Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Evolution of a Catalyst Pilot

Last month, I went into some detail about skill training for a suicide ganking Catalyst alt. Needless to say, I have been very pleased to see so many new Gallente characters showing up in Kamio to join the Knights of the Order. Each one is very valuable. If you've been following along for awhile but are still sitting on the fence about whether to create one of your own (or to repurpose an otherwise idle alt), you haven't fallen behind: Thanks to the low skill requirements needed to pilot a gank Catalyst, a ganker alt can be created almost at the drop of a hat.

In what is likely to be my final post about skill training, I'd like to focus on the manner in which a new alt can increase his firepower in an efficient manner. Even without moving up to tech II modules, Catalyst pilots may rapidly enhance their DPS with additional training. You add a little here, a little there, and it adds up very quickly. For the sake of comparison, I'll occasionally mention the effect of various modules/ammo.

It can be somewhat intimidating to start a character from scratch. There are so many skills out there that you've probably forgotten half of what you've trained on your main. Luckily, the life of the Catalyst ganker alt is more simple. If you read this post and have read my earlier ones, you'll practically know the drill by heart.

For the last time, then, we start with the basics. To fly a Catalyst with its basic fit (8 Light Ion Blaster I, 1 Warp Scrambler I, and 3 Magnetic Field Stabilizer I), you only need Destroyers I, Propulsion Jamming I, and Weapon Upgrades III. Add Long Range Targeting I for a Sensor Booster or two if you want.

(If you're not rolling a Gallente alt, train Gallente Frigate III. If you're neither Gallente nor Caldari, get Small Hybrid Turret I. Note how minimal the Gallente-specific requirements are. If you're choosing between rolling a new alt or repurposing an old one, you're probably better off keeping the old one if it's got any gunnery skills trained at all. Nevertheless, Small Hybrid Turret gives you 5% damage per level and is quick to train, so get it to III and catch up with those Gallente/Caldari alts.)

Now let's get down to business. Here is, roughly, the fastest way to add DPS. Because our small blasters fire so quickly, and because faction police are not as easy to time as Concord, I'll speak of damage and rate of fire bonuses interchangeably. I'll talk about tech II stuff separately, since most often you won't be fitting tech II--but you'll see the comparison.

Rapid Firing I (4%)

Cybernetics I (4% with implants)
Enables you to fit two cheap implants (less than 1 mill each in trade hubs), the Zainou 'Deadeye' Small Hybrid Turret SH-603 (3%) and Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-901 (1%).
Note: If you remember to select a planet or whatever and spam the "warp" button as soon as police attack you, you should be able to save your pod after each gank.

Rapid Firing II (4%)

Jury Rigging I, II, III; Hybrid Weapon Rigging I (10% with rigs)
Enables you to fit Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I and Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I. Each will lower your powergrid as a drawback, but luckily it won't interfere with the basic fit, thanks to the improved powergrid in Retribution.

Gunnery III (2%)
Gunnery is a Rank 1 skill, and Rapid Firing is Rank 2. Gunnery trains twice as fast and provides half the bonus. It's the same bonus/time ratio, but since Gunnery finishes first, you get your bonus to the battlefield sooner.

Rapid Firing III (4%)

Gunnery IV (2%)
Surgical Strike I, II, III (9%)
Gunnery IV is a prerequisite to Surgical Strike, otherwise we'd have trained it much sooner.

Small Hybrid Turret IV (5%)

Rapid Firing IV (4%)

Engineering IV, V; Science IV; Energy Management I, II, III; Thermodynamics I (15%)
The gauntlet for overheating your guns. Luckily Engineering is a Rank 1 skill. Its bonuses to powergrid may be useful later on, when fitting Neutron blaster variants.

Small Hybrid Turret V (5%)
This is a prerequisite to tech II, but we're getting to the point where it's worth training here just for the damage. Surgical Strike is a Rank 4 skill, so training it to level IV is not much less than the time to train Small Hybrid Turret to level V.

Motion Prediction I, II, III; Small Blaster Specialization I+ (tech II)
Small Blaster Specialization offers a 2% bonus per level, but sadly the bonus only applies when using tech II guns.

Surgical Strike IV (3%)
Gunnery V (2%)
Rapid Firing V (4%)
If you have nothing else to do, you can train these skills.

Now let's talk about tech II and some other stuff.

Always remember to fit your tech I guns with faction ammo, either Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge S or Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S. It provides a 15% bonus to damage.

With tech II guns, remember to fit Void S instead. It offers over 11% more damage than the faction ammo does.

Weapon Upgrades IV allows you to fit Magnetic Field Stabilizer IIs. Upgrading all three will only offer less than 12% extra damage, due to stacking penalties. Not as much as you might think, given their cost. Weapon Upgrades IV will reduce the CPU need for guns, which may be useful when dealing with Neutron blasters. However, Electronics IV trains twice as quickly and offers a slightly better bonus since it boosts your total CPU.

Upgrading to tech II guns (with Void S) offers a bonus of 36% and you can increase it a little more by training up Small Blaster Specialization a couple times. That's more than twice the bonus of overheating your guns. On the other hand, overheating can be done for free and regardless of what guns you're fitting--you won't always be using tech II.

The enhanced CPU/powergrid in Retribution makes it more practical to fit Neutron blasters, or at least to switch out some of your Ion blasters with Neutrons. You may need to drop Sensor Boosters/Warp Scramblers. Just make sure your gang has at least one person with a Warp Scrambler for tackle and at least one person with a Sensor Booster or two (with Scan Resolution script(s)) to kill pods.

Switching from Light Ion Blaster I's to Light Neutron Blaster I's offers a bonus of 6.5%. It's very close to the same bonus when you switch from tech II ions to tech II neutrons. Not too much of a jump, but it's there.

Here are the bonuses you would get for swapping out modules of the basic tech I fit (Light Ion I's and MFS I's) with the named modules I listed in this post, and tech II mods listed for comparison:

Damage Mods:
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I -- 0% (benchmark)
Linear Flux Stabilizer I -- 5%
Gauss Field Balancer I -- 8%
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II -- 12%

Light Ion Blaster I -- 0% (benchmark)
Regulated Light Ion Phase Cannon I -- 5%
Limited Light Ion Blaster I -- 10%
Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I -- 15%
Modal Light Ion Particle Accelerator I -- 20%

Light Neutron Blaster I -- 7%
Regulated Light Neutron Phase Cannon I -- 12%
Limited Light Neutron Blaster I -- 18%
Anode Light Neutron Particle Cannon I -- 23%
Modal Light Neutron Particle Accelerator I -- 28%

Tech II Guns:
Light Ion Blaster II -- 36%
Light Neutron Blaster II -- 46%

From these stats, you can see the wide variation of damage bonuses provided by the different kinds of guns. Certain named Ions are better than some Neutrons. Tech II Ions and Neutrons both beat the best named Neutrons. By contrast, the difference between the bonuses provided by upgrading damage mods is not as great.

It's interesting to compare some of these bonuses in context. For example, if you trained Rapid Firing I, II, III, IV, and V, you would get a total improvement to your DPS of 20%. This is less than the improvement of fitting the second-best named Neutrons rather than Light Ion Blaster I's. If you trained Surgical Strike I, II, III, and IV, you would get a bonus of 12%, which is equal to the bonus provided by getting your hands on a set of the fourth-best named Neutrons.

But don't count out those skills! Training Surgical Strike to III and the rest of the gunnery skills up to IV from their original levels gives you a bonus of over 41%, which is greater than the upgrade from tech I to tech II Ions.


  1. As per training, it give you the mind adaptability learning capability increases with the help of this. your mass affluent skill training for a pilot catalyst is good for your. Needless to say, we have been very pleased to see so many new characters showing to join the Knights of the Order. The final post about skill training, focus on the manner in which a new person can increase his firepower in an efficient manner.

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    1. you need a girlfriend if you really want to live the good life, give your hand a rest

    2. I don't do either, I save my energy for ganking people.

    3. I save my energy for wanking between ganking...just saying. O and yeah get a girlfriend mate but save the planet and don't multiply!!

  4. The previous two anonymous hate posts have inspired me to put an alt into the Order. I was waffling until I read those.

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  6. You can tell that James was a very sad kid, and wanted things he could not get in real life, and just like he failed at completing what he said we was going to do(Run for CSM)it must be just like that in his real life..sad!

    1. You know what is the only thing we can really tell? That you're butthurt.

  7. what a bunch of twat waffles

    1. When you post anonymously you give voice to your real self. Is that what you are worth?

    2. Lol complains someone posts anonymously, then posts anonymously.... Pointless just like CODE.

  8. He was way too scared at what might have happened to him in real life if he had run for CSM.

    1. You're right, high sec miners are sociopaths.

  9. Demon is my name and hearing miners screamin' will be my claim to fame as soon as the Knights approve my application. mere days away from being gank ready and certified.. borderline certifiable... I am holding off on claiming my first victim in the hopes that it will belong to the Knights of the Order, defenders of The Code. Pay the price or lose it thrice..

  10. All hail the Supreme Protector.

  11. I, for one, had no clue who James was, yet his name was mentioned in almost whispers, and always in passing. I eventually went to Google and found this site. I was lost but now I am found. My purpose in EVE was setting, growing dimmer, like the sun. But after finding James and the truth he speaks I am seeing my sun rise again, and it is glorious. I will begin the creation of a new pilot, the goal of whom is to purge space of all those unworthy, and to bring glory to the New Order. All hail the Supreme Protector!

    1. You should get outside, instead of committing yourself to a group of video game nerds as if it's some type of religion. You people in CODE act like you have purpose when you really don't. Your just nerds trolling over the internet, you have no purpose. And no one cares for your intentions.

    2. A new blog has come!

  12. This post specifically was well written and laid out in a manner that doesn't just benefit ganking, it benefits all game play styles that don't involve shooting at rocks. I've been playing Eve off and on for a little while, joined a corp as a carebear Hi-Sec miner. They taught me how to properly tank a mining barge. Saved me from a Catalyst gank attempt. I love the RP element that James and this crew bring to this element of the game.

    When I get on tonight I'm going to donate 15m. I'm not space-rich, but this should be enough for 1 Cat Gank ship, so please go pop a retriever (or better yet, an untanked Hulk, lulz). I've since semi-reformed my carebear ways and am sitting in Nul Sec, playing a Logibro, trying my hand at FC'ing (first time the other night, w00 w00).

  13. There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed.

    You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'.

    His foundation lies in the holy mountains. Selah.

  14. I love coming back to these older posts and reading the comments.
    Aged for months, these glorious tears are like a fine wine.
    Addicting, smooth, utterly delectable to the palette.

  15. Thanks for the training tips! I'm training up my first cat pilot for some anti-miner action.
    A few more days and I'll be ready for my baptism by Concord.

  16. Two questions, if I may?

    1.) Is a catalyst/pilot as described above able to perform their duty in .8 space with the above fit/training?

    2.) What can be done to counter Procurers afk/bot mining in such a high-security area? Bots feel safe mining in areas I travel often, and still need to be brought to justice in the name of NO.

  17. As I am going through this training program at the moment, I thought I might add two other things I found useful: a max Perception (with the rest in WIllpower) remap, and Genolution CA-1 and CA-2 implants which both boost Per/Int and give you more fitting to work with. If you are careful with your pod you shouldn't lose them.

  18. Thinking about creating an alt and come hunting with the Code. But how to find them or join forces? fairly new to the game.

    -Xenn Hin-Han

    1. Better to ask in the forum - I'd recommend eve-mailing people like Fawn Tailor or Guybertini for more info! :)

  19. This nation of evil bots and bot-aspirants shall be purged. Moreover, you shall not follow the customs of the nation which I will drive out before you, for they did all these things, and therefore I have abhorred them.

  20. Video games bring out individuals true nature, Eve is a perfect example of this aspect and so is the flawed paradigm of the nerds of CODE, who sit behind a computer screen all day long thinking they have a purpose in life, when they don't. So sad. Eve was great game, but its sad to see such skilled pvpers resort to killing players that won't even fight back, or can't fight back. So pathetic lol, no skills involved what so ever, this is pretty much a group trolling project. Anyone can be a CODE troll, and it's easier to troll than it is to be a good player in a video game.

    1. It's James 315 here, I would log in to reply so that you could see it really is me, but I can't right now (I have a hand wrapped around my boyfriends.... ermm.. joystick and he's very near to climaxing).

      Yes Anon above, you are correct about CODE, we initially started as just fat/lazy/no lifers who find it difficult in life without the help from our parents, but now we have grown (up) in to something more appealing to others in the same predicament as us! We have now become fat/lazy/ignorant/cum swirling (in the case of our male (phallic) 'members')/cucumber shoving (in the case of our female (tranny) members)/waste of space/obviously bullied at school/work dodging/benefit receiving no lifers with absolutely no prospects as we progress through our adult lives... But don't blame us for this, we can't help it - It's natural to us.. Our parents abuse us even now, we are continuously bused by our brothers and sisters while we do our homework and we find that we no longer need to be forced to have anal sex with our family pets.

      To the EVE community, we appeal to you. Give us a break and realise we can't actually go 1v1 with other pvp'ers and need to attack & bump those that have chosen the less aggressive path.. We also appeal to those EVE pvp'ers that want a 1vs1, if you do see any of us in any sec space, give us a chance to get call on our (same sex) lovers to come to our assistance - remember 1vs1 against us isn't fair! We DEMAND that we are permitted (as per CODE rules) to attack you 1 ship with 15 of ours! We DEMAND that you not use weapons against us whilst we attempt to find where the fire button is & finally... We DEMAND the use of tissues when the our cum catching boyfriends aren't present!

      Thank you for listening....

      James 315


    where do i sign up??

  22. I think I found my new saviour. James 315 bless us, every one.

  23. My son that is disabled and wanted to play eve with his father was attack by these no good followers of James, I made an alt for him on my second account help him to get a mining ship and showed him what he must do, I left him in a 0.9 system and went back to my level 4 missioning the first two day it went great and I could see that he really enjoyed playing eve, but then someone that thinks he has the right to do whatever he likes destroyed my sons ship and podded him, I heard the screams and went to his room to see what has happened to my dismay my son was crying and pointing to his monitor it took me and my wife three weeks to get him to play on his pc again and I can’t play eve wen his is in the room with me.

    It’s all fun & giggles till someone gets hurt remember that everything u do have consequences even if it’s in a game that is online.

    In my eye u are no more than low life criminal that that molested a children for fun

    1. This game is rated T for a reason.

      Also why would you allow your kid, who gets upset easily over losses, play a game where losses are essentially part of the game. This is a spaceship game about blowing up other spaceships after all.

      This game is centered around conflict and PVP. Even mining can be considered PVP, becauseyou have to compete with other miners, and in some cases some miners won't hesitate to blow up (or pay someone to blow up) the competition, especially if a lone miner is encroaching on a corps territory.

      If he ever wishes to play eve again, may I suggest having him hang out in the rookie system he spawned in while you are not able to actually fleet up and play with him side by side. Given the circumstances surrounding your issue, that may help as you would be able to fleet warp him out if danger approaches.

      Contrary to popular belief we aren't really a bunch of assholes. We may play tough in game and I may enjoy trolling random Anon's that post here, but in reality most of us (I would like to think, anyway) would be willing to help a legitimate newbro out, either by throwing them starting isk, giving them some fitting or situational advice, helping them with a mission they need help completing, escorting an industrial, whatever. I also hang out in rookie chat and the new bro forum section on my alt and help out all the time.

      Your last statement isn't really fair. We don't even know if it was a code agent that popped him. You have to remember that every system is open for PVP (For the exception of the rookie system and the SOE arc).

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. What happened to that kid makes me sad, I have lost my Mackinaw to code code agents and now I may not be able to make enough Isk to buy a plex so it’s game over for me.

      With my Mackinaw I was making about 8 mil to 12 mil an hour and I can only play for 3 to 4 hours a day and some days not at all.

      I ask my mom to buy the game for me after I convinced her that I will be paying the monthly fee, she pled for three months and that gave me enough time to follow a mining guide and make enough Isk to start buying Plex to pay for my game time.

      Ill miss eve I was planning on making enough Isk to pay for more accounts so I can try out all the other fun stuff like PvP but I don’t want someone to feel like I feel because I was a dick and made the game a bad experience for them.

      Ps. I am going to ask my mom to pay for one month sub for me wish me luck

    4. @ 11:09

      Don't start playing EvE with the pretense that you will be plexing from the get-go. This makes EvE a second job. A second job that only pays about $0.50 an hour. This turns the game into a horrible grind for a newbro that should be taking this time to learn game mechanics and having fun.

      Please don't do this to yourself >.>

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Strangely, i have to agree with asia on this. Mining, while some find it fun, is the lowest paying in game job as far as isk per hour goes. If you have to play in a solo way, go with mission running instead. With proper skills you can make 50 or even 100 mil isk per hour, in as little as a few weeks skill training time. Granted mission running is not the best way to make isk in game, it at least is a bit better then solo mining.

      Ugh....twice today i agree with someone from code....what is happening to me?

    7. Pretty much what -=M=- said. I'll take it a step further though and say if you go into this game with the pretense that you will be playing for free you are turning EvE into a second job. This is supposed to be a game and games are meant to have fun, not turn into a job.

      I want to log in when I want to have fun. Not have to log in to make enough isk to continue the subscription.

  24. Double post again >.> This is getting annoying -.-

  25. dear supreme protector,

    i wish to join you in your quest to purge eve of these heretics and pave the path for the believers however i worry how i am supposed to keep myself in vessels of purge

    thank you,

    all hail the supreme protector

  26. dear supreme protector,

    i was nthg but a greedy miner stripping all the belts...then a knight of the order made me see sense....even though he told me to continue mining i decided i would leave these belts..this space of conflict...i cursed at him unimaginable insults....and there i left for amarr....then 2 weeks ago i saw why he did it and this great project to cleanse eve, you are undertaking and i saw the light....even though i do not mine anymore...the people who do are still my brothers for i am branded with the skill of mining....all i ask for you is to minimize as much conflict and i shall provide ships as much as i can

    thank you,

    1. it would be prefferable if we can negotiate a price though....but i will still provide if the previous post's criteria is met

    2. Can I suck your moms cock?

  27. Thank you for the training tips. Though I will not be using my skills to invoke terror among our citizens.

  28. Hm. Interesting. For the record, I mine LowSec and Null, simply for the minerals. Not to go back and sell. I self manufacture my vessels and munitions. I will be watching further, but will never join. 'Tis not my calling to impose unerring and volatile control over others. That job, I will relegate to the 'protector' ofHighSec.


  30. Hi, James 315 here, last pass isn't working so I can't log in right now. Anyway just to say I had a great thressome with my beloved boyfriend and his sports coach. They crapped in my mouth and I didnt waste any of that nutritional milkshake. Praise be to me.

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  34. If your reading this remember James loves you, and James will always love you even if you've chosen a different path.


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