Friday, January 11, 2019

Four Autopiloters You'll Meet in Highsec, Part 1

It's safe to say that members of the mighty CODE. alliance love ganking pods.

CODE. is responsible for the destruction of nearly one hundred thousand pods. Over 17,000 of those kills were earned by Vrix Nation corp alone. Agent ST0NER SMURF and his friends at Vrix Nation specialize in ganking autopiloting pods. They've learned a lot about autopiloters over the years. Autopiloters can be placed into different categories--buckets, if you will--and today we'll look at one of them.

Which category, you ask?

Let's just say there's a reason why "fuck" occupies the center square of Miner Bingo.

Autopiloter tears are like snowflakes: Similar, but with subtle differences that can take on infinite variations. MacTub Atreides, for example, chose to punctuate his "fuck you" with an emoticon, while others might prefer an exclamation point or five.

You see what I mean? There are countless ways to say the same thing--or to shed the same tears.

Any version of the word is sufficient to qualify for the "fuck" Miner Bingo square. But leave it to the carebears to raise complicated questions:

Renezis Kin's message is meant to mimic a gesture that translates to "fuck you". Does that count?

Of course, "fuck you" is the most frequently used variation, but as this carebear proves, it can be a question as well as a statement.

"Fuck" is a very common word in broken English. But how about this:

Ah, the Russians. According to Google Translate, this Russian carebear said "you cock fuck you touch you want let's go one on one go out drysha".

Carebears also vary when it comes to their taste in capitalization. Many prefer to use all lowercase, eschewing capital letters entirely; but some go for the classic ALL CAPS.

...And don't forget to check the subject line.

This post could go on indefinitely, without any two "fuck"-based tearmails being identical. But let's leave it here:

At this point, one begins to wonder if teary-eyed gank recipients are capable of saying anything else. Don't worry, there are other buckets of tears to examine.

To be continued...


  1. The Goofus's first move is to externalize all the blame. Denial is the first step on a long path that meanders through anger, bargaining, and depression; and that ends in acceptance that PvP is indeed desirable in a PvP game. Occasionally a Goofus will wholeheartedly embrace personal responsibility and become a competent pilot.

    It is good that somebody holds them to a higher standard.

  2. wow just wow. hope they dont do a shardani!

  3. I love ganking vodka filled russians, they are so prehistoric and emotional when you win against them in elite pvp.

    Imagine the massacre if kalynn shardani was a russian.

    Never forget the ag moderator who murdered his minor because he lost at elite pvp.


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