Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Best Revenge, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Ambitious miner anaCheeya ANARKY biomassed himself and was reborn as aiva naali. He hoped to get his null sec nomads corp accepted into Goon space. Scratch that--he hoped to get his null sec nomads corp, period. For the corporation was held in trust by some friends until a series of security checks were performed. Said security checks were vital, too, as it turned out the miner was more dangerous than anyone imagined.

anaCheeya/aiva had given most of his worldly possessions to his new friends. In the meantime, he was determined to rebuild. He managed to progress from losing Ventures to losing Retrievers. Still, he was stuck in highsec.

Ironically, he was ganked by members of Goonswarm Federation. They must have stumbled upon him by luck.

While the security checks continued, aiva kept busy by coming up with improvements for his "skank trap" concept. Once perfected, it could alter the balance of power in nullsec.

One way or another, aiva managed to get his hands on some new ships. But this meant that aiva's friends needed to take possession of them.

Agent Aiko Danuja agreed to look after aiva's stuff while things got sorted out with the Goons.

aiva considered himself an expert trader. True to form, he manged to strike a fair deal with Aiko.

But there was more. In addition to the "skank trap", aiva had an even more intriguing--and deadly--project in the works.

Although carriers have long been used by nullsec alliances for both PvP and PvE, aiva managed to see what everyone else had missed.

"Project Muse" would be aiva's most powerful invention yet. The unassuming highsec miner was about to be crowned EVE's greatest theorycrafter.

Despite his paltry in-game income, aiva had some expensive tastes. In particular, he was addicted to skill injectors. aiva's friends had their concerns, but they didn't ask questions.

As anaCheeya, the miner had called himself the "kingpin". As aiva, he was "lil bullet". This was a miner in a hurry to prove himself. And he was about to amaze Agent Aiko with his speed and cunning.

Then again, lil bullet's fast-paced lifestyle couldn't last forever.

To be continued...


  1. wow, the Kusions??

  2. all he needs is "one trig titan carroir"

  3. Being podded from r10 to Jita does not qualify as the record there lil bullet

  4. this guy has to be a parody right? No one is this stupid or actually believes the crap he says...

    Also this, "aiva considered himself an expert trader. True to form, he manged to strike a fair deal with Aiko." - comedy gold!!!

  5. There are times I feel sympathy for a person on the other end of a CODE transaction or sales pitch; this is not one of them. I worry that this pilot may drown if caught outside during a shower and he keeps looking up to see why he is getting wet.

  6. I'm thinking 75, maybe 85 maximum.

    And I wouldn't be suprised if there's an extra 21 in there somewhere.

    Or someone is reeeeeeeeaaaly into RP.

    1. lol took me a few moments to figure out what you were saying.

  7. Is ISD Dorrim Barstorlode ok?

    Call for reps miner if you are struggling to keep up locking all of my posts.

    Round two begins .........ding ding........fight.

  8. This is Natural Selection.


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