Thursday, January 3, 2019

Changed His Mind, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Would-be rebel leader Overmind Niminen of the High Sec Miner Resistance corporation identified two Agents as his main targets: Lewak and Aiko Danuja. Even so, those very same Agents made an effort to recruit Overmind into Code-compliance. Overmind purchased a mining permit, but could he ever fully embrace the Code?

Overmind attempted to see the world of highsec the way that our Agents do. He came across a hauler sitting in an asteroid belt. Overmind strongly suspected that the hauler was AFK--so he reported it to the authorities.

Overmind's suspicions had been correct: It was a bot-aspirant.

Overmind was shocked and disgusted when he realized that the hauler was being used as a mining ship. He had to consider: If Agents see things like this every day, maybe that's why they feel the Code is necessary. And maybe they're right.

Next, Overmind came across an AFK miner. Here was a chance to spread his wings.

He ganked the miner. But something troubled Overmind.

The Agent-aspirant had second thoughts. After all, the miner appeared to be a newbie; she had been in a rookie corp for only a few days, and the Venture was so badly fit. Maybe it had been wrong to gank her.

But then our Agents showed Overmind the truth: This was no newbie. The miner had over 5 years in EVE! The only reason she was AFK mining in a terribly fit Venture was that she was a bot-aspirant.

Now, for the first time, Overmind saw everything clearly. The enemies of the Code must be destroyed.

Overmind teamed up with some Agents and ganked every target he could find.

There was no turning back now. Overmind could not un-see the things he'd seen.

With his new outlook, Overmind resolved to save highsec--the right way this time. It turned out that the Agents of the New Order were the good guys all along. Highsec's true enemies are the bot-aspirants and always have been. Always!


  1. Hooray! But I am concerned that Overmind may still believe that illegal mining is excusable under some circumstances.

  2. Turned to the dark side by Jamey and his CHODE. slaves. Now he is a slave himself.

    And mining in a battleship is a perfectly acceptable style of play.

    As for "bot-aspirants": CHODE. slave = * Kusion = bots.

    Jamey = hypocrite.

    1. I don't think slavery means what you think it means. Bot-aspirancy as well for that matter.

      ...and who said anything about a battleship? Context miner. You need to learn to focus.

    2. Imagine coming to a website you hate every day just to post the same crap anonymously. You could learn another language in the same amount of time. Or purchase a mining permit and follow the CODE!

    3. You could blow up a bot-aspirant miner in the same amount of time too!

      So much more fun! And helpful to Eve and High Sec!

      Praise James! \o/

    4. I think we can all agree that CHODEanon is a caricature of an unruly miner whose comments enrich this blog by demonstrating how extraordinarily relevant the Code continues to be in daily life.

  3. wow just wow. antiganking is failing HARD right now

    if only Thomas wasn't stealing all the donations they could afford better ships

  4. Praise James for Agent Overmind! \o/


  5. meh seems made up

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! XD

      You do know that the guy who coined that phrase is now in the Conference Elite right?

    2. No. What is the story behind that, I just post it because someone else keeps posting it.

    3. Another anti ganker, the natorious Gorilla Vengaza, used to post it here. Then he saw the light, much like the hero Overmind, and then in an act of bravery he ganked all of anti ganking by taking over their channel and posting the truth about the Code so all the rebels could read it.

      It was epic. Almost 4 years ago I think. It's why the antigankers don't talk much in their channel. It's cause they are all sad.

      If you are posting that here without knowing about it then you are just an echo of yet another Code victory.

      You should come up with something new, some original content. Or better yet read the Code and get a permit.

    4. Definitely made up

  6. Welcome to the Brotherhood, Overmind!!

  7. Overmind is destined for great things.


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