Saturday, March 7, 2020

Forbidden Knowledge, Part 6

Previously, on MinerBumping... Knowledgeminer temporarily set aside his Anti-Ganking ways when he sought to improve EVE by opposing Silent Company's "Highsec Lobby". But when Knowledgeminer became known for ganking members of Silent Company, he found himself in trouble with the "leaders" of Anti-Ganking.

After years of being a notorious member of the Anti-Ganking channel, Knowledgeminer was banned by Astevon. Of course, for most readers, this raises a rather obvious question: Who's Astevon?

I'll let Astevon's bio explain:

Astevon is one of the carebears responsible for starting the whole Anti-Ganking nonsense in the first place.

Judging by his EVEmail, Astevon didn't necessarily intend for Knowledgeminer to be permanently banned from Anti-Ganking. No, the prodigal son could eventually return--but only after repenting for his sins. Which, naturally, required Astevon to draw up a list of Knowledgeminer's sins.

Anti-Gankers tend to have the same policy when it comes to "tear harvesting". They never make a peep of protest when miners do bad things like making real-life death threats or spouting racial slurs in local. Those things don't bother the Anti-Gankers. On the other hand, Anti-Gankers are absolutely disgusted by people who point out when miners do bad things.

Astevon's epistle to Knowledgeminer went beyond merely cataloging Knowledgeminer's sins. After all, Astevon knew that his guidance and insights would be needed to help Knowledgeminer make up for said sins. And to prevent him from repeating them later.

Before he began taking action against Silent Company, Knowledgeminer had explained his reasons for doing so. But Astevon was certain that the reasons were insufficient. So certain, in fact, that he didn't need to waste time reading them.

Although Knowledgeminer violated the Anti-Gankers' rules, that was merely a symptom of a much greater problem. A problem deep within Knowledgeminer himself.

Deep in his soul, Knowledgeminer was a broken man. He could fix himself and be made whole again--with Astevon's help.

...And so it went. Knowledgeminer could regain access to the Anti-Ganking channel, but it would be a long and difficult journey. If he chose to embrace Astevon's love and attempt the journey, that is.

Knowledgeminer was thus faced with a choice. When he encountered members of Silent Company, would he walk the path of Astevon? Or would he do something else entirely?

To be continued...


  1. Love! Learn to love with the help of, where you can be guided to embrace the real-life antiganking Australian Jesus, AJ Miller himself! After being kicked out of the local Jehovah's Witness guild for soliciting prostitutes, he decided that he is one of several reincarnations of Jesus! Send him all your money and get bonus roomed in real life. Then travel to the compound in Queensland, where you can worship alongside Astevon!

    1. Pseudo-intellectual, narcissistic drivel.

      Advertises taking state benefits on ambiguous grounds, spends his time playing video games, and as if that isn't bad enough, also worships a con-artist. Not a pretty sight.

      If anyone needed an indictment of anti-ganking, they need look no further than Astevon!

    2. Not even 'Pseudo-intellectual', just drivel, and he's too low I.Q. to be a narcissist. It's just drivel. I guess he thinks he sounds enlightened or wise or whatever, but he's really just an ignorant welfare shitter, with a cringey bio in game and a waterhead IRL.

      Completely useless.

  2. Wow, so all this time antiganking has been calling CODE a cult, and crying about people getting bonus roomed for a couple dollars, and meanwhile antiganking is a REAL cult that bonus rooms people out of their entire life savings?? Dayum. I'm glad Knowledgeminer got away from those people before they convinced him to go full Shardani. Remember, its miner with an E! Adding an O will take you straight to Wac-O!

    1. Still not as ignorant as william r greer of pearl river loseriana!

      But yea, ag are nothing but natural born losers. Led by the nose

  3. rofl

    You need to go on an arduous journey of spiritual enlightenment and self-actualisation if you want to join OUR exclusive chat channel!!!

    Anti-gankers are insane

  4. i see two competing ideologies here, one ideology argues that you can only help people by endlessly coddling them and never critiquing them even when they are wrong and actively undermining their own ability to succeed, the other ideology believes you should probably show them what's up and get straight to the point

    hmm, its not much of a competition to be honest

  5. what kind of a moron lists the number of people he banned from a channel on his eve 'resume'

  6. you gotta be autistic to keep count of the number of contracts you refined... who cares bro? i guess when you don't have a real job, your EVE resume sounds important


    1. Filtering miner tears? Aren't those the very reason we come to this blog?

      Also obscure anons with The Code in their hearts often make fun remarks. Filtering them out would be a loss.

      Thanks but no thanks professor!

    2. thanks but no thanks professor

    3. Anti-ganking have grown so weak now they have nothing left to resort to other than trashing the comments section on a daily basis, whilst masquerading as Code supporters. They are always so full of hate. The more we learn about their real-life personas, the greater the scale of the failure becomes.

      Whilst I think there is great merit to the professors script, it does come at the risk of missing out on some noteworthy and increasingly desperate tears, and thus I recommend needs to be used with a degree of caution.

    4. Modify the 24th line as follows to catch Mr. William Greer, of Pearl River, Louisiana.

      if (commentPoster.innerHTML.match(/Anonymous/) || commentPoster.innerHTML.match(/William Greer/))

  8. Astevon wants your soul.

  9. I stand with Anonymous.

  10. Anonymous reveal Wu Flu to the world, right here on www.minerbump, your source for all important news.

  11. An anti ganker thinks he can wipe away his past by creating an alt.

    They can not.

    A cancer cell in a microscope slide is easy to spot no matter what it's name is.

    You think after all these years they would get good.


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