Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Somebody Close to You

A plea for mercy...

...Well, a plea for money, anyway. Typical carebear.

Agent Viirilithizu Ward ganked Viclow Hekki's rookie ship. Viclow was autopiloting the unlicensed ship while carrying about 100 million isk worth of cargo.

At this point, of course, the Anti-Gankers out there (are there any left?) will whine about shooting new players in rookie ships in 1.0 security systems. Let's have a look at that employment history, though:

Viclow started EVE a couple of years ago. Remember, he said he was a "generally new player", which seems to be a variant of the infamous "new returning player".

The autopiloter again begged our Agent to reimburse him for the loss. His future in EVE was at stake.

Viirilithizu's good sportsmanship left the miner cold. All he cared about was money. Time to open his eyes:

Our Agent gave Viclow the gift of a link to the Code. She even dropped a "Praise James 315!" in there for good measure. To be sure, this is a potent combination. But a bot-aspirant carebear, if he has a lot of darkness in his heart, can react to the combination like a vampire to sunlight.

Yup, looks like Viclow was a foul creature of the night.

Agents of the New Order wear a lot of hats. Our Agent put on her therapist hat and gave the miner some sound advice. Viclow was again confronted with the choice of whether to behave like a Goofus.

Viclow told our Agent that she would be in his thoughts and prayers.

The next day, having had an opportunity to reflect upon his conduct, Viclow sent our Agent an apology:

...Or not.

Feeling nothing but compassion for the miner, Viirilithizu did her level best to save Viclow from being banned. She even explored ways to get the miner some money so he could get back on his feet.

Alas, Viclow was too far gone. After one more attempt to get the miner to see reason, Viirithilizu received this final message from Viclow:

Viclow didn't care about the isk anymore. He was broke, but he wasn't interested in pursuing a reimbursement claim. (After all, Viclow would never ask anyone for money.) The miner had only one purpose now: Giving voice to his rage. It's a good thing tearmails can be produced for free.


  1. "Well, a plea for money, anyway. Typical carebear."

    A plea for 10 million ISK by a CHODE. slave, anyway. Typical ganker.

    And the statement "send me all your isks" by the CHODE. slave Ward is yet more proof of Jamey's hypocrisy.

    1. Carebear wishes real-life death and cancer on people over a video game.
      Chode-anon backs the carebear.
      Typical anti-ganker. Always wishing death, threatening death or actually killing someone IRL.

    2. Chodeanon is soooooo salty too! XD

    3. Wow Chodeanon, NV just shut you down!!

      It is well documented that anti-gankers can't separate make-believe vidya games and reality. They need to get a permit.

    4. Wah wah wah, the miner in this story has a lot in common with chodeanon, they are both established long term players who operate in rookie starter systems.

      They are the equivalent of paedophile middle aged men who live in the confines of pre schools.

      Such toxic,vile low grade life.

      Never forget rockspider shardani.

    5. It NV and you other CHODE. slaves who play EO so obsessively that your mom has to bring a bucket down to the basement so you can piss and shit it. Can't go AFK, right?
      Me, I spent most of my time in New Eden on the weekends, where I can mine in various high security systems while watching sports on the television. The Super Bowl is next week!

    6. lol he mines in high security

    7. The hypocritical judgment by the 'Professor', aka CHODE. slave, is quite laughable. Nothing but a Jamey bootlicker.

    8. Calm down miner.

      Take a deep breath, a glass of water and come back tomorrow to cry some more.


    9. Calm down ganker. Just realize you and your other CHODE. slaves will never be able to stomp out "unauthorized mining", whatever the hell that means.
      Just go back to all your mining alts and accept it.

    10. Now, now. You're just saying that because of PWCMG's CEO. My low opinion of highsec miners is entirely consistent with the School's stated philosophy.

  2. Well handled Agent Ward! Praise James for you sir!

  3. "Viclow told our Agent that she would be in his thoughts and prayers"

    Comedy gold right there!!! \o/

    1. I too lol'd. XD

      James has the amazing skill to turn tears into comedic gold! A true miracle of High Sec!

      Praise James!

  4. When the carebear said - I wish you died parent and kids. Sounds like an antiganking moderator we know.

    Are Thomas and antiganking grooming these carebears?

    1. Ag are a death cult.
      Just murdering ragequitting failures.

      If only you could report them like a bot to get mental reps.

      Nobody got enough cap to transfer that much.

    2. They sit in solemn assembly in their channel hoping Thomas the Chosen One will save them. Their faith is horribly misplaced.

      It really is a death cult.

  5. LOVE the new banner!

  6. Carebear tears never get old


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