Friday, October 25, 2019

Legacy of Lahnius, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-Ganker Lahnius barked warnings at the AFK carebears in the Nakugard system--to no avail. Despite Lahnius' best efforts, Agent shootyou longtyme had no difficulty punishing the Code violators.

Deeply bitter about the ganks that had occurred on his watch, Lahnius sought solace from the approval of his alt, Hoo Jorgan. But he fooled no one.

Lahnius got a taste of his own medicine when Agent shootyou was backed up by a corpmate of his own, Amanhara.

shootyou was not a member of the mighty CODE. alliance. But Lahnius was confident that by ranting in local chat, he would draw a CODE. fleet to Nakugard. It didn't happen.

Having cleared the system of non-compliant miners, our heroes went in search of Code-violators elsewhere. The lack of an audience never discouraged Lahnius, though. In fact, it tended to inspire him.

Lahnius loved nothing better than to pour out a soliloquy into an otherwise empty local chat.

A few weeks later, one Captain Ivana Gankalot happened to be passing through Nakugard when she stumbled upon Lahnius mid-soliloquy.

Because Captain Ivana missed the opening act, she didn't know who or what had set Lahnius off this time. But Captain Ivana had arrived in Nakugard at the right moment, because Lahnius was about to spill secrets about CODE.

According to Lahnius, he had once infiltrated so deeply into CODE. that he'd been offered the keys to the kingdom: The account of the Saviour of Highsec. With Lahnius' level of access, he could have disbanded CODE. and taken the vast New Order Treasury for himself. Instead, he chose to do nothing. This noble decision somehow resulted in the defeat of Agent Alt 00.

According to Lahnius.

Without warning, Lahnius' speech was rudely interrupted.

Enraged, Lahnius threatened to "mark" Deimos Barret.

Though not affiliated with the New Order, Deimos had made an enemy of Lahnius--who was already plotting his revenge.

To be continued...


  1. If those timestamps are accurate, that miner spent hours salting up local. He's insane if he thinks anyone will believe he was given James' account info.

    I wonder what M'Naghten would say

    1. You are saying he spent several DAYS salting up local?


  2. I'm quite sure he salted up local for hours, on both days.

  3. There's a guy who is clearly unaffected by ganking /s

  4. If enough people report him, CCP actually DOES permaban freaks like him.
    Bad for their image you know.
    Even Holyshit only freaked when he had an audience.

    1. He verbally attacks everyone he encounters. Such a sorry excuse for a human.

    2. Holy was one spergy forum warrior.

      Can you imagine his RL? Who acts like that?

  5. How come he was offered James' login and password, but was not able to steal the (strongly guarded) schedules? I call bullshit, his story doesn't check out.


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