Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Follow NewOrderGamis, Follow the Code

Agent Kalorned is widely acclaimed for the successful reforms he enacted in the Gamis system. He knew they would work, because they were based on the Code, which works everywhere it's tried.

Perhaps Kalorned's most innovative policy: Increased transparency and communication. You can always learn what's happening in Gamis and the surrounding systems. Simply follow @NewOrderGamis on Twitter. It's that simple!

Kalorned's Twitter feed gives voice to miners who might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Their petitions to CCP may come to nothing, but the highsec community can pass judgment, too. Instant feedback.

A diverse cross-section of the Gamis mining community has taken advantage of their ability to have their tears quoted on the Twitter feed. Now you can read Gamis local on your mobile device or tablet!

In addition, you can be the first to hear about the latest in New Order media. Did you know Kalorned has released The Code is Forever #13? Well, you would've known about it on March 21st.

Gain access to exclusive bonus content, including kills that didn't make the Kills of the Week post.

Of course, not everyone appreciates bonus content.

Permabanned from EVE? You can still play Miner Bingo by proxy. As seen here, lots of miners still hold to the myth about Agents needing to warn them before they get ganked. Miner, those blinking red squares on your overview are the warning.

Yet another myth: Bumping and ganking violate the EULA.

There are so many highsec myths that we barely have enough time to debunk them all. But we do.

Another advantage of the NewOrderGamis feed is that it highlights players who need extra help following the Code. Naomi Hallowin needs special attention, sure. It gets worse, though.

Crazy, yes, but is Saboteur White Gamis crazy?

Almost there. Just need someone a little crazier.

Dj vtraxx is ignorant about game mechanics, but there's nothing new here. Maybe it's time to move along...

Oh, there it is. One Dj vtraxx is worth a dozen wardecs. He's a member of Opprimo Vox alliance, just in case you were curious.

Well, that's enough Gamis for today. The system and its miners are still a work in progress. Don't worry--the New Order is on the case!


  1. The Code!

    Finding our wings on social media! Soon we will spread the Word of James 315 beyond Highsec and into other realms!

    1. What did you dream after that?
      Poor poor player that needs to be a digital bully to feel ok
      And you know you are Mingelingadingbingbongbigfatliar ;)

  2. I got to start my life in Gamis, also managed to fly with Kalorned in a couple of fleets....
    Praise James!

  3. http://minerbumping.41656.x6.nabble.com/The-Salvation-of-Gamis-td4648.html

  4. While I'm certainly not as prolific of a Tweeter as Kalorned, you can also follow me @EHwoxer. Do it and I might tweet more.

  5. Someone tell Kalorned not to anti-tank his haulers:


    1. Please calm down, miner. Anti-tanking is only disallowed by The Code because it suggests an expectation of safety by the pilot. Knight Kalorned was not under the illusion his ship was safe and therefore he did not violate The Code.

      If you would like to prove that you understand your ship is not safe in order to legally fit anti-tank modules under the code, you must simply pass the Test of Fortitude as outlined in The Code as Kalorned has done.

    2. I'm not a miner. I am a PvPer and occasional trader amused by the fact that Kalorned doesn't know enough about BRs to fit nanos when he's not carrying cargo. Nor does a BR need or benefit from an MSE; shield hardeners provide a superior tank at lower PG cost. In short, that is a fail-fit BR and your apologist attitude about it doesn't change that.

      In addition, it appears that when Kalorned flies them, Invincible Stabbers are, in fact, vincible:


    3. So, there we have it, according to 290xanaots, the code has double standards...that cannot be real law, real law has one standard for everyone...these code liars just keep making up their rules to suit themselves...that is why I will never follow them or that buffoon jamie...

    4. The Code is absolutely a real law, but it is a law which requires more of its adherents than the laws of irl you may be more used to. It is a law directly stemming from clearly-stated principles, and though those principles are explicitly laid out in the Code and James 315's Manifesto, the manifold applications of those principles do require some interpretation and moral integrity on the part of their adherents. It is unfortunate that bot-aspirants have so much difficulty with a law requiring interpretation, but if you'll examine the transformative effect the Code has had on highsec, you'll agree that it is a superior method of law and governance than that enacted irl.

      Though you appear not to have understood him, 290xanaots did not say that the Code has double standards. The Code has a single glorious standard, to which all citizens of highsec are held. But that is a standard of principle, the standard that capsuleers cannot expect to be safe in highsec. A similar action (flying a non-brick-tanked hauler) can be in violation of this principle or not, depending on the intent and mindset of the one performing it. A senior Agent such as Kalorned is granted discretion to fly an untanked hauler if he so wishes, for it is clear to anyone that he does not do so because of an assumption of complete safety or with a focus on profit.

      Think beyond the literal strictures of your subroutines, BuffoonAnon. The truth is staring you in the face, if only you were human enough to understand it.

    5. The CODE is law for all.
      Kalorned just demonstrated this, that is all.

    6. no it is not...all he demonstrated is a gank...you gank you get Concorded, that is the law...you fools are too easy...

    7. A law must never be the target of moral values, if it is the law ia malformed.
      A law should be so clear that it should never have to be interpreted and it is here that everything fails with your faked law.

      A law may never differ between the one who knows about the law and the one who don't know about the law, you clearly say that your fake law only apply do everyone else but Code players.

      So once again, redo and do it correct this time if your not to lazy.

      The only reason you want to differ with your fake laws is to grief other players and make it impossible for them to follow your fake laws if they choose to do so.

    8. @Anon5:17
      Since when are you capable of defining what a "law" must or must not be?

      Every "law" must be interpreted by an authority. In law-abiding systems, this power is usually delegated by the country's Constitution, or Founding Document, and is usually reserved for such a "supreme authority."

      For example, in the US, that "Supreme Authority" is the "Supreme Court." In Iran, it is the "Supreme Leader."

      In James 315 space, (formerly known as "Highsec,") that "Supreme Authority" is obviously James 315, the "Supreme Protector."

      And I don't know what country you come from, but in EVE, laws apply equally to all players. All Agents of the Code must, and do, obviously follow it, but if one believes that an Agent is acting outside of the Code, there is a judicial process that may be invoked by the accused to be heard and have their case decided by an impartial Judge of the New Order.

      And just like in the real world, ignorance of the Code is no excuse for breaking it, and those deemed guilty of violating the Code will suffer the penalties, without further warning. Anyone is free to come to this site and study the Code at their leisure. There has never been, and nor will there ever be, an excuse for ignorance of the Code.

    9. it's pointless trying to explain to a code sycophant what a law is as we all know they just make them up as they go along and use words like"proxy" and "compliance" to try and sound important.
      they have no power unless you miners give it to them.(by buying a permit)
      they and their organization are powerless to do anything more than cause annoyance.

    10. launch a campaign (i mean a long term effort not a few quick visits and then run )
      in null sec i DARE YOU TO DO IT (i can hear the puny excuses already )

    11. The Kills of the Week posts would disagree with you, Anon@5:39. As would our over a TRILLION isk in damages. But I'm sure if you just keep trying to pretend we're not here and we're not changing highsec, everything will be just fine.

      Anon@5:42, it's been explained why the new order focuses its enforcement in highsec. Yelling "I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE YOU" isn't going to change that the place where we're needed the most is in highsec.

      "By the time you finish reading this Manifesto II, you will understand why the highsec miners--the ones who don't bot--are the biggest problem facing EVE today. You will learn about the damage they have already caused and gotten away with, you will learn how they almost shut down EVE, and you will learn what the miners are not-so-secretly doing right now to ruin your game--unless we stop them before it's too late."

    12. Poor delusional ming and maria....still at it, bravely trying to sound right.
      To bad the history of their lies is against them.

    13. it's been explained why the new order focuses its enforcement in highsec. Yelling "I DOUBLE-DOG-DARE YOU" isn't going to change that the place where we're needed the most is in highsec.

      just as i thought.... a puny,weak organization like yours has no real teeth.
      you don't because you can't and you never will be able to inflict yourselves upon null sec. 1% is about all the effect you will ever have it seems.
      and if it is truly the ones that don't bot that are such a threat, stop preaching about "bots" and "bot aspirants" you don't enforce anything, you merely indulge yourselves because you can.

    14. I take it you haven't read James 315's "Manifesto II"? This really is all explained quite thoroughly, it's astounding that you insist on talking about something you refuse to learn more about.

    15. There goes another code lie, ming...the new order is not the authority, the new order is just a group of pirates, your behavior proves that...

    16. @Anon7:27
      Well, of course the "New Order" isn't the source of our authority, the "New Halaima Code of Conduct" is. The Code is the source from which all of our esteemed authority- (and by proxy, victory) flows. It is undefeatable, unassailable, and unarguable. And it is the reason why the New Order lives today, while other "rebel movements" peter out and die.

      Speaking of which, it's been almost a week since Held updated the Heroes of Highsec website. It seems as if the rebel "hero" has placed "his girlfriend" above the duties of his office. Carebears, once again, fooled by a false "leader."

    17. hmm some quotes from the codes own "manifesto"

      . There is no "sandbox" when one group is trying to ban the activities of the other group
      is the code not trying to extinguish the activity of high sec mining ?

      The carebears have already, to a large extent, wiped out PvP from nullsec.

      hmm strange that i live in null and PVP almost every day ?? go figure??

      Once upon a time, people mined in nullsec belts. (yep they still do )
      Nullsec alliances would organize mining ops, (yep they still do)

      Don't get me wrong. I know PvP still exists in nullsec. But all too often, the only possibilities for fights in nullsec come in the form of massive, well-organized, drawn-out fleet engagements.
      wrong we pvp in medium and small gangs all the time !
      we mine all our own minerals to build all our own stuff to blow each other up in
      we make an occasional visit to high sec but it is very occasional .

      Unless something is done to reverse the trend, EVE will, in fact, become a PvE game.
      wrong again, ccp is not gonna just roll over the carebears will not get it all their own way ccp has basically said so.

      The people of EVE had to fight once before, to save the game from the Band of Brothers. Now we must fight to save it again. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution--but from annihilation. We're fighting for the EVE community's right to live, to exist. We can't be consumed by our petty differences any longer. We will be united in our common interests, against our common enemy.

      the common enemy is you james . you are the tyrant, the oppressor, and the persecutor.
      the eve community was fine before you came and will be so after you leave.

      i know all i need to know about your "code and its "manifesto"
      you grief because you can, you gloat because you can, you inflict your own "agenda" because the game allows it .
      i do not nor ever have expected eve to be "safe " in any respect, that's the very reason i play it, but then again i don't feel the need to inflict violence upon defenceless ships ( mostly ) just because i can.
      your code is worthless, you do what you do because you can there is no "cause" you do it for other than the "fun" you seek doing it.

    18. "is the code not trying to extinguish the activity of high sec mining?"

      Yes, but not ban it. We're not trying to coerce or manipulate game devs into doing what we want, we are trying to effect desired social change through our own hard work and spreading our ideas. Also, we do this in order to protect ourselves from the carebears; there are behaviors I'm willing to condone in self-defense that would be less defensible as initial aggression.

      "hmm strange that i live in null and PVP almost every day ?? go figure??"

      You really don't. Unless you're in HERO, and they're very much the exception, not the rule.

      "the common enemy is you james"

      You do understand that you're not speaking with James, right? You're speaking with me, and I'm not James.

      "the eve community was fine before you came"

      Do you really believe that? All the rage, all the greed, all the sheer decadent bot-aspirancy of highsec before the New Order came. That was fine to you?

    19. @Anon 8:31
      Were you around in Kino before James formed the New Order?

      The game was indeed NOT fine in these dark times.

      I'm not exaggerating when I say there were literally three digits worth of mining ships in those ice belts. And almost all of them were AFK.
      Belts stripped within 30 minutes of downtime. Machines, these people were. Literally. And becoming more so all the time, as people simply got mining programs themselves when they got tired of trying to beat the bots to their asteroids.

      We destroyed the bots. We successfully lobbied CCP to kill the bots. And now we must keep up our fight against the persistent, depraved individuals who would dare return us to those dark times. These.. monsters, that think "they have a right to James 315's asteroids.." That "they are the exceptions to the rules.."

      This is the reason why we fight. Never again.

      And yes, we can gank, and gloat, because we can- and because the Code assures us victory.

    20. @Maria Malukker
      yes i am well aware that you are not jimmy...i believe he never makes an appearance here anymore.
      i read that pointless "manifesto" it's just another pile of lies and half truths.
      and as for not pvp'ing daily you are sadly mistaken because i do every single day.(because jimmy said it does not happen does not make it true)
      and yes eve was fine before your puny code came into being (the bots were the only problem and ccp fixed those for the most part not you or your code).

      @Ming Tso
      i was here before code and i will be here when it's gone and so (contrary to your "manifesto" will eve )
      you do nothing for new eden except cause bad feeling among the residents of high sec. you don't fight you merely sneak up on miners and haulers and kill them that's not a fight ( fights only occur when both parties have weapons otherwise it's called something entirely different....see below)
      what you do is a cyber version of what muggers, and purse snatchers, and car jackers do in the real world , no more no less.
      agreed you gank and gloat because you can. the code assuring you victory part is just more rhetoric....you operate in high sec, how hard can it be killing newbies, and the clueless ? i mean really?
      and the people of eve need to fight again it seems, only this time it's not bot's and bot aspirants they have to fight and prevent from ruining their beloved game you and all your kind especially the ever absent jimmy are the enemy.
      you have no real "purpose" only to gank the defenceless and unwary for your own delight, your manifesto speaks of chicken little shouting "the sky is falling"
      that is what the code is now new edens very own chicken little .
      your code is aimless, pointless, ineffectual ,and unnecessary,
      but go ahead knock yourselves out. those of us who know better will happily go about our business having fun in new eden and ignore you with ease.

    21. "those of us who know better will happily go about our business having fun in new eden and ignore you with ease."

      -An Anon Who Posts Here Daily

    22. @Anon4:13
      Anon: "I shall happily go about my business, ignoring you with ease, by coming to your blog and writing a page worth of consternation."

      Okay Anon, sure. "Ignore" us. Ignore the Code.
      You'll see what that gets you.

      Unless you move out of highsec.

    23. did that a very long time ago but thanks for the advice (it's about as useless as the code by the way )

      and maria i post here because it amuses me when it no longer does i will stop.

    24. oh and by the way "ignoring" the code gets me lots of enjoyment playing eve in a "code free " environment.

  6. New players not getting ganked and rage quiting, Gamis a buzz with tweets, Miners buying permits... All these things don't jive with what Veers told me about the code falling apart. could it be that veer was just trolling again, or does the community think it's just the mad veers puffing out his last words before he quits the game for good? (he's interested in hello kitty online)

  7. Looks like someone got their hauler ganked by the New Order!

  8. meh seems made up

    1. Everything here is made up but it's are ally good place to mock Mingelingdingdongsmallpenisliar and other Code players ;)
      They even say you don't need to actually play EVE to participate so that's why I'm here to mock them all day long wihtout playing EVE ;)

    2. Please calm down miner. You seem mad. Can you show us where the evil catalyst touched you?

      ~Asia leigh

    3. Funny there is no more Veers around anywhere, after taking a bashing on eve-o forums for being like the only carebear to disagree with the CCP's look into NPE and how ganking isn't a factor, Veers seems to be gone from the game forever. Finally people can post thoughts without having the Veers troll you! The CODE. beat the Veers, ALWAYS!!!

    4. Veers has been busy with work lately. He'll be back.

    5. Good work Kalorned!

  9. Nice to see the trolls are keeping up the usual high standards of repartee in the comments.

  10. I know man it's pathetic, at least Butthurt Miner was mildly amusing at times, this guys just like school in summer, no class.

  11. Not bad for a pirate there, kalorned...


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