Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Where Are the Parents?, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... An Orca attacked Agent Krig Povelli, who secured the ship and held it for ransom. The Orca pilot blamed everything on his son, claiming that the child had aggressed Krig while he was AFK. As Krig settled the matter, our Agent found himself aggressed by Viln Raurnaught, another Orca pilot--and the parent of another troubled youngster!
Krig Povelli > Viln Raurnaught talk to me, friend
Krig Povelli > This relationship requires communication to work
Viln Raurnaught > sorry I'm dealing with an angry toddler
Krig Povelli > Ah. It happens
Viln Raurnaught > they don't quite have much understanding
It was incredible. Agent Krig was aggressed by two different Orcas in the same ice anomaly, almost at the same time. Both miners blamed their unruly children.
Krig Povelli > So... 315 mil. ISK and a rookieship killmail to save your ship
Krig Povelli > A simple transaction
Viln Raurnaught > a rookie ship kill mail?
Viln Raurnaught > thats a new one
As with the previous Orca, Krig easily subdued it after a short battle. Krig offered to release the Orca without destroying it--for a price.
Krig Povelli > I kill you in a free rookieship instead of your Orca
Krig Povelli > And tell your friend or alt in the Vexor to kindly leave the field
Krig Povelli > Last chance
Viln Raurnaught > sorry, no alts
Krig Povelli > Send the ISK if you want to live
Highsec miners aren't known for their ability to follow instructions--even simple ones. Would Krig be forced to kill a second Orca this day?
Krig Povelli > You are running out of time
Krig Povelli > (and hull)
Viln Raurnaught > yeah sorry, kid is freaking out
Viln Raurnaught > nap time and all
Viln Raurnaught > wait 5 seconds
Despite being given ample time, Viln took no action. Not a good sign.
Viln Raurnaught > and fuck me, this dude dont even have 315
Krig Povelli > Hmm.. How much ISK do you claim to have?
Viln Raurnaught > try that again
Krig Povelli > Alright, got the ISK.
Viln Raurnaught > now we'll see if you are honorable or not
At first, Viln claimed not to have 315 million isk. Then he did. Maybe he transferred it to himself from an alt--but earlier he said he had no alts. What a shady miner!
Krig Povelli > Where is your New Order Mining Permit™?
Krig Povelli > I don't see it in your Bio
Viln Raurnaught > not a clue, was just mining with the corp
Viln Raurnaught > they said come, I came
Agent Krig checked his wallet to confirm that Viln sent him the required 315 million isk (and not .01 isk more or less). As Krig prepared to release the miner, another problem came up.

Viln confessed that he had no mining permit. He said he was in the ice anomaly because his corp had instructed him to participate in a mining op. He was only following orders, in other words.

I wish corp descriptions were more honest.
Krig Povelli > If "the corp" told you to jump off a cliff or murder a puppy, would you do it?
Viln Raurnaught > can I go put my kid down for a nap now?
Krig Povelli > Do you have a permit?
Viln Raurnaught > no, but I have an angry kid
Krig Povelli > He is probably angry for you not getting a permit
Our Agent tried to have an important conversation with the miner about obeying the Code. Once again, though, the miner's child caused a disruption.

In the end, Krig had no choice but to kill another Orca. It wasn't what he'd set out to do, but it was what justice required.
Viln Raurnaught > yup, not honroable
Krig Povelli > I agree. You are not honorable
Krig Povelli > You tried to scam me
Viln Raurnaught > how the fuck did I try to scam you?
Viln Raurnaught > I paid you
The miner paid the price for failing to comply with the Code. He pretended to be surprised about it.
Krig Povelli > You thought you could get away without having a valid New Order Mining Permit™
Viln Raurnaught > you killed me
Viln Raurnaught > so eat a dick
Krig Povelli > Calm down, miner
Agent Krig reflected upon the day's events. He had many deep and profound thoughts about what he'd experienced. In the course of it all, he realized one very important thing: Good parents obey the Code.



  1. I fear for the next generation.

    1. fear not, i am the next generation!

    2. Well,

      We're fuked

    3. I propose Overmind is dragged onto the deck of a Catalyst, strapped to the barrel of a Light Neutron Blaster and given one-hundred vicious lashings.

      Sometimes we must be cruel, to be kind.

    4. he would probably like that

    5. Delusions of grandeur, he is the next generation of ag.

      Kalynn Shardani would have been a better choice if she had not ganked her minor for not being able to stop the ganks.

      You comment on the wrong blog nevermind.

      Go buy a single ecm droned griffin dipshit.

  2. What kind of a parent ignores a child, just to mine in highsec? Why were these "parents" not spending time with their children doing something more character building than mining like a highsec shitter?

    The human race is surely doomed.

  3. Yet another miner screwed himself over by not having a permit. I suppose he'll blame his corp for that too.


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