Thursday, January 10, 2019

Over One Trillion Six Hundred Ninety Billion in Shares Sold

Giddiness in compliance--that's how you know you've got the right Code.

In a clarifying moment of nostalgia, Relto doubled his holdings of New Order stock with a purchase of 1,000 additional shares. This took us past the 1,675 billion isk mark and earned Relto a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. No doubt it was just as sweet as the one he got five years ago this month.

A new shareholder enters the ring: Turd Ferg'Son. Turd bet big on the Code with a purchase of 15,000 shares. This took us past the 1,676, 1,677, 1,678, 1,679, 1,680, 1,681, 1,682, 1,683, 1,684, 1,685, 1,686, 1,687, 1,688, 1,689, and 1,690 billion isk marks. Turd's bet paid off. Of course it did--always bet on the Code! Turd earned a Quindecuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™.

We're now very close to the 1.7 trillion mark, by the way.

More from Turd:

An interesting fact about MinerBumping is that the more you investigate its claims, the more truthful you discover them to be.

Let's have a look at some of these bot-aspirants whose ships inspired Turd's big purchase. First, though, something to note:

Each bot-aspirant was bested by Turd's trusty Ishkur. The carebears chose to do battle with Turd. Let's see what they were made of. Hopefully other highsec residents will learn from their mistakes.

Berg Space's Hurricane

Yan Bloom's Maelstrom

DAWB Noud's Harbinger

Blake Anosi's Thrasher
(Yes, that's a mining laser you see there.)

Red Dragon Gizmos' Machariel

I suspect I've received money from more people who left EVE than any other player in the game. When good, decent people choose to quit EVE, they leave their isk to the New Order. Why? Because they care about those who still play. And because they know that when they use their isk to purchase shares in the New Order, a little piece of themselves will live on in EVE, doing good.



  1. If I ever decide to quit EO, which probably won't be for a while because I enjoy mining while watching sports on TV, it sure as heck won't be donated to Jamey and his CHODE. slaves.

    No, it will probably go to Eve University.

    1. Hang in there, Chodeanon. Help is on it's way!

    2. XD! You can't decide to quit something you have never played.

      Maybe when you actually play the game you can stop whining daily in the comments section of our blog. You could probably try to publish an article on the hisec militia blog that no one reads.

    3. It sounds like you already quit Eve.

  2. Yes! The fight wages on thanks to the good people of New Eden who are united and unstoppable in their will to see James 315's vision for Highsec brought to fruition.

    Onward to 1 Trillion shares!

    Onward to 100% Code compliance!

    -Galaxy Pig

  3. The self sacrifice shown by each and every CODE pilot that quits EVE and donates his money is remarkable. We can all hope that all CODE members follow this heroic act and quit ,donating their money to James. Only in this way can we all accomplish in obtaining the true singularity and be one with James. Always!

    1. Didn't read article. Wit becomes snark, borderline stupid.

    2. Obviously he can look across that border line and see the CODE members, however.

    3. "Only in this way can we all accomplish in obtaining..."

      Carebears even fail at English.


    4. Actually yes, I don't plan to play this game forever, my sole goal is to earn as much isk as possible, and give it all to James so that he can triumph over all.

  4. Space is cold. The New Order makes it cooler.

  5. Those were some terrible fits. True, the pilots were only willing to pick a fight against a smaller opponent, but at least they were playing EVE. They're a darn sight better than miners who go AFK to watch various sporting events. Now they have some real PvP experience under their belts.

    1. I'm sitting at my keyboard while mining AND watching sporting events, playing EO the way I want to play it. It's called the wonder of triple computer monitors. You should try it sometimes.
      But I understand that most CHODE. slaves are luddites, Jamey wants them that way.

    2. @Chodeanon

      The Quest for Chodeanon is coming soon. We will find you miner.

  6. Whack a cane toad miner every day in 2019 for a better new eden.

    The plague of impotent middle aged fake eve players is growing and needs correcting.

    These fake players do nothing for the game except inflate the prices of everything.

    Do not feel bad for bleaching the bacteria you encounter, the health of the game will improve with every slimy criminal you podkill.

  7. wow just wow. antiganking is failing so hard right now. maybe if Thomas wasn't stealing all the donations he was receiving they would have isk but no unfortunately he just steals it all while claiming to fight against gankers (and failing hard)

  8. You are psychopaths. So glad other space games don't allow nor condone this form of organised sociopatic behavior.

    1. Then feel feel free to resub to wow.

      This video game is not a soft/ safespace kinda game.

      that is why EVE survives for so long without pandering to the inept.

    2. I take it you've never played anything like Stellaris or DOOM or Starcraft? In Stellaris, my corporation of giant space cats is spreading across the galaxy, harvesting miners and eating them.

    3. Imagine a match of CS:GO - you get a weapon and shoot the guys on the other team. If you get shot, do you cry griefing, or exploits, or complain to the developers about mean players shooting you without warning? No. CounterStrike is an FPS shooter with team based combat at its centre.

      Yet you pick up EVE Online, get shot down and complain here. You know what EVE Online is? It is a game built around SPACESHIP COMBAT. The whole idea behind the game is that there are NO RULES TO SPACESHIP COMBAT. Everything is allowed as long as it makes SPACESHIPS EXPLODE. The number one rule of EVE is to NOT UNDOCK what you are not willing to lose, because YOU WILL GET EXPLODED. That's the whole thing that sets EVE Online apart from other MMOs.

      Complaining about thieves, gankers, awoxers, wardeccers, mercenaries and pirates in EVE is akin to complaining about being shot at in CS:GO. Pick up another game if you do not want to accept its rules.

    4. If that is the case why does New Eden have high and low security systems?

  9. Just like in Eve. XD

    Aiko you are my hero! <3

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