Saturday, March 28, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #75

Never trust a carebear's ship name. You will know a carebear by his actions--and his tears. Grab Bag time!

You might think Mirela Thai's suggestion to the Agent who ganked her was an idle one. You'd be wrong. In fact, Mirela had given it a lot of thought:

It seems carebears have only gotten worse since the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie.

Miners always complain about the gankers shooting ships that can't shoot back. Yet for some reason, the miners rarely take the opportunity to use their hard-won kill rights.

Luckily, highsec has a Saviour who is only interested in making EVE a better place. I'm not in it for the money. The New Order is incorruptible.

BTB DK has it wrong. The New Order doesn't sell mining permits to protect miners from other New Order members. We do it to protect the miners from themselves. This is literally in the first paragraph of the Code.

Some carebears, like Dheathproof, offer IRL death wishes in the laziest way possible...

...But in Mother Russia, it's their custom to put some real effort into it.

For Nazareem Dmatto, having intercourse with his girlfriend is a back-up plan for when his ship gets ganked and he can no longer mine. Of course, first he has to finish writing a tearmail to the person who ganked him.

It was bad enough when Xenuria's name was scratched off the EVE monument, but this is ridiculous!

Miners have a funny way of describing events. They can tell a story about good things happening, yet make it seem as if bad things happened.

Jaysin Lock finally finished his complaint letter, urging the New Order to figure out its targets. Actually, we have a system for that, and it seems to be working perfectly.

Our final tearmail of the day comes from ryan "Don't Call Me Sir" Penshar. You know, I always give credit where it's due. ryan managed to come up with a brand new excuse for going AFK: To cool down his laptop. If only he could cool his jets as easily.



  1. why do you even do these people the courtesy of putting them on the blog ???? these people are quite obviously defective?? and they DO NOT represent the majority of new eden AT ALL !!

    1. These people are a representative sample of the non-compliant population. You don't want to be one of these people--buy a permit.

  2. Most people I bump seem to act this way. Some come around and apologize though.

  3. The CODE always wins!!! Always!!!

    1. Love how code members are so butt hurt at the idea of me that one has to make a fake me on here. So nice of them to need me this bad :)


    2. I don't know... seems ligit to me.

    3. @The Colonel... your disappointment is irrelevant, but it does make me smile.

  4. I do hope some player get a psych break and do something in real life to those gankers so they learn that there are players that don't want to play by your fake rules.

    Not really a fan of violence but as long as Code followers keep claiming that everyone should have the same perception like they have I want something to happen against them.

    More than 25% sees the world from a different view than "normal" players and as long as Code don't understand that I wish that they will have a visit from an angry diagnosed player.

    1. I find myself asking that question often of code members alana.


    2. It's typical arebear behaviour. They can't separate reality from a game. Here is a classic example.

    3. It's typical chode. behavior They can't separate their heads from their asses. Here is a classic example.

      p.s. The Colonel spell check is your friend

    4. Code fools don't want players with autism etc to play the game.
      EVE EULA doesn't state that this kind of players aren't allowed to play.

      My daughter can't see the difference of other players behavior in game and out of game.
      So you mean she isn't allowed to play in your perfect little game world?
      She's the kindest person I know but she would treat you in real life from your in game actions.
      She is definitely not the only one with this special kind of mindset.

      I live with her mindset 24/7/365 and get really upset when some Code followers say it's OK to mock and make fun of other players that clearly say they don't want to be mocked.

      If my daughter feel harassed by any in EVE and she have told the other player to stop mocking I don't hesitate to use everything I can to have that player both banned and convicted in court.

      If she will ever appear on this forum I will make it my life goal to make every day a real pain for all who support the "bullies"
      Trust me, no one is anonymous on Internet even if you hide behind TOR and other technologies.

      To all that will flame me, just wait until you get a kid with autism, you will grow as a person and will understand a bit more why you should stop at the gank and don't mock the player.

    5. This is an actual post. Somebody wrote this.

      Poe's law incarnate.

    6. This is why we have all kinds of games. If one isn't suitable, you can find another. What you're asking for is for us to sterilize every game so that everyone can play. Whatever games those would be, though, are probably ones nobody would want to play.

      People have already succeeded in neutering EVE. It's already more like you want it to be than it's ever been, and a pretty far cry from what it was, and people asking for changes are no more satisfied than what they were. So why did these changes even need to occur? If we don't like this game, why don't we just find another one and leave this one alone?

      This attitude is what gave birth to CODE. It's why they hate us so much. We take from them, and in return we give nothing. No patience, no understanding. Just tantrums, like spoiled children. We want our candy even if it will rot our teeth.

      You know what would be great? How about we change basket ball so that the hoops are on the ground, so everyone can reach them, and make it so that if anyone takes the ball from anyone else, they get a time out. Oh, and give everyone a ball, too, so that nobody feels left out. We could stop keeping score so that nobody had to lose. It'd be complicated with all those balls and easy dunks, anyway.

      Do you see the problem with this?

    7. What I ask for is players to respect when another player tell them to stop mock.
      Since idiots like Code players exists in all games there will be real life interactions soon and it won't be good interactions.

      Why do you need to mock the player to the point of rage?

    8. Verbal harassment is against the EULA. First, block the offending player so that they can harass you no more, then report the offense.

      I know that being a CODE player doesn't make a player a bigot or idiot, though, and I know they draw a line between real life and EVE life, as a general rule. If you want to help ferret out the bad eggs, I'm sure they'd appreciate that, if you can find any.

    9. @Anonymous McChickenshit (5:41)

      What is wrong with you? Are you that completely out of touch with reality?

      If your kid feels like someone is mocking her on the internet, she should have been taught to simply block them and move on. If she's not capable of doing it herself, then surely you supervise her constantly while online and you can do it for her, like any responsible parent?

      Being ganked and / or featured on this site is only bullying in the minds of idiot EU-drones, who get dumbass laws passed, like criminalising saying mean things to other people, because the police don't have better things they could be doing with their time. To normal people, when people do something dumb you make fun of them. All humour is predicated on belittling or humiliating someone or something to one degree or another. Even jokes about the Irish, though that's actually making fun of the English, which is why they have to be *simple* jokes. :P

      Hell, I don't even know why people like you come here. Every day we get comment spam from people who hate us, yet can't keep away. Talk about needing psychiatric help.

      Something else to bear in mind: no-one in a video game knows she's a kid (which, when you think about it, is a damn good thing). They also wouldn't know she's autistic, nor should anyone care within the context of the game - people lie all the time to get sympathy and only a fool would fall for such an obvious ploy. If she's not capable of playing the game the way it is then, for her own benefit, she should consider playing something else.

    10. I'm talking about anyone who don't stop nagging when you tell them to stop, that is also against EVE EULA.
      And Code followers are not the only ones who does that but if I see my daughters character here made fun of I will for sure react with all tools I have available.
      I don't mind struggling my way through the justice system if I need to.

      This blog only exist to mock players and make fun of them and even that is against EULA if the player clearly told you they don't want that.

      Please do the only thing that gets your hard or wet and gank all day but stop the damn mocking you seems to have a hard time to avoid.
      Don't hide behind the words "they use a bad language so I have to mock them" because if you do you sink as low as them.

      After my daughter got diagnosed I have learned what can happens if you think you can mock players around all day and still thinking that mocking will stay at characters level. It won't, so stop the mocking if you aren't a sick person that do everything you can to get rage and other bad behaviour from other players.

      And it's wrong to say that a player that don't want to be mocked should choose another game, EVE EULA is pretty damn clear about this issue and Code players and other still thinks it's ok to mock as long as you hide behind role playing.
      Role play but do respect a player that want to be a non mocked player and stop it there or be a target for my future crusade against EULA breaching players.

      Just for your notice, verbal harassment is a when the player clearly told you that they don't want to interact with you and you still continue. It doesn't need to be bad words etc it can be unwanted contact as the sole harassment.

      And we will see a posting here as a harassment.

    11. admiral root, So Code players can't stop mocking?
      "McChickenshit" When did I give you permission to call me that?
      One more time and I will for sure go through the justice system even if it takes me the rest of my life time.
      I wil make everything to find you and have you pay for your harassment belive it or not but sooner or later we will find you even if you use anon services etc.

      Code followers are the lowest users of internet that's clearly shown now.

      Oh, she block but since Code is like the biggest cancer organism you need to block people all day. You have dedicated yourself to mock players forever, trust me I have logs from every mocking attempt and I will not use them trying to get CCP to udnerstand because they are retards and don't even know the real life laws.

    12. admiral root, you can be sure she never use her diagnose to get advantage in games.
      She tries to tell other players to stop when they mock but since you Code followers spread yourself like the biggest cancer ever she get new mockings from other players she have never had any internactions with.
      And that must be from the blocked players, there is no reason to contact a random player and mock them right?

      Mocking is not an allowed game play when the other part clearly said that they don't want that. Maybe reread the EULA once more?
      So changing game is not the solution, the solution is for players like you to stop mocking when the other part says it's not ok anymore.

      If it's so damn hard to do that you should stop playing and using internet at all.

      But you will never understand other players reaction that's pretty clear so keep calling me names and see when it happens that you have to tell the justice system why you did harass me online hiding behind a keyboard.

    13. Have we been reading the same blog? New Order Agents decommision illegal mining equipment, then explain why they did so. There is no breach of the EULA. They are bringing player generated content to the place that needs it most. The angry chat clips you see here that are borderline EULA breaches are, in fact, carebears.

    14. Anonymous March 29, 2015 at 10:13 AM
      Posts here are a completley different thing than what happens in game.
      Not for every Code follower but some who claims they follow the Code it really are.

      I have tons of logs that shows that some claimed Code followers don't stop nagging when asked to etc.

      So either you have two sides of what you say you do or you have rotten players in your organisation.

      There is a clear breach against the EULA when other players don't stop nagging, harassing and keep trying to contact a player. It really doesn't matter if you use another character to do that, it's still harassment.
      So yes there is a breach but as always you are totally blind of your own groups error and mistakes.

      I have never said that only Code followers go against EULA, I know there are to many players that don't really care at all of the EULA.

      This blog only shows clips good for Code but never when Code player nag and mock players that clearly told the other part to stop and that they don't want interaction.

    15. You, and your daughter, (if you're a bad enough parent to let your autistic daughter play EVE Online) will take every bit of interaction the game allows for, for as long as you wish to play it. Beating your chest with vague threats about how "I love my daughter and I would more than beat up anyone who hurt her feelings" is most likely you using your own autistic children to level threats at our Agents in revenge for enforcing the Code. We do not have to stop interacting with you when you tell us to stop. It is you that should be stopping unwanted interaction with us, by maybe taking your daughter outside, not playing EVE, or maybe just paying us our 10 million isk that we are due by rights, and following the Code. That way you can still play EVE and not risk further enforcement action.

    16. this blog does no service to anyone or anything, not eve, not ccp, not even the people who contribute to or write it.
      it's full of mean spirited, childish,individuals who enjoy trying to feel superior to or better than each other. (both sides are equally guilty of this)
      eve online is just a game and you so called adults know this. shame on you ....all of you.

    17. To anon with the daughter,
      I feel for you, but trying to get code to sympathize with you is like trying to skin a cat, it just won't work. I would suggest instead to take plenty of screenshots of every interaction with code, then getting in touch with CCP. With enough evidence of code criminal actions CCP will take action. Unfortunately, it usually just results in a few of code members getting banned at a time, but its better then no reply from them. Whatever you do, don't try to reason with code, they are just lowlife thugs, always have been and always will be. Best of luck.


    18. "If she will ever appear on this forum I will make it my life goal to make every day a real pain for all who support the "bullies" "

      I would help! In fact, why not send me her character name and I'll go out of my way to make sure no one bullies her, k? :)

      -Galaxy Pig

    19. "Being ganked and / or featured on this site is only bullying in the minds of idiot EU-drones, who get dumbass laws passed, like criminalising saying mean things to other people..."

      Lmao amen to that, spot on, Admirable Root. o7

      All I can ever do is laugh condescendingly when EU hippies try to apply their soccer mom laws to the rest of us.


    20. TL;DR

      People that get this worked up over a game, really need to step outside and get some air. Or go visit a shrink... I'm sure he could help you with that fountain of tears your gushing over this "1st world time waster".

      Now I guess I'm an "evil, nasty, pycho" because I don't feel any sympathy for you at all. Why? Because it's a internet game about blowing up spaceship pixels and losing your shit over it is just idiotic IMO. Seriously... you can't handle it, either learn too and change your play style, or find another game. Because it's not going to stop kiddies. Ganking will continue. Piracy will continue. And there is nothing, besides "learning to play or quitting" you can do about it.... I guess you can continue to wail and gnash your teeth in impotent rage, but I don't think that's been working out so much.

      But, hey... if you want to share those salty tears, be my guest. Personally I think you should grow a pair and grow the fuck up.

    21. life advice from someone who role plays a sycophantic follower of some pseudo-religion in a video game just to generate tears,bad feeling,and yes sometimes even hatred. really? not sure if you need to grow the fuck up ,or just shut the fuck up. or maybe even both

    22. Ming Tso you poor poor soul.
      You think nagging and mocking is a part of game play?
      You are really pathetic.
      You almost deserve all names that you have been called, you think mocking is a part of game play even if EULA clearly state that mocking is not allowed at all.

      Maybe I'm a bad parent that let her play a game when you are playing it, you seems to be a really bad person that do everything you can to anger other people. Really hope you only do this behind your safe keyboard, if you do this in real life I really wish you do that at the wrong person really soon.

      Poor poor Ming, I don't level threats if you don't mock her, simple as that.
      I know she block and tells everyone that mock her she don't want that interaction and you still keep mocking. (not exactly you Ming, haven't seen you in her logs yet)

      I don't use my daughter like you seems to use other players when you hunt rage. I try to keep my daughter safe, that's what differ you and me.
      I don't harass people if they say they don't want my interaction.

      BTW I have checked with CCP about unwanted interactions so try me I know repeated unwanted interaction is against EULA and for sure a lot of real life laws.

      I will do what I can to make everyone who think they can bully on internet and hide behind RP and anon servers to pay their price to our justice system.
      I know the system is crippled but if I don't try nothing will ever change.

      If you think I don't know the laws in US and EU you are wrong but keep trying.

      As long as you don't mock she or I don't care if you gank her, kill her in EVE she is really good to adjust to rules. But mocking is not a part of the game play and it will never be.

    23. "It's typical chode. behavior They can't separate their heads from their asses. Here is a classic example."

      *clicks image*

    24. @ Anonymous McChickenshit (9:45)

      > "McChickenshit" When did I give you permission to call me that?

      You're a chickenshit if you don't post with your main. I don't need anyone's permission.

    25. To the anoymous fool sending Admiral Root such fan mail, let's look at the facts.

      Eve is a game that is very loosely rated, where the publishers do not hold themselves responsible for what goes on inside.
      A sandbox game that is designed from its foundations for maximum emotional impact, and where death is frequent and brutal.

      Your daughter is, as you say, autistic. I assume she's still a child? And I'd guess that she too has trouble with her emotions, like so many autistic kids?

      Let us quote you: "My daughter can't see the difference of other players behavior in game and out of game." and ponder that.

      You are the one who is legally and morally responsible for what she is exposed to. A game for adults, who you would hope have some measure of self control and emotional maturity. I'd say letting an autistic kid onto an online game, let alone one like Eve, would be undeniable negligence.

      A negligence which you are freely professing. Your repeated threats on this site - which I remind you is private property - are noted. I cannot imagine a jury thinking that letting an autistic child onto a game like Eve is evidence of good parenting. Nope, just can't see that one happening.

      Oh, and for your information: there are very few extraditions for online harrassment. There are however many laws against threats made over a communications device, which take no notice of where the recipient resides. It's all down to the instigator.

      So do your child a favor for once. Take meaningful measures to protect her and uninstall the game, and . And try to understand the laws you "think" you understand, and remember that no-one, yourself included, is truly anonymous.

    26. @Anon7:28
      Calm down.

      Well said.

    27. @ the colonel
      very original well done.

  5. meh seems made up

    1. Do you say this on every post. Do you ever have anything else to say?

      ~Asia Leigh

  6. ***WARNING*** If you read this, you may or may not get eye cancer. ***WARNING***

    From: ryan Penshar

    Also have you noted about bulling ? How about Cyber Bullying? Did you know Cyberbulling is most comment in online games, some if not most quit Eve online in this case, and kill them selfs in some cases. I don't want a war, just a game that. I can play with you rights not being taking away if me. I think you need a rain check, also
    I studed progarming, and coding for 2 years. This is not a threat just a firendly chat. Your would look nice with a big free ISK sgin on it. this is not anonymous have a anonymous is not a group, but Idea. I think it's funny how soneone tried to hack my PC for 2 days. Do you clam thouse attacks?
    We are legion

    We don't forget
    We don't forgive
    Expect us

    that is if C.C.P dose not take acton, because there is a line beween are MMO, sand, and cyberbullying. I here, because of one player who went out and got my attention. He said it take him 16 days to get a ship that he wanted, and he just fighting in it, you guys the code. hit him, or in eve online Ganked. We look at your rules form the high sec, and in that you said afkers, miners, and that is it. We also found out that C.C.P is changing the high sec. in your favor. I am why Dust 514 died mostly lol. We think that your paying C.C.P or your ccp members. I think it's funny how I did know the code. until I was hit. You going to try to use Torlling to C.C.P, and H.L.S ? Torlling is upsetting on the Internet, but then laster saying you was torlled, or say like, and sub for more etc..., but no / Ip is your fourms you frame it and/or for others to see and fear. In fact that is cyberbulling. You remind me of gangs in the realworld. They think there all that, and...

    I an american citizen don't want this, or none of my mail, pics(ingame or RL), what i say in chat rooms, or nonthing I say, or do shared on social networks, blogs, fourms texts, and/ or emails, evemail, teamspeaks. etc... You breaking my right to privacy online, and off. This said in our bill of rights and /or Declaration of Independences. You and /or you group puts this on your minerbumping website (others), link some to this evemail/email servers. I puess charges on all of you for the max.

    This is not a threat, has I don't know what that is. This is a warning. You have been warning.

    1. Nah... Just your typical carebear tear mail, lol.

      What did he lose anyway?

      ~ Asia Leigh

  7. Dheathproof seemed to not be

  8. I just want to know how old that downsy daughter is. If she is 18, maybe send me her name and number?


  9. Snigie Audanie is a false messenger, he doesn't really care, while he originally destroyed my retriever, I went and got another one and sat there and mined right in front of him while he did nothing. I guess he loses interest pretty quick and doesn't follow through. Does he have ADHD or something? I thought CODE would have higher quality agents.

  10. Nah. They are all inbred wankers.


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