Thursday, October 24, 2019

Legacy of Lahnius, Part 1

In the Nakugard system, an anti-Code carebear was barking.

On occasion, someone who does not approve of the Code will attempt to warn his fellow rebels of an impending gank. It doesn't work. The rebels never did figure out how to alert AFK miners who don't watch local.

The barking rebel in question, a fellow named Lahnius, should've known better. He's been at this for years.

Agent shootyou longtyme had no trouble ganking his target. And, frankly, our Agent didn't mind the publicity. But the name Lahnius sounded familiar to him. Who was Lahnius, again?

A quick Google search revealed that Lahnius was the star of a 24-part epic on MinerBumping. In case you don't have time to go back and read all 24 parts, here's a quick recap:

Lahnius develops an unhelpful obsession with Agent Alt 00...

Lahnius goes mad...

Finally, an ecstatic rant culminating in the rebel's comeuppance...

KABOOM! Lahnius loses everything; the Code always wins. Now you're up to speed, dear reader.

Lahnius didn't fully appreciate the "Tapestry of Tears" series. Nor did he approve of Agents linking it in local a year after its publication. Lahnius did have a supporter, though: Hoo Jorgan.

One element of the Tapestry of Tears I didn't mention: Lahnius' corp consisted of his alts. He carried on conversations with them in local like sock puppets.

Lahnius' alts always laughed at his jokes.

After all this time, Lahnius hadn't changed. His mad rants and the laughter of his alts echoed across Nakugard.

But perhaps the Tapestry of Tears did affect Lahnius in some way. He didn't want his EVE career to be defined by a series of MinerBumping posts. The anti-Code rebel had something to prove.

To be continued...


  1. Goodness, is that miner well?

    1. No. He's an assclown that talks to his alts in local. And no-one cares.
      And for somebody that claims to be able to PVP, he does an incredibly bad job of it.

  2. ALT00 will cry, if she reads about her lost friend.

  3. Lahnius is a bad man.

  4. Why does CCP sponsor this bot aspirant disease called mining?

    These ISDs are just as evil as the russian jita ice pushers, only ignorant.

    Intervene this weekend on a local friend in desperate need.

    Gank him and show him the light.

    You don't want them aspiring to a life of an ISD.

    ISD Barstool, the saviour made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

    Put down the flag bot and get a real girlfriend miner.Not one that has a tatoo " inflate to 40 PSI.

    I believe in you.

    1. Lol adam and steve, i bet that triggers the isd

    2. Just whack a miner and tell them the ISD approved it.

  5. That miner spends a lot of time trying to convince Hek local that he's some sort of hisec hero.

    What did he win again?

  6. Hello brothers and sisters.

    I chose to announce it here first.

    I have decided to take it upon myself to help " balance the workload " of the mining and industrial section of the EVE forum.

    Please show your support if you drop in to flag and select " message " when a post does not live up to the standards set by ISD North Korea until further notice.

    Yours truly


    1. You actually bother with the EVE-O forums?
      Good luck to you.

    2. ganking miners anywhere sounds good.

    3. I loled at "isd north korea"

      Fuk those carebear miner isd's

  7. Carrying on conversations with one's own alts is a detestable practice.


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