Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Best Revenge, Part 9

Previously, on MinerBumping... anaCheeya ANARKY aka aiva naali aka "kingpin" aka "lil bullet" sallied forth into nullsec to pursue his ambitions. aiva's journey hit a snag when Vincent Vegas--a Goon and supposedly an ally--killed his unfit cruiser. Unbeknownst to aiva, Vincent had been tipped off to aiva's location by Agent Aiko Danuja.

aiva had big plans for nullsec--and his place in it. With his penchant for designing superweapons that no one else had ever thought of, aiva believed he could reshape nullsec to suit his whims. For now, though, he was stuck mining in highsec. Good thing he had a permit.

aiva toiled away in highsec asteroid belts awaiting the results of a Goon "security check". He didn't look like much, but it was only a matter of time before he let a few things slip.

Agent Aiko directed aiva to a public channel for New Order Logistics corp. That way, aiva could meet some fellow travelers while he was in exile. This, however, proved to be a dangerous temptation.

Finding himself in a relaxed and inviting environment, aiva spoke freely. Too freely.

aiva couldn't resist sharing secrets with his new friends. And they, in turn, were fascinated by what he had to say.

Like a Parisian café, rumors of revolution wafted through NOL's public channel. aiva found himself at the center of attention.

...And he liked it.

To aiva's delight, rumors of one of his superweapons had preceded him. Once the phrase "skank trap" was uttered, there was no stopping him.

aiva's audience encouraged him to reveal more, but the miner needed no encouragement. In speaking about them, he felt his fantastic visions were finally becoming a reality.

aiva's precious secrets spilled freely into the NOL public channel. He felt that he was among friends--but who else was listening?

Even in such a comfortable atmosphere, aiva should have been alarmed by the degree of specificity with which his friends questioned him. Did they really need all of these technical details?

Security concerns were out the window. In fact, they were long gone. Before long, aiva was sketching diagrams of his plans:

So far, it was all fun and games. But if word leaked out, things could go bad in a hurry.

To be continued...


  1. I don't even know where to start.

    Jeezus carebears.

    Good thing he had a permit!

  2. I'm not sure what the hold up is, but this guy seems like a perfect fit for gewnz. Or NOL.

    Why is he not a director yet? Someone get mittens on this asap, before Horde gets their hooks into him!

    WHO THE FUK IS THIS GUY? and why are you keeping him to yourselves? I'm thinkin he should be a CSM candidate, chair even.

    My original assessment was way to high, 75 max, and I see that triple 21.

  3. ...and he liked it...

  4. That's a flying V. He's using the mighty duck doctrine?!?!?

  5. That diagram needs a legend, or at least a SoundCloud of him explaining it.

    How did no one think to get him into comms? Come on people!

  6. Isn't the diagram self-explanatory? The skank trap bubbles in the fleet, separated and filtered according to size. Meanwhile, the rorqual bombs smash into the titan mainline, while the rogue drones warp in from the rear to finish off the fleet.

    1. The diagram should be self-explanatory, but since some people aren't on the strategic level of aiva I'll have to spell it out:

      The black lines are dreads, the carriers are red, green is titan, blue circle is the freighter, then yellow x's are rorquals and the blue line is the enemy

      The freighter is genius, tbh
      Just looking at this visually, the freighter really carry's this whole plan

    2. Thanks guys, it's plain as day now.

  7. 6/10 on fighting is pretty decent

  8. This guy makes Maxwell Smart look like a genius!!!


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