, 1,672, and 1,673 billion isk marks. NephariousDA earned a Triple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. We're not done yet, though:

Xan Staraider also upgraded his holdings, purchasing 1,000 additional shares and taking us to the 1,674 billion isk mark. Xan earned a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™--but don't you dare call it ordinary.


Agent Minx Mattel provides this postscript to the recent report on Overmind Niminen.

Overmind was inspired.

Before long, the deal was done:

Agent Minx was filled with cheer:
"So, he contracted me around 500-800m worth of illegal miner stuff, not only ore, but also blueprints and salvage. I started to convert them to Catalysts, Coercers and Blasters as quick as I could!"
This reminds me of a quote from A Highsec Christmas Carol:
"In a morning of giving money away, Scrooge felt more alive than in all his years of saving money for himself. He had never dreamt that charity and the Code could give him so much happiness."
The Code and the Christmas spirit are a potent combination.


  1. Wow! That is a lot of isk! We are going to build a LOT of catalysts with that!

  2. Agent Overmind, a true hero of High Sec. Praise James for him and all the other agents of the New Order! \o/

  3. How many * Kusion alts, aka bots, also gave isk to Jamey?

    CHODE. slaves = hypocrites.

    1. the best part is all you can do is whine on our blog about it XD XD

    2. Hahahaha this shardani just keeps on coming back day after day to a website he hates to cry and be miserable and negative.

      So toxic.

      Kalyn shardani was miserable and toxic just like chodeanon.

      Will he murder minors in rl?

    3. Chodeanon-

      We free miners FROM their slavery, and we make High Sec a better place live. We're more like freedom fighters, law enforcement, and the underground railroad than anything else.

      The last thing we are, is slaves. But you already know this.

      Our agents come and go as they please. They are encouraged to have balanced lives. Not only do we put IRL first (because they know Eve is just a videya game), but most of us have smoking hot spouses, satisfying careers, and we all live pretty good healthy lives. Those of us with kids are also doing awesome in whatever they are doing. Like in my case, both my boys are currently enrolled in college.

      I'm afraid you are just a sad pathetic ag'r that is powerless to stop us. You have to resort to fail-troll the comment section of the blog you hate. As the the great Loyalanon used to say "Failure, non-stop, daily". XD

      You know your wrong and we are right, deep down inside. That's why you keep coming back.


  4. meh seems made up

  5. wow just wow antigankers are failing so hard right now

  6. That Kusion is a gentleman and a scholar. Much thanks!


  7. Very nice to see the coffers filling.

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