Sunday, December 23, 2012

Supplying by Corp Contracts

A quick update on New Order Logistics, the corporation run by my ganking alt, Currin Trading. For some time now, we've been kicking around ideas on how to facilitate the supplying of our Knights with affordable Catalysts and fittings. The ultimate goal is to gain the ability to rapidly stock multiple locations with small caches of gank equipment, so that our Knights can strike freely at the Code violators.

Among those I've spoken with is an industrialist who supports the New Order but prefers to maintain his confidentiality. He was one of the voices encouraging me to create a corp for the purpose of enabling corp contracts to Knights, which keeps supplies off-market and invulnerable to market manipulation (or random people buying up our stuff).

Yesterday, he brought 100 Catalysts and 100 sets of fittings to Osmon, and we tested out the corp contract mechanic. Our supplier wanted to offer each Catalyst with fittings at a price of 2 million isk, which is a bit better than the market.

Knights who are members of the New Order Logistics corp can view corp contracts by ticking the "New Order Logistics" option under "Owner", which shows your character's name by default. Search for "Outstanding" contracts. Hit the "Get Contracts" button and you'll see a list of every contract issued to our corp.

I had our colleague split his gear into five "packs" of 20 Catalysts + tech I fittings. (He had the fittings right, though I informed our supplier that in the future, some of our gankers should get Sensor Boosters with Scan Resolution scripts, instead of a Warp Scrambler.)

I'm pretty pleased with the mechanic. You can mouseover the list and quickly see the location of the gear. In theory, we could have suppliers providing these "packs" in stations across highsec, and Knights can readily see all the stocked systems--unlike checking the market, which requires you to be in that region and check the availability of each item. Any Knight in the corp could be sitting in Kamio station and see that Osmon is stocked but Outuni isn't, or whatever.

The use of "packs" saves contract slots for our suppliers, while also being a bit more convenient for Knights to replace ships, since they accept one contract rather than purchasing individual items through the market.

Any industrialist, whether affiliated with the New Order or not, can make a contract to New Order Logistics. If you want to sell us stuff this way, first make sure you move the equipment to the destination system; if you're a manufacturer and can't move stuff on your own, use Push Industries or Red Frog Freight to move it for you.

If you're a Knight of the Order and want access, simply apply to join New Order Logistics. As long as even one member of a gank gang is in the corp, the whole gang would be able to make use of the supplies. The Knight in the corp can buy the "pack" and use the Trade window to sell a Catalyst + fittings to each gang member at the same individual price (or give it away, if feeling generous).

When a system is well-stocked with a healthy market, there's not as great a need for this. In the future, however--particularly if our number of suppliers grows--this will come in handy, as a gang will be able to operate in places that haven't gotten the "everyone seed this system!" treatment.

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  1. Technically speaking, is New Order Logistics still opeoperating this way? I am a new member of the Order and as I have roamed in the areas of Hi-Sec I have chosen to patrol, I noted how difficult it is to get a hold of Cats and fittings. In Freighter Gangs, it is much easier, but solo...more difficult. Please let me know Logistics is still providing this service to Knights.


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