Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Falling Petals, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... A conflict erupted when the incorruptible Agent Alt Aurelia was accused of "rapist talk" by Lilypetals Makanen, an admittedly bot-aspirant miner. Lilypetals' smear campaign backfired spectacularly, further eroding the miner's reputation in the Uttindar system.

The Goofusness of some miners is almost beyond belief. But our Agents have seen a lot of strange things in highsec.

Though Lilypetals couldn't deny her lack of PvP skill, she claimed to be a master of the art of the petition. Our Agent could not be intimidated, however.

Agent Alt had a dire forecast for Lilypetals' future, if the miner continued to reject the Code. Which, at this point, seemed likely.

The miner contemplated the possibility that her petitions to CCP might prove to be unsuccessful. How could she mine safely then?

Lilypetals had trouble fully processing Alt Aurelia's words, so she assumed the worst. Our Agent's kindness and forbearance totally went over the miner's head.

Agent Alt couldn't help but feel that at least some progress could be made--if only Lilypetals would actually read the Code. What was taking her so long?

One of the miner's many problems was her tendency to put her own words in other people's mouths. Another big problem was that she apparently felt hostility toward the Saviour of Highsec for no apparent reason.

Lilypetals couldn't imagine herself submitting to the local authorities. Nor was she willing to defend herself in combat. Needless to say, this is a bad combination.

Suddenly, our Agent had an eleventh-hour proposal: Would Lilypetals be more reasonable on TeamSpeak? Being in a welcoming environment and surrounded by friendly Agents might do the trick.

Unfortunately, negotiations broke down.

Agent Alt decided that her efforts would be better spent helping some other miners. The baton would be passed, though: Future acts of Code enforcement seemed inevitable.

Incredibly, Lilypetals was willing to show her face in the Uttindar system again. While mining in a partially tanked Procurer, she was ganked by another group of Agents. Would they be able to get through to Lilypetals?

To be continued...


  1. I can picture what this SJW looks like IRL...short, multi-colored hair, fat, unshaven.


    1. You are mean! I could love a miner like that if she bought a permit, obeyed The Code and shaved!

    2. Miners....shoot them, don't root them.

  2. Why do i have that entitled bluberry kid from willy wonka and the chocalate factory visual when i read about this miner?

    "Mommy, i want a t2 fit hulk"

    Charlie: it is better to get a permit.

  3. To her credit, at least Lilypetals' lossboard includes locations outside of highsec. Looks like she had a rough time there too. I agree with Alt that her career is destined to be tearful and short. Imagine believing that pearl-clutching will persuade CCP GMs!

  4. This hambeast would be perfrct for the bonus room

    1. Erotica 1 did nothing wrong.

    2. Thanks Rippard.........do you even undock ?

    3. Yes please! TS! TS! TS!
      Discord is fine too, if the miner is more familiar with it.

  5. Oh my.

    By the time the rest of EVE gets done with this feminazi bitch she is going to uninstall the game and then set fire to her computer.

    Is Holysheet1 still active or did he quit when neutral logi got nerfed? This would be a match made in heaven.....


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