Tuesday, January 8, 2019

There Are No Shortcuts to Uedama


If you don't obey the Code? Quite a lot, actually.

Agent Aiko Danuja reports that a "wormhole" group has recently been attempting to make use of highsec. They think their use of wormholes allows them to cut in and out of New Order territory without paying for a permit. But the Uedama system is heavily guarded.

The freighter pilot couldn't help but admire our Agents' handiwork.

...And their firepower. A gank armada with more than 60 ships participated. You would think that such a force would be sufficient to ward off foolish freighter pilots.

You'd be wrong. Barely half an hour later, a second freighter from the same alliance met its death next door to Uedama.

These freighter pilots didn't seem to fully appreciate the importance of the Code. It would cost them.

Minutes later, a third freighter, piloted by someone outside of the alliance (but believed to be associated with the group), was caught by bump-tacklers.

The freighter pilot displayed the same lack of concern that the others had.

The bot-aspirant was unwilling to learn and improve. She could only accept her fate.

Our heroes began to wonder just how many freighters would need to die before the message was received.

Less than 15 minutes later, Ella Estemaire was caught in another freighter. At least this time she'd made it into Uedama before being bump-tackled.

Ella was given another merciful death. Our Agents remained in complete command of the system.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Without exaggeration, the Code has brought more content into EVE in the last few years than all of the CCP devs combined.


  1. * Kusion = bots = CHODE. slave = hypocrites.

    And the laissez faire attitude shown by these industrialists at getting ganked by Jamey's CHODE. slaves just shows their losses truly are trivial, and can easily be replaced. CHODE. slaves are nothing more than gnats.

    1. If they are nothing more than gnats, why do you protest so much?

    2. The same trivial losses that see you spending an entire weekend mining for a measly 1 bill.

      At least now people know why you come back daily to cry in the comments section of a blog that you state is insignificant.

      Just let it all out cloth eyed anonabitch and admit you have a problem.

    3. Says the guy who visits our site every day?
      Actions speak louder than words, CHODEanon.

    4. Chodeanon needs us. Why else would he post here non-stop daily? It's a plea for help, for content.

      I think we may have to organize a search and rescue.

    5. Calm down, CHODE. slaves. It's just a video game, right?

    6. EVE is real. That's why following the law is so fundamental to success.

  2. wow just wow. ANOTHER failure from antiganking. why are they such failures? oh yeah maybe if Thomas wasn't stealing ag donations they would be able to afford decent ships instead of SRP'ing griffins hahahahaahahahahahahahaha

  3. Funny thing, the last freighter dropped 315,010.00 ISK.

  4. The freighter pilot couldn't help but admire the Agents' handiwork

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  6. What could possibly go wrong? XD

  7. an honest isk doubler!

  8. How do you know that the gas station you live at is the one closest to me?


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