Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ganking 101: Concord Manipulation


In an earlier post, I demonstrated how deliberately spawning multiple Concord squads at a random planet in Kamio increased our gank squad's attack potential by 50%. Unless you happen to have a lot of extra people in your fleet, the 50% will make the difference between success and failure.

Here's the quick summary, in case you missed it: If there's no Concord in system, Concord will spawn next to the ganker. In a 0.7 system like Kamio, that takes about 12 seconds. If Concord is already in system (for example, at an asteroid belt), Concord will warp to the ganker. That takes about 18 seconds. For those of you who get chased by faction police, it still benefits you if Concord's already in system, since faction police takes longer than 12 seconds to respond.

Lesson One: Before going on a ganking run, get Concord to spawn. Don't be lazy! If you're willing to spend training time and isk to increase your DPS by various percentages, surely spawning Concord is worth the 50% bonus you get.

Each Concord squad can only attack one ganker at a time. If multiple gankers shoot a Mackinaw simultaneously, additional Concord squads will either spawn in or move from elsewhere in the system. So if there are two Concord squads in the system and your fleet has five gankers, two gankers will get stopped in 18 seconds, and the other three gankers will get stopped in 12 seconds.

Lesson Two: Spawn as many Concord squads as you have gankers in your fleet. That way, your whole fleet gets the 50% bonus.

Spawning Concord is easy, and they generally stay in system until the next downtime. Get your fleet into rookie ships (or any cheap ship with a gun) and have them fire on a secure container or something else that doesn't belong to them. Do it simultaneously, and you'll have a Concord squad spawned in for each of you. This will also draw away any Concord that may be loitering in the ice field.


Concord has a range of 150km. If they're already in the ice field and you attack a Mackinaw within 150km, they will stop you instantly. But if Concord is 150km or more away, they may as well be on the moon. They'll take the entire 18 seconds to respond. Most miners are unaware of this, so when they see umpteen Concord ships in the ice field, they'll assume they're safe. But if Concord is 150km away, the miner is actually less safe than if no Concord were in the system.

Lesson Three: It's better to attack miners on either extreme of the ice field, because afterward Concord won't be protecting miners on the opposite end. You won't even need to reposition Concord!

What if Concord has one or more squads sitting in the middle of the ice field? You can attack a miner in one of the asteroid belts, but there won't always be a target there. It's time to move Concord. This can be done in a similar manner to spawning Concord: Find a remote location and have your fleet move there in rookie ships to shoot something that doesn't belong to you.

There's an important note, however: When you commit a crime, the nearest Concord in the system is the one that gets drawn away. You'll need to commit the crime in a location nearer to the ice field than to the location of any other Concord who may be in system. Fear not! No matter how awkwardly Concord is positioned, it's always possible to create bookmarks between the planet and the ice field such that your crime is committed closer to the ice field than to any other Concord-guarded location.

Lesson Four: Clear Concord from the ice field (or any other target area) by simultaneously suiciding in a location nearer to the Concord you want to move.

One easy way to clear Concord right after the attack is to undock your fleet in rookie ships while they still have the 15 minute aggression timer. Undock simultaneously and wait for Concord to arrive. You don't need to shoot at anything; Concord will arrive to attack any ship you undock with during the 15 minute timer. This will not work if there are additional Concord squads patrolling an area closer to the station than the ice field is.

Lesson Five: Instantly clear Concord after an attack by simultaneously undocking your fleet in rookie ships.

* Rookie Ship Protip: If you have no other ships in your ship hangar, a rookie ship will appear when you dock in your pod. A rookie ship will not appear if you've got a bunch of extra Catalysts sitting in station. You can trick the station into giving you a free rookie ship anyway: Contract your ships to yourself in a private contract. (Creating contracts requires you to train the skill Contracting I.) This will clear your ship hangar, and you can spawn a rookie ship. Then simply cancel or accept the contract to get your ships back. Sneaky!


Suppose you want to roam around a few systems and gank some miners. You may be tempted not to bother spawning Concord, on the assumption that it takes 15 minutes per system out of your busy ganking schedule. Not so! You can rapidly prime multiple systems by using the undock trick. Here's how it works:

First, prime one system in the usual manner, by simultaneously shooting a container with multiple rookie ships. After you get blown up, have your fleet (which will still be in pods) jump into the next system you want to prime (such as Halaima). Have your fleet of pods all dock in the same station, where a rookie ship will be waiting for each of you. Simultaneously undock and wait a few seconds for multiple Concord to arrive/spawn.

You get the idea now. Once blown up, warp your pods to the next system on your list and undock from a station there. And so on. Within a few minutes, you'll already have all those systems ready to go, for the whole day. You'll only need to wait out the final 15 minute timer, during which your scout(s) can search for targets in all those systems.

Lesson Six: Rapidly prepare multiple systems for ganks by simultaneously undocking your fleet in rookie ships in one system after the next.

To become an excellent gank fleet commander, learn these lessons and never be bothered by Concord again!


  1. stilll haven't got me.
    stilll messin with teh afkers and still doing so inside that one ice field.
    grow up james you're just a griefer.
    and a bad one at that.

    i'll never pay you, and it seems like you get it and have decided i cannot be harmed. how nice

    in the future james, i would probably discuss differences in fleet logistics, rather than focus on how to get concorde to do what you want.

    princess minmitar

    1. You have a lot of hate and give a lot of negative attention to someone who you are claiming is a griefer.

      You keep saying you won't pay. Yet you KEEP saying it. Over and over. In a multitude of posts.

      I'm pretty sure you have by now.

      Besides, it's much more fun telling concord what to do. See how silly precious highsec can be?

    2. About the only things I've seen Princess Minmatar do is run away/dock and spout lots of comments in local about how bumpers should suck on his genitalia. I think that he has bigger issues than mere bumping tbh.

    3. Just wanted to say one thing....... I mine regularly. If you continue to hit miners, who in fact mine the ores that help build your so loved Ganking ships, dont you think the economy is hard enough without u idiots preying on miners??? It doesn't take much skill to gank a miner/s, so why not test your so called great skills elsewhere??

  2. Extremely useful info, good work. Pay no attention to this wayward miner, he just boosts the hitcount for

  3. Powerful information. I have never seen the info about Concord squads before.

    So, every time the size of the gank-squad increases, we either have to accept reduced DPS in the next gank, or do a full-squad Concord spawn. The latter way is cheap but it will push off the timing of the next gank.

    1. There's informations about it all over the place, but James appears to have made the information easier to understand for people.

  4. As much as I applaud this effort, I cannot help but think that this should be classed as an exploit.

    1. Yes because ganking needs another nerf, right? I mean that would only be the 18th nerf against ganking, no big deal right?

    2. Technically it would be an exploit except the fact you do sacrifice your ship. Since you do in fact lose something I'd say it's working as intended since Concord will indeed show up, just takes longer due to already in place mechanics.

      The only thing I'd see as an exploit because of that, is the timers... but that's done with everything involving a timer in this game anyways.

      I'd say the new guntimer exploit people are using in highsec trade hubs is worse since that allows you to blast everyone away without any interference whatsoever.

      Last night in Dodixie I got mauled by 8 people (some goon, some nonfactors, 8 in total) when I just came out and was testing a fit on a slicer. Apparently I had royally screwed someone in a lowsec roam (I think I have like 4 kills to my name since I've been on 2 lowsec roams, yes I'm a master at it /sarcasm) but one of the guys I have killed deemed it necessary to sell my kill rights.

      No big deal, kind of flattering to see it took 8 people in a fleet to kill my little slicer, and about 45 seconds at that.

      Point being, this is in a major trade hub, 0.9 space, no gate/station guns, no concord, no aggression on my part, and quite a few seperate corps in one fleet to kill my 22m worth of hull (and a quick pod express back to amarr) and various implants because I made some dude in lowsec butthurt.

      Am I bothered by it? A little, but whatever, it happens. Is it a bigger problem than moving concord away at the expense of your own ships? Definitely. But then, the miners wanted all this "gank me instead" and they got what they wanted so I don't pay it any mind lol. It's not up to me to determine whats right or wrong, so I just tell CCP "shut up and take my money".

  5. Miners can also use this method to pull Concord back to the ice field. Possibly by recruiting people (or using 2nd accounts) just for this purpose, you should be successful in the short-term but the counter strategy is obvious.

    Outcome will likely be shorter re-spawn times for Concord by the time the next expansion is launched if there is 'enough' form-rage over this method.

  6. This act of manner in which you can manipulate concord is an Exploitable offense. Concord is not there for you to move as you please by doing criminal acts on purpose in remote locations of the system. thus interfering with game play. anyone caught using this tactic will face severe punishment.

    1. Based on your grammar, or lack of it, and adding the fact that you are posting as anon, I'd say it's a safe bet that you really don't know what you're talking about and you're not in a position to do anything about it even if you did and what you said was true ( to which I've never seen a GM say you can't act a fool causing Concord to show up wherever you happen to act a fool at because doing so in an "exploit")...

      I could be wrong, but likely I'm not.

      Celly Smunt

    2. oops, typo and no way to edit it... ugh...
      That should read *because doing so is an "exploit"*

  7. Just so you know doing this is illegal in EVE and if you are caught by a GM you will be punished. So keep it up and find out what happens to your account. Plus, thank you for telling every one your strategy if you are still going on with this. If so enjoy doing this until the GM's find you doing this.

    1. Let me guess.. you must be in 'special' ed.

    2. Look at how wrong this miner is. It doesn't know that the GMs are on the side of the New Order.


    "We would like to clarify that all methods of delaying Concord's response time are considered an exploit." - 2015-09-04 - BY CCP FALCON

    Pretty much everything described here is against the rules.

  9. I'm just here to see how these tankers think

  10. James loves you.

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