Saturday, March 14, 2020

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #205

Our master plan is to save highsec--interpret that as you will. Time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

By this miner's own admission, our Agents have made the game more exciting.

Hey Darth raises an interesting question: If a miner loses all of his assets--including mining ships--is he still considered a miner?

My answer would be yes, because he still thinks and acts like a miner.

On occasion, a miner will write a brief tearmail and then follow it up with a more elaborate one:

...But a Goofus who sheds elaborate tears is still a crying Goofus.

No problem, friend. Dock your pod at the nearest station and you'll have a nice new ship waiting for you.

Ah, the "Rookie Help" channel. If CCP were truly interested in helping new players, they'd give our Agents free rein in there.

And people wonder why the miners have failed to exact revenge on our Agents.

Silk Green was furious at our Agent and wasn't afraid to let him know it. But that wasn't enough. Silk Green wanted everyone in local chat to know how he was feeling:

What is it with miners and boats, anyway?

If you set me to "Neutral" when asking for reimbursement money, I guess you can't complain about receiving 0.00 isk. That's neutral, right?

The bot-aspirant miners we deal with are not normal people. I'd say they are decidedly below average.


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    1. you just don't get it do you? go ahead keep posting your lame insults like some little millennial having a tantrum you go for it sport o7 maybe after your done you can show me that trophy case where you have all your participation trophies on display

    2. by the way did you make sure to go out and spend shit ton's on money on toilet paper? I bet you did XD

    3. here anon let me spell it out for you.. t h i s i s g o i n g n o w h e r e..... it's a stale mate in laymen terms You aren't going to do anything more than run your finger's across your keyboard posting the same shit over and over. I gave you ample time and yet you still went on. So I'm going to be the one who step's up with maturity and end it. You aren't going to get any more replies from me. Yeah I'll post comments about the "blog post" I read. Hell I've even agreed with some of these blog post. But this little stale mate that's going it's ending today so regardless what you keep posting you're getting nothing in return from me. o7 good luck with what ever it is your doing in your life I wish you the best with you future life choices o7 may the god's have mercy on your very soul that is if you actually have one of those o7

    4. Minergreer hasn't learned anything, he still shows no remorse. He lacks contrition. He thinks he can ignore us? Well he can try, but until he learns his lesson we won't ignore him.

  2. Every sunday i have a laugh at how many shitbag miners pretend to play eve online.

    If only they could shoot something other than an asteroid.

    When will they get good?

    1. Not until they leave the trailer park and stop piddling kids.

  3. You must be another mad shitter that was ganked in highsec.

    If CODE. makes you mad it's because you are playing EVE wrong, and probably don't belong anyway.


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