Thursday, January 17, 2019

Over One Trillion Seven Hundred One Billion in Shares Sold

When carebears think about EVE--if they put any thought into the game at all--they tend to think in terms of things like yield, isk per hour ratios, and the like. Even many nullsec PvP'ers get caught in the trap of putting excessive focus on min-maxing stuff. That may work on paper, but EVE is not played on paper. There are many other, more important factors to consider. For example, the New Order is the #1 organization in the game when it comes to courage, honour, etc.

And then there's destiny. It plays a big role, too.

Here's the proof: Einath Onisoma, who joined the ranks of New Order shareholders with a purchase of just 10 shares, took us past the 1,691 billion isk mark by one share. Extraordinary timing--or fate? I'm guessing it was simply Einath's destiny to earn a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Good for you, Einath.

Now for the other extreme.

The The Lawton School for Pubbies Who Can't Mine Good took the bull (market) by the horns and purchased in bulk: 10,215 additional shares, to be precise. Talk about making your own luck! The Lawton School's purchase took us past the 1,692, 1,693, 1,694, 1,695, 1,696, 1,697, 1,698, 1,699, 1,700, and 1,701 billion isk marks, earning that prestigious institution a Decuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

This was a big move. The Lawton School now owns 23,315 shares, making it the 10th biggest shareholder of all time.

Oh, and one other point of interest: We have now sold over 1.7 trillion isk worth of shares! Congratulations are in order.


Agent Drugs McFarland directed me to this video, inspired both by the movie "Fight Club" and the Code:

The Code indeed has a freeing effect. Just ask any carebear who earned a negative security status for the first time.

As always, you can find links to New Order artwork on the Links page.


  1. Over 50 Billion isk in our treasury! Praise James!

    Bears be scared! February will be a month to remember!

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