Thursday, March 19, 2015

Justice Is Blind, Part 5

Previously, on MinerBumping... Iceman Alabel, a member of The Blind Eyes corp, was ganked. His request for justice launched a trial for the ages. The CEO of The Blind Eyes was called in to testify, whereupon he admitted to opposing the Code. After another member of The Blind Eyes was invited to the convo to testify, a pattern developed: The corp was a hotbed of resistance.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Do we have any more corp members who would wish to testify
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > To prove their loyalty to the rogue anti-CODE CEO?
captill > not online atm but i know they feel the same way
Alana Charen-Teng > An entire corp of rebels!?
All the active members of the corp had testified and confessed to treason.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Alrighty, well I think that a wardec is in order, from my neutral perspective. If this group of players is as anti-CODE as they claim to be, I think it is only fair that CODE. initiates a wardec campaign.
Iceman Alabel > well all stand by our corp leadership
Chocolate Mooses > I agree. With the council's permission, I will get that process started.
HotShotX Warcastle > The defense has no objections.
captill > do you all get what you wanted now
Sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses. HotShotX, the public defender who had been appointed to represent the miner, could only leave his client to his fate. War was imminent.
Gaylord Fappington > TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet Thank you for your service in this matter
Alana Charen-Teng > May I partake in this battle on behalf of the New Order?
Chocolate Mooses > Yes, i'm sorting out the details now.
Gaylord Fappington > Yes, if it pleases the court I wish to finance this war
Chocolate Mooses > Gaylord Fappington Wonderful, i'll let you know if there is any cost to us - I will have the declaration ready in the next 1-8 hours
Chocolate Mooses > Actually, better, have it ready in 2 mins :)
As the members of The Blind Eyes in the convo looked on, the gears of justice began to turn. The New Order functions as a well-oiled machine. The impartial arbitrator of the hearing, TheInternet, had done his duty.
captill > there can be no settlemet where we buy a permit
captill > no we can not and will never buy permits
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > captill why are you so hungry for war?
captill > not i stand buy my belifes
captill > im not no1 want a war,
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > then let there be peace in our time
captill > there can be no deal that involves a war dec
captill > i ment permit my bad
At the last moment, just before Chocolate Mooses filed the paperwork for a wardec, the possibility of a settlement was discussed. But the CEO of The Blind Eyes refused to buy a permit. His decision would have terrible consequences for his corp members.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Why must you be so resistant to comrpomise? I am trying to help you
Aria Ito > Extortion is trying to help People?!
Aria Ito > Im a EMT I help ppl. Fuck you.
captill > the fact that you are extorting ppl is our problem with the code
Chocolate Mooses > Aria this is a video game, not real life - please keep your real life job out of it.
Aria Ito > Thats bs your words are real as are the ppl here. Be mindful of them.
Aria Ito was one of the corp members who testified to harboring anti-Code opinions in her heart. She claimed to be an EMT in real life, which was relevant for some reason. The New Order officials in the convo were unmoved.
Chocolate Mooses > Any members leaving corp and joining a new corp will find the new corp decced, and be referred to you guys to explain why.
captill > no new corp like you all saw in my bio the blind eyes is my baby
HotShotX Warcastle > You are a terrible father, then.
captill > father i never saw myself as that
captill > my babe is breed for war
Chocolate Mooses > War: Erik Sarn Corporation vs. The Blind Eyes
The corp CEO said his "babe" was ready for war. Only time would tell. And this blog.

The next day, the Erik Sarn Corporation's wardec went active. The Blind Eyes corp was taken completely by surprise. They suffered several losses.

Although The Blind Eyes' activities were curtailed by order of their CEO, additional losses were suffered the next day, too. For the next few days, they docked up.

After a few days without any PvE, The Blind Eyes grew desperate, and attempted to mount a resistance fleet against the New Order corporation. They were slaughtered.

Then they reassembled and tried again, this time with several combat ships working more closely together. Agent Alana Charen-Teng solo-killed them all. The Blind Eyes were annihilated.

The carebears crawled back into their holes. Alana had to work quite hard to find any evidence of The Blind Eyes activity in highsec. Eventually, she discovered one of their Procurer pilots in a backwater system.

The Blind Eyes were reduced to a truly pitiable state. At this point, buying mining permits started to sound like a good alternative.

HotShotX continued to seek the best possible outcome for his client. Under the circumstances, the only way Iceman would learn his lesson was to suffer through another wardec.

Alana's new corp, Sword of the Saviour, went to war against The Blind Eyes. Once again, the anti-Order corp was repeatedly ambushed and destroyed.

Needless to say, the war didn't go so well for The Blind Eyes. Rebelling against the New Order cost the carebears everything. But in the end, justice was served--with a side order of antimatter. The system works. Bon app├ętit!


  1. CODE always wins! also I got first comment :P

  2. Price of a Mining Permit: 10 mil

    Price of destroyed Blind Eyes assets: 668 mil

    Price of being featured on Minerbumping: Priceless!!!

    1. Just doing what's necessary to keep highsec clean!


    2. high sec will only be clean when you guys get tired of being douchebags and disband your pointless, ineffective,tiny code ....then and only then will high sec be truly clean.

    3. It *is* nice that you admit that the only way that CODE. will ever be stopped is if we get bored of supporting it and voluntarily disband. Good to know even carebears understand that they'll never be able to stop us on their own.

  3. So much for code always wining ( they should change that to whining )....Their chosen candidates for CSM 10 did not get elected...Highsec will be better off without them...

  4. Roll up a Veers alt and light up, it's time to party like it's 1999.

  5. Well done, all!

    James 315 - A wonderful achievement for a daily blog about internet spaceships! I savoured each and every scrap..


  6. This should clear up any delusions about Code. Courts being powerless to enforce their decisions. Perhaps future defendants will consider this before interrupting the justice process with carebearish outbursts in James 315's courtrooms.

    1. code courts are powerless, code is founded on lies...

    2. "code courts are powerless" that's it just stick your fingers in your ears and say la la la la im not listening, despite the fact this article clearly shows the court can back up it's sentencing.

  7. Well done guys, what a great result. Truth and integrity will always triumph over bot aspirants.

    The Code Always Wins!! Always!!

    1. oh yeah, just like CSM X and AT 10. let the good times roll.

  8. I really do wish Code. could come up with something new. every post is just codealways wins miner calm down and some really lame haiku anymore oh and the random look at us we won the AT by not fighting you guys used to be fun now your just carebears in disguise.

    1. The Code is what New Order Agents are all about, and it will always be that way, and that will never, ever change. Maybe you should come up with something new. Like becoming an Agent of the New Order, because what it appears that you're doing right now is crying, to which I think even you can agree, is most ineffectual.

  9. "Fire Breathing Jungle Bunnies"
    I honestly expected better than racism from you, code. I don't know why, but I did.

    1. The corp executors were unaware that it was racial slur in a very specific part of the United States. It has since been changed. They just liked the mental image of a rabbit breathing fire in the jungle. It tends to happen when the whole world plays a game.

    2. In the US here, never heard of that racial slur before. I can't even tell to whom it refers. South America has a lot of jungles, so why all the hate at the Guyanese?

    3. From urban dictionary:

      Jungle Bunny:
      "Racist term for African Americans, derived from the city being called the jungle and the fact that these people jump fences when running from the police."

      Random racial term that I'd never heard of.

    4. Then you need to get out from under that rock you have been cowering under all these years alana...

    5. BINGO!!!!
      Oh sorry, got bingo on my ganker bingo card......Think i might go for blackout...

    6. The CEO is an alt of mine, and I live in Europe. At the time of forming the corp I wasn't aware that the name is a racial slur, and indeed, it has been changed since.

    7. @Anon 3:33
      Miner, calm down!

    8. "Fire Breathing Jungle Bunnies" Lol, I see just a funny name, just as with the Sudden Buggery corp name, never realized it was insulting to anyone.

      Sometimes people just have to HTFU.

      I find the term african-american offensive because it implies only white people are real americans. Everyone else is pushed into a racial subgroup, asian-american, latin-american etc.

    9. Amen! As an immigrant, nothing is more patronizing than the "[other-continent]-American" trope. I'm just an American, thank you very much. Same with black people, or brown people, or anyone else. Gotta love that subtle racism.

  10. The quality of the trolling from the current batch of carebear groupies is really pathetic.
    I miss Butthurt Miner... now there was a master! Even the Real Veers and a few of his "Veers Clones" put a better effort than what we see of late.

    It's not even worth reading the comments anymore. :(

    1. Then we do a good job, ag wins always!

    2. I had another quick look at our KB, the CODE. KB, and other affiliated corps KB's and nope.. The code always wins :)

    3. "ag wins always" oh that is precious

    4. Honestly I miss butthurt miner and his quality troll posts, maybe we should have fed him a little more so that he would stick around.

      If you are reading this, butthurt, please come back and teach the new fail trolls a few lessons.

  11. So, disband corp and reform without wardecs for economic victory? Same tactic James used against his detractors (with huge success of course).

  12. Punitive wardecs
    Bring justice to the carebear
    Through the rule of law

    1. There is another lie, maria, there is no rule of law here, the code is not the law, the new order is not the government...jamie is a wannabe dictator...

    2. The wardec happened
      Lawyers and a judge convened
      So where is the lie?

    3. @Anon3:52
      What is a law to you?
      If it always happens, and it is written, then it is a law.

      The Code says, in writing, that carebears who do not pay their 10 million isk for a permit and follow its obligations will be ganked. And carebears don't pay their 10 million isk permit and follow the Code, so they get ganked. Every single time. Therefore the Code is indeed a law.

      And since the New Order are the enforcers of that law, and none have successfully stopped us, deterred us, disproved us, or hell, even won an argument against us, that makes the New Order a government.

      And since James 315 is the leader the New Order, that makes him more than a petty dictator, or a governor. It makes him the Supreme Commander of All of Highsec, unchallenged and unchallengeable.

      And since your words deny all of these blatant truths- that makes you two things: Wrong, and dumb.

    4. LAW

      A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.

      there never was nor is there a "custom" that adheres to your code merely the enforcement of your agenda because the game mechanics allow it.the very fact that the real authority in high sec relieves you of your ships each and every time you gank proves this (they consider it a criminal act as they are the LAW in high sec )
      the residents of high sec never had any kind of agreement with code (your false claims of proxy votes is exactly that ....false)
      jimmy boy will never be a dictator as this implies some kind of legal control. he has none .
      he will never be a "supreme" anything.
      he is however possibly the most reviled, and despised player in the game except of course by his sycophants.
      and your claims(which are many and varied) to be anything but a tiny organization in a tiny part of new eden having no effect whatsoever in the places where the game is really played shows you up for the petty, self important misguided fools you truly are.
      you claim null and low as "code compliant " because you know they know who you are and would see you coming a mile off and stomp a "mud hole " in your asses every time.and your weak tactics would not work so you stay in high sec because you HAVE TO not because you choose too. so as i have said before keep on roaring "paper tiger " your puny mewlings are amusing to some of us

    5. A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.

      The phrasing you chose requires only one of these three traits. But let's be extra demanding, and require all three. The Code, its Knights, and its Agents are capable of providing all three.

      Custom: Miners have been following, and Knights have been enforcing the Code for three years now, and going strong. Many of the strongest factions in New Eden aren't even a year old, yet they're seen as respectable, their power established. How old is Brave Newbies, or HERO? How old is the latest group calling themselves dotbros? How old are the most powerful wormhole corps? We're older than all of those, with pilots having been Code-compliant for that whole time. By any measure relevant to a video game, the Code is the oldest, most widely-established custom in highsec.

      Agreement: I know you preemptively tried to omit the vote, but....the Universal Highsec Election. Highsec itself realized it needed a ruler, and collectively cast 100% of its votes for James in a free, fair election. You can't just pretend there was no agreement after such a resounding electoral victory. There was unanimous agreement, whether or not you like that fact.

      Authority: The Code gives us the authority to govern highsec. Think of it like the American Constitution, but even better; where the Constitution barely got ratified at first, the Code has had the universal support of highsec from its very beginning, and still has that support today. Any way you look at it, that's damn impressive!

      Oh, and about that "CODE. doesn't go outside highsec" bit....come on now. You read the blog, otherwise you wouldn't be commenting here. How many posts have there been documenting Code enforcement actions in lowsec? Dozens by now? What's next, you're going to claim we don't fly spaceships, or don't shoot miners?

    6. Custom: Miners have been following, and Knights have been enforcing the Code for three years now,

      since when is a custom enforced ? your use of the word "custom" implies some kind of tradition, which the code is not . and the other factions do not for the most part inflict themselves upon the locals and then claim legitimacy because they said so.

      the "universal agreement " you speak of only happened in the mind of jimmy.
      high sec never asked for nor empowered in any way you or anyone else in your little organization, it's a myth, you know it, i know it, and so does everyone else.the only support you have is from yourselves and a few other dubious individuals (mainly goons and their affiliates) there was nor is anything "unanimous " about any of it.
      and the "bit" about you not going out of high sec is not what i said .... what i said was "you claim null and low as "code compliant " because you know they know who you are and would see you coming a mile off and stomp a "mud hole " in your asses every time.and your weak tactics would not work so you stay in high sec because you HAVE TO not because you choose too. "
      and that is a fact.
      your brief (and i do mean brief) forays into low sec have been ineffectual to say the least. why ? because the locals have teeth and your tactics fail there that's why. you may kill the odd foolish individual but "enforce" your code in low and null? it's never gonna happen. you have no authority, you have no "mandate" you just inflict yourselves upon those you can,because you can,
      and then you announce your supposed victories here while the "code compliant " majority of eve (should be read unenforceable regions) completely ignores the "paper tiger" mewling in high sec.
      your a weak, ineffectual, and puny organization if you were anything else you would be in action in every part of new eden especially where the bots live by the score. but guess what ? your not ..... your in high sec which proves my point once again. "paper tiger "

    7. @Anon 10:05
      Alright, let's get down to it.

      Customs are enforced all the time. That's why it's call it "Customs" when you enter another country and they check you for contraband, expensive items, etc. You are conforming to the laws and "customs" of the country you are visiting. And, if you hadn't noticed, the Code has made an esteemed tradition in New Eden. 10 million isk mining permits are a custom, and stylish addition to any capsuleers' bio. They are also the law, if you plan to take part in PVE activities in high security space.

      The reason why James 315 declares low and nullsec to be Code-compliant is because those people absolutely must take precautions against being shot at, and cannot afford to be stupid. Highsec tends to make people forget how dangerous Eve Online is. The Code seeks to remind people, that we live in a world where compliance demands 10 million isk, and an ability to explore the part of the game that requires you to be at your keyboard, at the controls, dodging or dealing death every second. And no, in this world, you do not get to go to the bathroom unless you dock up because you will come back from your shit to find that you have a dead capital.

      Next, let me address Code's PVP prowess. In a Wardec situation, our Agents shine-you might have missed the part of this article where Alara takes out string after string of war targets solo. Ships that, against your beliefs, can be proven to have been...armed?? Highsec is no different than nullsec for those that the Knights of the New Order decide to dec.

      And as for your claims about how CODE. would do in lowsec, well, I guess we will never know. Lowsec is Code-compliant. It would be pointless to advance the CODE there because everyone would just toss us 10 million isk for a permit and be on their merry way. Battleship belt rats go for like a little more than a million in null sec- and Faction Warfare pays oodles of money if you know how to do it right, so these people have no qualms about advancing the cause of a charity like CODE. that directly benefits their quality of life by providing it new members.

      Let me spell this out for you so you can get it: The reason we do not leave highsec is because you do not leave Highsec. Not with your ships, nor with your words. It is our mission to drive you from Highsec, into lowsec or null. Where you might find gameplay that actually lets you have victory. That lets you win.

      And until you understand what the Code is all about, you may be doomed to learn the hard lessons of the non-compliant.

    8. A few questions, since when do eve players live in a world? it not a spaceship game?.... And....who is alara? Well i guess if anyone is going to make errors in his post, it would be ming. His mind has been on M alot lately...

    9. Your questions are merely semantic in nature and are thus not worthy of answers.

    10. Wise words right there Ming \o/

      And 'Anonymous', we all make a typo from time to time, it's called being human.

    11. @ ming tso

      once again i am forced to correct you.

      Customs are enforced all the time. That's why it's call it "Customs" when you enter another country and they check you for contraband, expensive items, etc. You are conforming to the laws and "customs" of the country you are visiting.
      your are referring to a port of entry and so your using the wrong analogy.
      i am referring to your claim that it is a "custom"or "tradition". you obviously have no idea what a real custom is so once again i will spell it out for you.
      Sociology. a group pattern of habitual activity usually transmitted from one generation to another.
      a practice so long established that it has the force of law. (this definition does not apply to you as concord is the law in high sec not you )

      The reason why James 315 declares low and nullsec to be Code-compliant is because those people absolutely must take precautions against being shot at, and cannot afford to be stupid.
      wrong.jimmy makes that "declaration " simply because he know code does not work there as the locals kill you simple as that
      i see stupidity in null sec all the time just because someone lives in null does not mean the don't screw up at times because they do.
      the code reminds people of nothing except the fact that they can blow their ship up at will because the game allows it simple as that.

      Next, let me address Code's PVP prowess. In a Wardec situation, our Agents shine-you might have missed the part of this article where Alara takes out string after string of war targets solo. Ships that, against your beliefs, can be proven to have been...armed??

      really? pvp "prowess" you war dec a completely inexperienced corp (thats why you war dec them by the way ) then when you blow them up because they have no idea what they are doing you call it "prowess". ridiculous little "paper tiger"
      and i know we will never know about how you do in low or null because you don't go there, because you can't survive there, not because they are "code compliant" (a very convenient excuse by the way ..well done jimmy)
      and you know as well as i do the "mining permit" you would receive would come by way of missile/ projectile/hybrid/ or laser turrets so you stay in high sec and mewl like the "paper tigers " you truly are.

      one last thing you have never nor will you ever be able to "teach " me anything i know all i need to know about you and your ilk.
      and once again i feel i must correct your wrong assumption. i do leave high sec because i live in null . you can't drive me anywhere because i go where i please
      i figured you people out a long time ago and went where i knew you would not dare to follow and i did it without your "code " so roar some more "paper tiger"
      your still weak, your still ineffectual, and your still cowering in high sec.

  13. CODE always wins! Always! I do not know why it took so long for this to get through my thick skull. Thanks to allnthe CODE folks who stuck around and helped me through the hard times.
    But i have seen the light, AMEN!
    One of these days i will invest in New Order shares, one day!

  14. @Anon4:17
    I'm shocked to see your change of heart M! But it's always good to see when carebears finally turn a corner and figure out that supporting miners is a losing proposition and that the New Order is a change they can win with. We always knew we would get you in the end. Welcome to the New Order Family!

    1. Ming, I love you! Oh God, I've always loved you, I just never knew how to say it! Whew, I feel so free finally letting myself admit it. All this hate, all these lies, all the effort spent trying to pretend I'm even capable of giving money to anyone for any reason....I can let it all drop away now. I feel so free. I'm finally free of my carebear lies!

      *Thinks longingly of Ming's strong, sure hands*


    2. Lol, so funny that ming is sooooooo interested in me that he keeps doing fake posts in my name :) Its ok ming, i allow your adoration of me if it makes you feel better :)

      *pats ming on the head*

    3. It's still not me, M. That's serious.
      I don't have time for sockpuppeting.
      I just prefer to beat you because I'm right and you're wrong.


    4. You heard it here first people, ming wants to beat M off like a sockpuppet.
      Whatever floats your boat ming, but really? did you need to comment that here?

    5. Miner, calm down!

    6. Ah, Ming is so angry that he makes death threats.
      Even transsexuals have to get angry sometimes I guess.

  15. Some of it is me; I like to make the subtext of M's posts explicit. I did the same thing for Veers, too, when he was around. I dunno, I think it can be a useful service for carebears to be confronted with what they're saying and how it comes across to everyone else. And hell, it's pretty fun too. Even Veers was more subtle with his infatuation than you've been so far M, and I so rarely get to write romance.

    1. Oops, wrote in the wrong text field, my bad.

    2. Maria: Making mistakes like a carebear.

  16. Wow. This new batch of carebear groupies that are hanging out now fit right in to that "special kind of idiot" group. Especially this "M" fellow... he certainly has a "thing" for Ming. Kind of creepy if you ask me.


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