Thursday, October 31, 2019

Legacy of Lahnius, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Lahnius, famous for his anti-Code soliloquies, was at it again in Nakugard local chat. Despite his pro-miner stance, he found himself the object of ridicule among other carebears. Passersby, such as self-described "random" Deimos Barret, likewise formed an unfavorable opinion of Lahnius.

For years, Lahnius dreamed of making a name for himself. Thanks to his many defeats at the hands of the Agents of the New Order, he'd done just that.

Lahnius was still sore about losing ships to the mighty CODE. alliance. But he was most bitter about the fact that he'd spent some time ganking--and had lost the trust of his fellow miners.

From the beginning, Lahnius had tried to convince himself that his intended ends justified the means: He only ganked miners so that he could infiltrate the New Order and stop the ganks.

Unfortunately, Lahnius' operation had failed to take down CODE. Thus, he had the blood of miners on his hands--and red on his ledger.

In order to make up for what he had done, Lahnius attempted to organize a campaign of "marking" the New Order and its sympathizers with negative standings. He hoped that other miners in Nakugard would follow his example.

Yet the carebears of Nakugard grew to despise Lahnius. The ingrates refused to accept him as their leader, even when it came to setting standings.

But perhaps there was a way for Lahnius to salvage the situation. Perhaps he could spin his years of defeats as a victory.

Sensing that the moment was ripe, Lahnius launched into another soliloquy.

Lahnius wanted to deliver a speech about how he'd actually defeated Agent Alt 00 instead of the other way around. His audience, lacking faith, threw tomatoes at him.

The infernal "Tapestry of Tears" series remained a thorn in Lahnius' side. No! It would be his greatest achievement.

Unfortunately for Lahnius, the people of highsec read MinerBumping voraciously. He couldn't spin his well-documented downfall as a victory.

If Lahnius was to rise from his own ashes, he would need to reinvent himself. But how? And as what? It was a conundrum.

Lahnius always did his best thinking by going into stream-of-consciousness mode in local chat. But would Lahnius' best thinking be good enough?

To be continued...


  1. Infernal indeed. That's the word.

  2. I think that miner needs to step away from EVE. The community would be better off.

  3. I wonder if he will make like shartdani, and quit

  4. Who was that other ag guy who tried to stop the ganks and failed?

    Ohh i almost forgot, Kalynn Shardani.

    Miner with an E.

  5. once again the old guard is failing hard.

    always remember Viirilithizu Ward, she was ganked by her own kind.

    1. ward got beat up by a code space bully...

    2. If he was the same kind as his gankers, he'd have laughed, said 'gf' and bought a token mining permit to show appreciation. He started posting miner-stuff instead.

      Hope James's gonna' cover this case too - can't recall when was the last time you appeared as miner on these pages. Well, besides the comments.

      Maybe I go re-read the posts about your earlier deeds in anticipation.


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