Friday, March 13, 2020

A Sensitive Miner

Anti-Gankers and other carebear apologists think it's perfectly fine for a highsec miner to scream racial slurs in local chat. "It's understandable," they say. "The gankers drive them to it."

Actually, our Agents don't need to "drive them" to do anything. In fact, for some miners, dropping N-bombs is pretty much their first impulse.

After Agent Aaaarrgg ganked Jalrek's ship, the miner warped his pod around the system and made a ruckus in local. Since there was the possibility that Jalrek's pod contained implants, our Agent chose to pursue him.

One of the reasons that the anti-Code carebears have never been able to organize a successful resistance movement: They don't make friends easily. Trilyssia Mordecah was passing through the system when Jalrek made her laugh with his nonsense; the angry miner couldn't let her have the last word.

Aaaarrgg resumed his pursuit of the unlicensed Capsule in the Niarja system. The change of scenery hadn't improved Jalrek's attitude.

Despite Jalrek's persistent Code violations, Aaaarrgg was still willing to sell him a permit for only 10 million isk--a bargain at thrice the price.

To be fair, I doubt many people expect good things from Jalrek.

Jalrek attempted to command CONCORD. Alas, the NPC police force didn't recognize his authority.

Realizing that there was no escaping our Agent that day, Jalrek docked up and prepared to log off. But before doing so, he sent our Agent an EVEmail:

The Anti-Gankers and carebear apologists would, of course, consider this an entirely reasonable thing to do. Jalrek had been driven to it. He was a weak, vulnerable newbie. What else was he supposed to do after losing his prized ship?

Then again, as his bio states (for some reason), Jalrek's character was created over a decade ago. A decade in EVE and still a Goofus! But surely the value of Jalrek's loss justified this grief-stricken carebear's miserable behavior?

All those tears over a rookie ship. Silly carebears. If you're going to spray racial slurs all over local chat, you should at least be mourning the loss of a Retriever!


  1. "To be fair, I doubt many people expect good things from Jalrek." - comedy gold right there.. \o/

  2. miners disgust me

  3. So.. SUPER not a fan of CODE but there's no excuse for the language and the threats the gankee is using. Also, "I will find where you live and ban you from life".. Doesn't CCP permaban you for shit like that?

    1. First off.. wow.. loser? Really?

      Even though I don't really like what they do, it is a sanctioned part of the game and I accept that. I read things that are contrary to point of view because I just might learn something from it. In this case, it's "know thy enemy". Reading some of the things they post here, I learn WHO is most active in CODE, where NOT to go, and some things NOT to do.

      I HAVE been ganked by CODE before. Didn't get all salty, ragey, or anything like that. Opened up a conversation with the guy who ganked me and had a fairly pleasant chat.

      As much as I don't like their philosophy, I do realize, again, that it's part of the game. Some people just like to see the world burn and blow shit up. What I can't condone is people making ignorant racist remarks, and threatening someone's RL existence over what happens in a game.

    2. Nobody's gonna read all those tears loser.

      If you are not a fan, why visit repeatedly?

      Silly miner, if you can't prove it, it didn't happen.

    3. Yeah, CCP WILL ban you, but you have to be reported first. Or a GM/dev/etc has to witness it in local, which occassionally happens.

      Of course, CCP does read this website, and this pathetic shitbird can probably expect a 6 month ban or longer.

    4. Know thy enemy blah blah.

      Please....... you sit at 500km from the gate when the fleet lands and the only resistance you ag folks have got is a support ticket and a few lines of tears in local.

      To qualify as an enemy you need to actually stop a gank..

      Still waiting ag.

    5. I did read it. Standard miner stuff.
      Something something veldspar.

  4. The greatest tears come from those who lose the least. He probably has a Titan stashed away in null somewhere.

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  6. William GreerAugust 25, 2019 at 2:57 PM

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