Monday, May 6, 2019

Over One Trillion Seven Hundred Seventy-Five Billion in Shares Sold

Why do people buy shares in the New Order of Highsec? Is it because they've been scammed? Threatened? Harassed? Bullied?


...They do it because the New Order is the future of highsec--increasingly, its present also--and because our Agents provide the people of highsec with an invaluable service. I'm not just making this stuff up; it's what people like YouKicked MyDog are telling me.

This week, we rocketed past the 1,775 billion isk mark when Aphrodite Solette made a modest but well-timed purchase of 50 shares. Welcome to the future, Aphrodite! A Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ is yours.


Agent Zaenis Desef has a special treat for you, dear reader/viewer:

You can probably guess what this video is about. It's proof that telling people the truth never goes out of style.


Behold, an announcement from Agent Wear ista Beefman...

Agent Kalorned in a video about bumping? It can't miss--much like Kalorned's bumping Orthrus.

This is combat at its finest.

As always, permanent links to videos crafted by our Agents' loving hands are available on the MinerBumping Links page.


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