Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Forbidden Knowledge, Part 7

Previously, on MinerBumping... Knowledgeminer was banned from the Anti-Ganking channel by Astevon, who condemned him for ganking Silent Company miners--and for lacking a loving spirit.

In the wake of his ban, Knowledgeminer came across Thorin Orlenard, a member of Silent Company. Thorin was mining in a Talos. Naturally, Knowledgeminer felt the urge to gank Thorin. Yet he knew that if Astevon found out, the Anti-Ganking leader would look upon him with disfavor. Which path should he choose?

Thorin kinda made the decision for him.

The disgusting fail-fit mining Talos was destroyed. Knowledgeminer could immediately sense that he'd made the right choice.

In keeping with his mission, Knowledgeminer was totally open about what he was doing and why he was doing it. If Thorin had any sense, he could avoid being ganked in the future.

Thorin--who told Knowledgeminer to "fuck off" when warned of an impending gank--was reduced to begging for money from the guy who ganked him. Apparently Silent Company's "Highsec Lobby" didn't financially support its members.

Knowledgeminer could've responded in any number of ways. He took the compassionate approach.

Knowledgeminer's patience had been built up from years of hanging out in the Anti-Ganking channel. He was used to dealing with miners like Thorin.

Alas, Thorin wasn't in a learning mood. Miners rarely are.

Knowledgeminer eventually encountered Thorin again. The bot-aspirant was still a bot-aspirant. Knowledgeminer made a mental note of that.

A few days later, Knowledgeminer ganked him again in the exact same asteroid belt. Thorin was still a Talos miner. He had learned nothing. Knowledgeminer was now utterly convinced that Astevon and the Anti-Gankers were wrong. Highsec needed gankers. And the so-called Highsec Lobby needed to be punished.

And as for Sabus Narian, the founder of the Highsec Lobby? He got his corporation expelled from Silent Company for "going public with his personal ideologies". What a bunch of Goofuses.


  1. incompetent AND proud... what a terrible combination!

  2. EvE is not the correct game for that Thorin shitter. His kind don't belong in a family friendly game. He should biomass, asap, and go play something softer.

  3. > mining Talos

    ...look how they massacred my boy...

  4. That Thorin is a true bot-aspirant, who else would come up with a mining Talos.

  5. You can lead a miner to the bathroom. And you can push his head into the toilet and flush. But you'll never wash out the shit between his ears.

    1. Does not stop me trying with a 3000psi water blaster.

  6. You can lead a ganker to the bathroom. And you can push his head into the toilet and flush. But you'll never wash out the shit between his ears.

    code members deserve to be pitied. Week in, week out you carry on with the same shit and it make no difference to 99.99% of EVE players.

    I used to visit this site regularly to keep up with the goings on in gankerdom but months ago I realized there is no point. Read one article and you've read them all.

    1. CODE. have destroyed a quarter of a trillion ISK worth of illegal players in just the last few days alone.

      What did you achieve this week in EVE, miner?

    2. Alt 00 I played the game without thinking about code at all.

      I moved some valuables around in a 0.4 sec system and had to be careful of local bad guys but none of them were code.

      I don't care how much ISK worth of damage code did because nothing destroyed belonged to me.

      I play my EVE not yours.

    3. That's a nice story - you should start a blog.

      It's a shame however that you can't bring yourself to spare a thought for your fellow carebears, who have fallen in battle against the mighty CODE. Alliance.

      You need not shelter in lowsec from us. Send me 10,000,000 ISK, and I will set you up with a Code mining permit. Then you will be able to haul your valuable goods around Highsec, in complete safety.

    4. Why start a blog when yours can be trolled?

      So now people who play in low sec are hiding from code. My you are full of delusions tonight.

  7. You sound triggered friend, I guess it must matter to you?

    1. From the article above.

      "Thorin was mining in a Talos. Naturally, Knowledgeminer felt the urge to gank Thorin."

      The code faithful are permanently triggered. Nobody else cares what Thorin mines in. Why should they? Its like being upset by the color of someone's hair. Lame

    2. Incorrect,

      As CODE continues to educate miners, if you allow abortions like this to get around in James 315 territory, you will have all the jellyfish using talos to mine in.

      People need examples that show what it is meant for.


      Look at what happened to the poor griffen, it has been degraded by having a single ecm drone fitted in it for years. The designers must have cringed when Kalynn Shardani tried to stop the ganks with it.

  8. /yawn ... more aiva please.

  9. That Talos hurts my soul


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