Sunday, January 6, 2019

Kills of the Week

And so it begins: 2019, another year of the Code. Have the bots and bot-aspirants learned anything from the previous years? Let's find out. From the week of December 30th @ 00:00 EVEtime through January 5th @ 23:59 EVEtime:

Disgusting, right? But it should also look familiar...

That's right, the battleship mining bots are back. Several weeks ago, we read about them in Zombie Apocalypse when The Lawton School for Pubbies Who Can't Mine Good reported ganking the bot fleet.

CCP still hasn't done anything about the bots, so the matter was left to the New Order. This time around, the heroes doing the ganking were Agents Lucia, Blowtorch Betty, Araena Calorne, and Eva Mavas.

Make no mistake: The bots fear us a lot more than they fear CCP.

A carebear had the gall to name himself IHuntNoobs. Why, we can't allow anything to happen to our precious newbros! Luckily, Agents Krig Povelli, Elyise Guildfire, The Mute, and chunky chick came to their defense--but with a twist:

Apparently the self-professed hunter of noobs still needs to learn a thing or two about CONCORD.

BuzzFan has already been featured in a previous Kills of the Week post, thanks to his penchant for blingy mining ships. BuzzFan learned nothing from the experience, so Agents Leia Desef, Cersei Desef, and Desmond Desef had to teach him a follow-up lesson. Anyone who enjoys looting ORE gear should keep an eye on BuzzFan, just in case he returns to his old ways.

Fred Bloggs tuned out and turned on autopilot. While he was AFK, his 55 billion isk jump freighter made its way into Uedama. What could possibly go wrong?

Did you know that some of our Agents spend time in the Uedama system? I guess Fred's been under an asteroid the past couple years. In fact, a giant gank armada was on patrol in Uedama. Fred got a chance to PvP with Agents Joseph Kusion, Jayson Kusion, Jonas Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Jake Kusion, Joshua Kusion, Jeremy Kusion, Jeffery Kusion, Justin Kusion, Josh Kusion, Jack Kusion, Jessie Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jimmy Kusion, Jason Kusion, Jacob Kusion, Josiah Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Extremely Jumpy Mango, Fruit Loop Enthusiast, Whale Harpoon, Catalyst Whisperer, Raven Blanco, Wolf Santana, Joel Kusion, Siren Blanco, Hide Yo Freighters, Widower Blanco, The Kitchen Samurai, Knuutti, Raggarkuk, Shadow Blanco, Safeword is Harder, Kullanmuru, Hot Salt, Kapten Badkruka, FightMeNow, Professional Pilot Instructor, Master Kock, Winter Blanco, Ivy Blanco, Pleb Tea, Isa Blanco, Skogstokig, Demi Blanco, Aaaarrgg-its a-Smurf, Infinite Devotion, Renee Blanco, holdmybeer, Veela Tayle, and iPreferPads.

A faction Fortizar dropped. Always nice to have another one of those.

Yes, people still have blingy pods in 2019. Eugene Huren lost a Tengu before losing his pod to Agent Colonel Catpetter. This caught the attention of one Akira ShadowWolf:

Akira claimed to be Eugene's friend...

...A friend who was very emotionally invested in the situation, while at the same time professing not to care. Hmmm.

I think we all know who Eugene's true "pals" are--the people who cared enough to gank him.

Friends don't let things like this happen.

Oh, you thought a 4.4 billion isk pod was the Podkill of the Week? No, not when Fred Bloggs was willing to lose a pod worth 7.1 billion. The bot-aspirant who lost the 55 billion isk jump freighter in Uedama got podded by Agent Lotus Blanco, for a total loss of over 60 billion isk for the day. Fred isn't very good at hauling.

Now that's a juicy pod. Much of the value came from a 'Noble' hull upgrade implant. Needless to say, there's nothing noble about violating the Code. Enforcing it, on the other hand, is the noblest pursuit there is.


  1. wow just wow. ANOTHER week of failure from antiganking. 1st week of 2019 and already off to a bad start.

    Hope there are no more repeats of Kalynn Shardani (antiganking moderator and Thomas's idol) going forward!

  2. Each week is better than the last!

  3. 2019, the year of James 315.

  4. Breaking news...........

    3 dead at a bowling alley in california by a gunman.

    I bet he was ag........frustrated at not being able to get a strike.

    See what happens when they take the night off from sitting at gates in single ecm drone griffins.

    Hey tortuga, you can't stop the ganks with ecm.

    Keep failing and murdering irl minors in 2019 toxic ag shitbags.


  5. * Kusion = bots = CHODE. slave = hypocrite.

  6. Psssst....big BS mining bot fleet in're welcome.

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  8. So it's ok for those in the Code to bot? Cuz that's definitely some bot work there in your gank fleets. Bunch of hypocrites.


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