Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Deathbed Conversion, Part 1

You know, there are plenty of reasons why one should never use blingy mining drones in highsec.

After all, drones get ganked, too.

Once upon a time, the aiva naali character belonged to someone else. When the original owner biomassed aiva naali, this much sought-after name was claimed by an Agent of the New Order.

Leo Attora was an unlicensed Orca pilot who enjoyed using blingy drones to mine in highsec. One day, his precious drones disappeared while he was AFK. Luckily, aiva 2.0 was there to explain everything.

When it came to mining permits and the Code more generally, Leo was a procrastinator. But he understood that the ganking of his drones foreshadowed an even worse fate: It was only a matter of time before his Orca was destroyed, too. Time to get right with the Code.

aiva invited Leo to the "Why Was I Ganked?" channel. The miner introduced himself as a fan of the New Order.

Leo made every effort to convince our Agents that he desired to become Code-compliant. So far, so good. But our Agents have been burned before. Sometimes a miner will buy a permit in an attempt to fly under the radar--so that they can violate the Code undetected.

Leo linked his Orca fit, which contained a number of ECM modules. In highsec, these are sometimes used by anti-Code carebears who want to interfere with ganks.

The miner was giving off mixed signals. It was our Agents' job to figure out whether he was a potential Gallant--or an inveterate Goofus.

Agent aiva had done her part. The matter was forwarded to additional Agents for review.

Leo admitted that he wasn't sure whether his blingy drones had been scooped or destroyed. Undoubtedly the miner had been away from his keyboard when the Code enforcement action had taken place.

After a time, Agent Jenny Melons arrived, ready to help clear up the mess.

Then, at a critical moment, Leo expressed a stunning lack of faith.

To be continued...


  1. This guy seems special, and there's one Agent out there that finds the mostest specialist pilots in EvE. I'm putting my ISK on Alt00.


  2. This new improved aiva is much better at spelling!

  3. Here's my fit, my ehp, and my resist profile, now where do you want me to warp so all those taloses can dunk me?

    1. I mean, how can gankers be ruining a game that's already chock-full-o people like that?

      Ganking highsec carebears CAN ONLY be good for the game.

    2. This is excellent agent-conduct. Mining permits are easy to issue, but such a carefully executed personal audit is an invaluable learning experience for this miner. I really hope he won't waste it.

  4. Lol at that moment of lucidity

  5. The screenshots and story are fake. CODE do it all the time.

    1. Yeah, all those trillions of isk Code destroys are paid by James to maintain an illusion of threat in highsec. It's all just a ruse, so feel free to mine veldspar in blingy ships. No one needs a mining permit.

      Only a miner can be this dumb.

    2. You're right. That was tried but didn't work. They do something much smarter.

  6. You know you may be more successful as a scammer if you learned to English properly. No one believes someone like you is smart enough to be a trader.


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