Friday, May 3, 2019

Falling Petals, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Enraged by the sights and sounds of Agent Alt Aurelia's gank fleet, Lilypetals Makanen unleashed a storm of petition threats. When our Agent soberly informed the miner of highsec law, Lilypetals made a startling accusation.

The miner scandalized the Uttindar system by comparing our Agent to a rapist. Could a metaphor about Nazism be far behind?

Agent Alt found the miner's poor judgment disappointing. In fact, our Agents are the least rapey people you'll encounter in EVE.

Lilypetals was making a spectacle of herself in local chat--which was beginning to draw a crowd.

The miner drew a line in the sand. Would the local residents of Uttindar side with her or with the New Order?

Contrary to her expectations, Lilypetals was not winning any friends with her line of argument. Was the "rapist talk" strategy backfiring?

Finding herself on the defensive, the miner attempted to invoke the #MeToo movement. It was a bold gambit.

In the past, most people who lived in highsec would use any excuse to condemn our Agents. Today, however, the EVE galaxy is full of hearts and minds that have been won over to the Code.

Ever the diplomat, Agent Alt offered to play the role of honest broker and help settle the matter. Lilypetals remained wary.

As events unfolded, it became clear that our Agent was on home turf. Uttindar was Code country. Lilypetals faced a hostile audience.

The miner struggled to find her footing. Now was a good time for her to retract her accusations and quietly buy a mining permit.

But she chose the Goofus option instead.

To be continued...


  1. joins role playing game
    "i dont role play. respect my authoritah or ima get u banned"
    Will our Alt stand up to this attempt at intimidation?

  2. Carebears, no one cares what your gender is, stop trying to use the gender-card to score points in video game arguments.


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