Saturday, January 19, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #175

One moment, please. I need to run this through Google Translate...
From: Poporvalkin
Sent: 2019.01.06 09:54
To: Overmind Niminen,

I hope your family will die of cancer on your hands scum
Ah, just as I thought: It's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Silly miner. Carebears don't make our existence possible; the Code does. Besides, if it weren't for the Code, EVE would have died off years ago.

Judging by how often carebears violate the New Order Bathroom Protocol, I'd say consistently using a sandbox would be an improvement.

In fact, many Agents say the more exclamation points, the more likely a permit sale later on.

Hush, miner. My mother was a saint.

Be careful what you wish for.

Agent Minx Mattel was amazed to hear that a miner actually intended to get his revenge by attempting to PvP. But was it too good to be true?


Alas, too many miners refuse to shoot anything that doesn't yield ice or ore.

Honeybright corporation ganked a 3 billion isk Golem, only to have their accounts threatened. Our Agents' accounts never get deleted by carebears, but carebears get their ships deleted by Agents every day.

I'll get right on it.

You gotta love those conspiracy theorists. However, the true nature of the Saviour of Highsec is easy enough to understand:

And just imagine the power once you get well-practiced at saying it!



    Never Going to See the Grandkids. Ever. Required Implants for Mining.

  2. He's back! From almost certain death!

  3. gotta love rookie help channel,seems like only yesterday when i sold 58 permits from placing bounties on those who asked questions about thieving highsec commodities.

    I also remember a fail GM who tried to ban me only to have it squashed because i did not actually post in the channel advertising anything.

  4. Most non-CHODE. slaves don't live in their mom's basement and have her hold buckets for them to piss and shit in because they can't leave EO during a 36-hour obsessive bender, like Jamey and this slaves frequently do.

  5. Carebears are delusional with their threats. Threats of revenge (pvp lol), getting accounts deleted, flying 100 ventures, etc.


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