Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kills of the Week

The New Order is constructive, not destructive. This is true even when we gank people. You see, highsec is like a block of marble. A sculpture is already there, within the block. Our gankers merely chip away the extra pieces. And when they're done, what is left of highsec is a beautiful sculpture of my face. Let's look at some of the extra pieces who were chipped away during the week of September 14th @ 00:00 EVEtime through September 20th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Lady Charge lost her anti-tanked Orca, which lacked a mining permit. What's special about this gank is that the Orca was killed by just five gankers, Agents loyalanon, unknown boat, PERUNGA, Mildron Klinker, and Sophia Soprano. The New Order is growing in numbers and in efficiency.

Not impressed yet? Try this on for size: Five gankers were enough to kill Era Union's freighter! He was found in an ice anomaly, scooping the ice like a billion isk container. Agents John E Normus, PERUNGA, Sophia Soprano, loyalanon, and Ginger Spook put a stop to that nonsense right away. Another freighter was killed by five gankers while it was being used as a billion isk ore container.

Ivanova83 considered herself a member of an elite PvP alliance, Pandemic Legion. To prove it, she built a 660 million isk faction battleship and went AFK. Agents PERUNGA, loyalanon, Mildron Klinker, Sophia Soprano, and Zombiepilot showed her what real elite PvP is all about. Looking at this kill reminds me that Reikoku corp is a member of PL. I can't deal with irony like that. Won't do it.

A man named "Lindsey"? Fine. But one look at that bio and you knew he was doomed. Some friendly Agents of the New Order entered the Sirseshin system and were greeted by the welcome wagon:
Lindsey Silvestre > get out of my system cock sucker
Dclker > hey the circus is in town.. CORE. cocks
Samual Saisima > omg. more james 315 dick suckers
Lindsey Silvestre > they all will die the same
Our Agents knew it was time to get down to business.

Lindsey Silvestre lost his 860 million isk faction cruiser (or whatever an "Orthrus" is) without putting up much of a fight. Agents Rick Therapist, Brutal Anna, and Carebears' Nightmare said "hi" with a trio of Catalysts.

With the rebels out of the way, the path was clear for the Code to be enforced in Sirseshin. Xopher's billion isk Mackinaw ORE Development Edition made itself an obvious target. Agents Brutal Anna, Rick Therapist, and Carebears' Nightmare did their job and helped themselves to half a billion isk in loot.

Highsec PvP doesn't come easy. To stay sharp, sometimes our Agents hone their skills by practicing in lowsec. Count Scary lost an Orthrus of his own, and his 3.3 billion isk pod was tackled. Agents loyalanon, 412nv Yaken, PERUNGA, and unknown boat all got to share in this special killmail.

Highsec didn't produce a pod of that value this week, but GOSOMER ANTARIS did his best. His 2.8 billion isk Capsule was popped by Agent Dirty Deeds2.

Chip, chip, chip. You're one week closer to glory, highsec.


  1. Count Scary was my CEO after I got the boot from E-Uni

    1. Booted from E-uni? Oh dear, did you call someone a meanie or something? Eve Uni is the biggest joke in the game and should be perma wardecced into annihilation - only idiots would join that scam. Nothing more nauseating than Hello Kitty style hand holding. Well, maybe Code, I suppose.....

    2. Veers is the MindkillerSeptember 22, 2014 at 5:37 AM

      One can measure a man by his enemies. In Veers's case, we can tell from the common aspects of his enemies that he's been scammed a lot and is very bitter about it. Poor Veers.

    3. man how much do you have to hate emergent content to be anti Eve-Uni?

      they're like the most benign organization in the game as of right now

      l mean there might of been a time when they did crazy stuff like order that players stay docked during war decs under all circumstances and not allow shooting at neuts in lowsec.

      But as I understand it right now they're pretty much just a smaller non sov holding brave newbies with a good wiki.

  2. Looks like another good week of hunting!

    Just checked out GV's blog. He's updated and as bitter as ever. I don't know... call me crazy, but if your getting this upset over a game, maybe you should look into something else for entertainment.

    Don't get me wrong... the spewing "rage hate" is entertaining in a "Hey! Look at that nutcase loosing it over there" sort of way, and maybe it does make them FEEL better about themselves in the sort term, but really... that sort of emotional baggage will eat you up.

    It's a game people, and should be taken as such. Problem is that but some of the AG are a little to worked up about it. Time to pull your heads from your assholes and come up for air kiddies... you will feel better. You actually might even enjoy the view.

    Anyway... enjoy your last day of summer!

    1. Well Hello Colonel.
      I saw your comment on my blog “So much bitterness over a game about spaceship combat. Oh well. Whatever floats your boat.”

      I thought surely he sees I’m having fun poking as much fun at CODE as I possibly can and laughing my ass off the entire time. But no, I see your comment here and I am saddened. You seem to enjoy the “snarky laugh up your sleeve at people as we post private emails and try to humiliate anyone we can” humor on Minerbumping. I will admit I don’t enjoy that kind of humor.

      The overall tone of my blog as always been “tongue in cheek” and will continue to be. You can choose to believe it’s written in “bitterness and anger” but you’re wrong.

      I guess anyone who blindly and happily smoochs James rear end wouldn’t get that.

      Oh well.. Have a great day!

    2. You will soon learn this:
      He who always claims to laugh,
      lies about his tears

    3. crying with laughter

    4. Good to see you GV!

      At one time I believed that, but of late? I'm not so sure. But that's my interpretation of it, and if it's wrong, cool!. If your still treating this like a game, then good on you and I'll read your comments with that in mind.

      As for me liking the snarky laugh... nope. I dislike the insanity some people spew, because they can't handle their lose. They don't get it so I choose to mock hate and will continue to enjoy the game because it is a game.

      You will never see me bitching in local, ever, even if you blow the crap out of my most expensive ship then pod me while I have a head full of costly implants. I'll give you a gf and laugh my ass off.

      As with all things with the internet, it's impossible to decipher peoples truth meanings when they post... you take it at face value and go with what you have seen and read. YOU may still comment (so you say & I'll take your word on it) with “tongue in cheek”, but many don't... so you tell me, am I really that far off base considering on what's been written over the last month or so?
      I don't think so, but unlike some that comment, I can except if I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong on this issue... but I think I'm in for disappointment.

      I await the usual barbs, insults to me and my family, and other sundry of insults that are common here and other blogs in regards to this post... as for you GV, I'm glad your still here and enjoying the game, truly. I will also look forward to pew pewing you.

      Keep your gun sights clean!

    5. I must confess that I have read the AG blog, the blog of the now famous Gorilla.

      Im not ready to describe the whole experience but...but...I must confess, I laughed.

      Gorilla, for your next animated gif, I propose this :

    6. HEY!, That's my sausage gif...didnt I post that at you in local??;)

  3. What's Perunga doing ganking miners?

    1. he's obviously bored of fighting cal mil and russian corps.

  4. Alright everyone, we must all war dec The Foundation to Protect Endangered Carebears! Go to Klir and kill kill kill! click my name for more info on how we are going to do it. thanks.

    1. I actually like this plan. Not a bad plan at all we just need people and we can actually do it! Anyone that's on board can help us win this war!

    2. Thank you for the heads up. We will be heading up there tonight

    3. you realize that isn't James

    4. Stopping posting porn my beloved friends, this is sacred ground!

    5. Don't listen to Amy! I am the real amy!

  5. Butthurt miners spam
    Instinct: to tear down the great
    Proof of their smallness

  6. That providence was seriously effecting my AFK mining operation in Piekura and then along came the New Order which not only allowed me to mine an extra 200-300 million of isk but actually dropped 70isk million in fittings.
    I guess I was a bit lucky grabbing the fittings with me being AFK and all but who cares :). It was my fourth largest haul of New Order loot.

    1. "Look at me!", says Thom
      "I could still be AFK!"
      We're so proud of you


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