Saturday, October 26, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #195

One problem with highsec miners is that they don't thank the gankers enough. But even when they do, it can come across as passive-aggressive:

BlackHorn Khan kicked off today's edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag by thanking Agent Krig Povelli. Was it a sincere expression of thanks? Time to find out:

Looks like he didn't really mean it.

Anti-Gankers still don't understand what a criminal is.

Expressions used by miners can be cryptic, especially if the miner doesn't speak English. For instance, did this miner refer to the Roman Romulus, or the Star Trek one?

Hex Mallory was ganked in a Venture, so if he truly wasn't mining, then he was loitering. In fairness, though, he must be a very new player--he hasn't picked up the "don't gank me because subscription revenues" line yet!

...And here come the questions:

Since the miner quotes from the Code a few times, it looks like he's read it. Friend, my advice to you is to read the Code again and see if you have fewer questions.

Russian miner Morigan Orti only spoke English with the aid of Google Translate, but her frustration was palpable...

Our Agents care about many things. Pizzaballa is certainly one of them. But what they care about most of all is this: the Code.

It's amazing what highsec carebears can get away with. I mean, if I was the one calling the carebears "garbage", people would accuse me of bigotry!

Kaal aan repeatedly accused our Agents of killing minors. Without going further into detail, I can assure you that this is not the case.

Protip: If you want to get your Mackinaw reimbursed because you had to go do "something" IRL, then you had better tell me what that "something" was. Even so, I'll just leave this here.


  1. Dead miner, best miner.

    That's 'miner' with an e, friends. You carebears need to stop killing your kids.

    Never forget shardani!


  2. That's a real shame about Kaal Aan, I guess it's all just Pizzabella now.

  3. Super Perforator is the most incompetent CEO in all of New Eden! Down with the Old Guard!

    1. We're all the same guard. Except you apparently. Perhaps you're hoping to be held to a lower standard than the rest of us. You'd do well to review the Saviour's teachings about players who identify as perpetually new.

    2. you dont even try to hide your support for the old guard.
      it was the old guard who choose to fight me, there only wish is to destroy CODE Origin, they will not succeed!

    3. Who is this overmind twat anyway? Just another miner turned ganker that will soon implode because he can't reconcile that he's still just a carebear. He can't change his spots.

      It'll drive him as mad as that last 'convert'. He'll lose his shit soon enough.

      It will be satisfying

    4. Miner - if the 'old guard' of Code as you call them genuinely wanted to fight you, I can say with every confidence that you would be completely obliterated.

      When Princess Aiko tore out your eyes so that you may never look upon an asteroid again, she imparted a great gift upon you. Now you see only the Light of The Code. And when you gaze into that light, you see that all Agents are equally pure and perfect.

      Here is some art therapy, to help you pause and reflect.

    5. why is this venture dropper comparing himself to agents in the first place?

      I know that anybody can enforce the CODE, but man, there has to be limits on scraping the wood from the bottom of the barrel.

    6. most replies on a comment about the old guard, they desperately trying to remain unseen.
      The Overminer made them visible to the public.
      down with the old guard!

    7. Are we going to witness another famous 180 degrees shift of Overmind? A few more and we'll have enough data to extrapolate and foretell the next ones for years ahead.

    8. Overmind, it is time for you to biomass.


  4. Even Kalynn Shardani is a sponsor.

    If only those thought bubble beta males who identify as the salvation army of space could see the light.

    ISD Dorrim betastool, stop cuddling miners, they chose to be algae instead of humans.

    1. Lol

      "betastool" just sounds nasty

  5. Why does ISD dorothy betastool need back up from her boyfriend ISD Ballsack to lock and close a post thread?

    Please miners, if you can't tank a forum thread from me just stay quiet and in the background.

    Tell that GM he owes me 10 million isk for a permit, and as for you two, a customary " GF " is the correct salutation after being ganked.

  6. GM Stinger, GM Arcade, dorothy and ballsack.

    Glad to see you read minerbumping.

    Pity you miners have no authority here.

    You must be A grade mad to mail me about my comments here.

    Stay mad

  7. That first guy lost one hell of a shitfit.


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