Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Forbidden Knowledge, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Anti-Ganker Knowledgeminer was spurred into positive action when he learned about Silent Company's "Highsec Lobby" initiative. Knowledgeminer's positive action consisted of ganking members of Silent Company. In spite of this good news, Silent Company miners reacted to Knowledgeminer's change of heart with a mixture of horror, rage, and resentment.

As part of his mission, Knowledgeminer had guided Agent Lewak to the location of a nest of Silent Company miners. The presence of a known Agent in local made the miners restless.

Agent Lewak had no intention of harming the miners, though obviously those who disobeyed the Code would be killed. Lewak's primary purpose, though, was to provide the ignorant masses with valuable knowledge.

Although they claimed to be newbies and "returning players", Silent Company miners immediately bristled when Lewak mentioned CCP's famous study about the effects of suicide ganking.

(Each time that article gets linked in local chat, another highsec miner--or two, or three, or more--feels humiliated. It's a good way to root out bot-aspirants in a system.)

As usual, the carebears refused to accept the truth, even when delivered by CCP itself. They even questioned whether CCP's own presentation by a CCP employee at a CCP event was really endorsed by CCP.

Indeed, it can be argued that CCP Rise, who wrote and delivered the presentation, has harvested more tears from the highsec miners than any other developer.

After watching Agent Lewak utterly annihilate the Silent Company miners in a debate, Knowledgeminer felt it was time to make a few points of his own. Knowledgeminer had delivered ample warning to Silent Company's leadership--the kind of warning carebears always say they deserve--but Silent Company did nothing to prepare its miners.

Knowledgeminer had spent years in the Anti-Ganking movement. He had loyally served their cause. Now he was confronted by the full force of the miners' stupidity and ingratitude.

Dirty Dan Redneck insisted that anyone who challenged him or questioned his way of thinking was required to pay for his subscription to EVE. What a Goofus.

In a way, it's a good thing that Dirty Dan didn't live in nullsec. Imagine how many people would owe him $15.

This wasn't the first time Knowledgeminer had encountered foolish miners; the Anti-Ganking channel was infested with many such creatures. But the true scope of the miners' degradation was only visible to a ganker. Knowledgeminer saw highsec with new eyes.

A mob of angry miners surrounded him. What had Knowledgeminer unleashed upon himself?

To be continued...


  1. I wonder the correlation between carebears and if they work for Govt in rl …..

  2. Carebears say they should be able to play any way they want to in the sandbox, then they cry about gankers playing the way they want.

    Hypocrites, and too stupid to realize it.

  3. Highsec miners say ganking is bullying and gankers are evil for shooting spaceships in a spaceship shooting game, highsec miner shardani ganks his own minor.

    Hypocrites, the lot of 'em

  4. Highsec mining cowards say ganking is bullying and gankers are evil for shooting spaceships in a spaceship shooting game, highsec coward miners make RL threats or wishes of familial death to gankers for playing correctly.

    Hypocrites by default.

    1. I was kinda hoping LvG would fire off a lecture after his post a few comments back about anons. I miss that guy's sense of humor about carebear killing.

      But hell, you can't blame the guy for not wanting to go off about anonymity, while posting on an alt's alt.

  5. Knowledgeminer is still just a highsec miner. If it truly took him three plus years to realize that ag and their ilk are ignorant and ill mannered then he's not even that intelligent. I mean I hope he leaves highsec and learns to EVE properly, but the odds are not in his favor. Leopards and spots and all.

    Pool's up for how long until he has a nervous break and relapses, like all carebear 'converts' eventually do.

    They relapse because they can't separate the rp aspect of the game from RL. They have no imagination. Not a spark of creativity in the whole bunch.

    They are trying to play EVE, the premier PVP sandbox mmoRPG, without the proper tools. Whatever the cause, it results in confused "former ag" carebears trying to be something they are not, and failing. Daily.


  6. Watching Knowledgeminer try and talk to these scum was hilarious.

  7. "Due to the recent events of Sabus going public with his personal ideologies by pushing out what he called Erenian Religion on their internal discord we have come to the conclusion that ICANPS principles are fighting against the core values of silent coalition." —ICANP departs from SiCO in friendly terms

  8. Gradually[rapidly] I began to hate them - quote from mein kampf currently resonating hard with our boy knowledgeminer. Will he see the light?


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