Saturday, March 28, 2020

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #206

You know the drill, dear reader: It's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

When you encounter someone like capt JohnJ, you have to wonder just how long it took him to become such a Goofus...

...In this case, it took about two-thirds of a century. When capt JohnJ's ship exploded, he gave a new meaning to the term "boomer"!

Nihass Ironbound received multiple opportunities to purchase a mining permit within his first month of playing EVE. Hopefully he'll get straightened out long before he has enough isk to buy a freighter.

The Code
The Code

In lieu of reimbursement isk, I'll give you some free advice: If you don't follow the Code, your marriage is probably not going to last.

Confiscating blingy drones and winning arguments. All in a day's work for our Agents.

After Patricia Lex lost her Mackinaw, she invoked my name. But you can tell if a miner actually knows me by observing whether or not they obey the Code.

I'm pretty sure this miner put more thought into writing this EVEmail than anything else he did while playing the game.

A carebear's outrage upon being accused of AFK mining is a red flag. Bot-aspirants always get angry when they get caught.

...See what I mean? This guy doesn't sound like an innocent miner.

All bat to you, too, pal.

Miners would be surprised how often their corpmates are happy to see them get ganked. It makes sense, though. Just imagine being stuck in a corp with one of these Gobloks.


  1. Miners are gonna get all the bat.

  2. It's amazing how many miners default to the most vile homophobic slurs at the drop of the hat. An amateur psychologist would probably draw certain conclusions about these unfortunate individuals.

    1. What conclusions? That carebears are all cowardly shitters that would flinch and run at the drop of a hat IRL? We don't need Freud to tell us that.

      Anyone that willingly mines and actively avoids PVP in a game like EVE should play somewhere else. They don't deserve EVE.

  3. "I'm pretty sure this miner put more thought into writing this EVEmail than anything else he did while playing the game"

    That one right there made me laugh, out loud.

  4. Lol! JohnnyBoomer went boom. Shouldn't he be playing a different game, like canasta or shuffleboard? Or "where's my slippers and what year is it"?

  5. Of all the intrigue and back stabbing and power plays, and 15 years of epic stories and great villains, unanimously electing James 325 as the Savior of Highsec has to be the single best idea ever to come out of EVE. The creation of a great civilization.

    1. Man bro you are triggered sooo hard LOL!ROTFLMAOLOLBBQTRIGGGERED1!1!1

      YOU MISSPELLED 315 AGAIN WIN YOUR COPYPasta oh wait, that's how copypasta works unless you fix it. Yea I'm an ignant shitter from looeasyana, but what you gonna do with dna like this? It's my pappy's fault for marrying his sister and not teaching me any better. I'm just glad FEMA got those new crackerboxes set up finally so my fatass cousin/wife lillie lowrent and I can mo-lest our inbred chilluns indoors instead of on the side of the road like animals.


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