Saturday, March 21, 2020

What Part of Code Don't You Understand?

A good gank serves as a test of one's character.

Glade Risalo lost his unlicensed Covetor when it was ganked by a pair of Catalysts. Glade's alt, an Orca pilot named Darcassan, searched for someone to blame. Then he spotted a nearby Venture that was obviously acting as a scout for the gankers.

Darcassan raged against Gavin9012. The miner was right about one thing: Gavin9012 had indeed been the gankers' warp-in.

On the other hand, Darcassan was wrong to believe that he didn't need a permit. And he was certainly wrong about our Agents' ability to command the people of highsec.

With nearly 10 years in EVE, Darcassan didn't even bother pretending to be a "newbro" or a "new returning player". But without these trusty clich├ęs at his disposal, all he had left was profanity.

The miner's salt was plentiful. Gavin9012 wasn't interested in harvesting tears, though. He wanted to help Darcassan obey the Code and become a better player/person.

Nevertheless, 10 years of bot-aspirancy cannot be undone overnight. Darcassan's journey would be slow. And painful.

Our Agent could tell that the miner was irrational.

With a tactful mention of the Saviour of Highsec, Gavin9012 confirmed his suspicions: Darcassan was a Goofus.

Though Darcassan was out of control with anger, Agent Gavin9012 felt there was still some benefit in telling the miner the truth. After all, Darcassan would probably need to be told about the Code many, many times before he finally embraced it or quit the game.

As Darcassan went silent, our Agent scouted around for more targets. After briefly popping in next door, Gavin9012 returned to the system just in time to see Darcassan's Covetor alt make permabannable statements in local chat. But the miner still had one more foolish mistake to make that day:

Darcassan swapped into a destroyer and made a failed attempt to gank Gavin9012's Venture. For the next 30 days, Darcassan's Orca would be forced to operate under the risk of a kill right--or not at all. Perhaps he'll spend the month learning about the Code?


  1. \o/ The Code always wins, always. \o/

  2. This is the reason CCPearl Abyss should delete highsec and the shitters that hide there.

  3. Darcassan, if you happen to get directed this way, do yourself a favor and biomass. In game.

    Then quit like shardani IRL.

    EVE, and RL, could use less of your kind.

  4. Even if a permit cost 1 isk the price would still be way too high.

    To submit to code's bullshit in a game is too much for most people. I know you can't all be as dumb as you pretend to be and understand this perfectly.

    As always your claims of victory are empty words.

    1. Hi Anon 2:05,

      Since we are role playing here we go.

      As a free miner I will never submit to a bunch of religious fanatics who would impose their twisted views upon me.

      Out of character I suggest that code never made much difference to botting. The religious nutjob angle is a failure. You would have been much better to role play being pirates. Pirates are cool, religious nutjobs are not.

    2. Says someone roleplaying an insignificant highsec miner, whining on the blog of the people who ganked him.

      Could you show on the retriever-doll where the bad catalyst touched you inappropriately?

    3. "Could you show on the retriever-doll where the bad catalyst touched you inappropriately?" - a recycled insult like all the other content here. Whatever the original intent of code was it has now become a nasty little cult of disagreeable people I hope never to meet in real life.

    4. Are you sure you got the 'original intent' right originally? Miners are always wrong, have you never noticed? I think you should re-read this site for a level of insight a feeble miner-mind can't even imagine.

  5. You find most of these high sec miners have day jobs at bunnings warehouse. Well the Australian timezone shitbags at least.

    All talk and no idea.

    If only they had some backbone instead of crying about a video game in the comments section.

    Years of tears and absolute failure to date.

    Most gankers have left and ag are still failing to stop a gank.

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