Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kills of the Week

You might be surprised how often carebears question whether the New Order are really the good guys in highsec. No joke, some of them are truly skeptical. They doubt that our constantly ganking them will make highsec a better place. I'm sorry, but it will. If you need any proof, look no further than these kills from the week of March 22nd @ 00:00 EVEtime through March 28th @ 23:59 EVEtime. The dumb was out in force this week.

We begin with this polite conversation between bump specialist Siegfried Cohenberg and an unlicensed jump freighter pilot:
Siegfried Cohenberg > hi
Meho Semsin > ya
Siegfried Cohenberg > are you blue to cfc
Meho Semsin > YA
Siegfried Cohenberg > log in your cfc alt
Meho Semsin > OK SEK
Well, "sek" turned into forty minutes, and the fleet lost its patience with Meho. You probably know what happened next, since Eve-Kill spoiled it:

Yes, our friend was moving over 20 billion isk of cargo. Most of it was probably fine sitting where it already was, to tell the truth.

Naturally, Meho Semsin was triple-anti-tanked. He was doomed. Siegfriend continued his bumps so Agents Zaand Schtvaal, rackarns, Waking Life, Jean Pagette, Don Gately, Kusotarre, Emotion Sasen, Fabulous Andy, Sasha Cohenberg, Kentlar, Krisi Kristo, Rotineque Severasse, Armas Enfuego, Kaapee Torcan, Poppie McBonar, Mary Marvell, BAE B BLUE, Morrigan Laima, Neofelis Nebulosa, Braggs Seyllin, Kitiara Hextech, Kale Sultan, Errror404Name not found, Freya Guinness, PI Slave 004, Ehud Gera, and Jin Bland could slay the beast.

Of course, not every freighter that gets bumped winds up being ganked. Some pay ransoms or drop tears.

One such freighter pilot vented his frustrations in a Reddit thread that earned hundreds of upvotes and ultimately attracted nearly 900 comments.

Luckily, the honourable gankers honoured the 250 million isk ransom.

Ted Bigley thought he knew how to fly a Thrasher. Actually, he didn't have a clue. Agent PV Rock, on the other hand, is an expert Thrasher pilot, so he taught Ted how it was done. The lesson only cost 1.1 billion isk.

Incredibly, a similar incident occurred when PV Rock caught someone flying an 800 million isk Catalyst. If your Catalyst costs that much, you're doing it wrong.
PV Rock > Hi, since you haven't responded to my mail I was wondering if you have any questions
PV Rock > One of my own though first: am I correct in assuming that although your pilot is a year old, you just started playing again?
Taliana Minarai > yes
PV Rock > Well if you have any questions please feel free to ask them, most players are friendly and want to help new plaers
Taliana Minarai > apparently not
Taliana quit the convo without waiting to learn how to properly fly a Catalyst.

Yeah, it's going to be another one of those weeks. akatsuki aganon was carrying a PLEX in his Retriever, bloating the value of his untanked mining barge to nearly 850 million isk. Agents Xia Absent and Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri popped the Retriever and recovered the PLEX.

No matter how you value Hoptah Amher's decadent 'Aoede' Mining Laser Upgrades (which are not permitted in highsec under the Code), his Hulk was worth billions. That's bot-aspirancy. Another symptom of bot-aspirancy: He was flying a Hulk. Agents Masao Kurata and Nicolas Dupre were the first responders to this emergency.

Lordhawk didn't know much about EVE, but he knew two things for certain: First, every Iteron Mark V is in need of a good laser. Second, if you happen to own 1.4 billion isk worth of Harvester Mining Drones, you should carry them in a well-tanked industrial ship. By well-tanked, I mean one with 200mm Reinforced Titanium Plates. Add a small tech I armor repairer and you're good to go. However, Agent HotShotX Warcastle belongs to another school of thought: No permit, no ship. Our Agent won the argument, I think.

Jadzeer DAXX was spotted in an autopiloting Leopard. For those who don't know, if you ever spot Jadzeer DAXX, you should gank him. This guy is building quite the rap sheet these days. Agent PV Rock popped the Leopard and the pod...

...For a total of nearly 10 billion isk destroyed. This was Jadzeer's most expensive pod loss in the last few weeks, but not by as much as you'd think. I wasn't kidding about his rap sheet.

All in all, this was a week filled with painful lessons for the carebears of highsec. If you live in highsec and spend your time engaged in PvE, I want you to promise me you'll work extra hard next week to make sure this doesn't happen again. The New Order is always watching.


  1. Excellent work as always CODE. Praise James 315.

  2. There are more lies here, if the new order were the good guys, they would not get Concorded for their acts of piracy...

    1. ...and if carebear scum were the good guys, no-one would gank them....

    2. 1. I never said that they were...
      2. That is another lie, pirates always will gank to make their loot...

      Try again, code monkey...

    3. @EllipseAnon12:32
      I think you are mistaking the meanings of the word "lawful," with the word "good."
      As any good role player can tell you, those are not the same word, and there are many different combinations that fall between those spectrums to describe many different people.

      Concord, as you point out, shockingly, is not "good." They are simply "lawful," or "lawful neutral." And then, only so with respect to a particularly narrow set of laws. They would take the life of a mining ship just as easily as a catalyst, if it were to, say, aggress drones on a friendly Agent of the New Order conducting a routine permit inspection.

      Were Concord "good," such as you suggest, they might remember that mining ships often need "saving," (in more ways than one, I might add,) and they would give the miner a break- popping any CODE. ships as soon as we would appear on grid. (An act which, I'm sure Veers Belvar would be ecstatic about, but would also incidentally destroy the entire universe along with it.)

      But thankfully, no. Concord isn't good. It's lawful. Just like the New Order. We are a lawful organization- but mostly we are also Good too. We have a set of laws that we carry out- that unlike Concord, we are doing freely and out of our love and respect for players, instead being motivated by a horrible grind-like A.I. mentality like that of Concord or many of the encrusted bot-aspirants we encounter during our enforcement. All lawful characters have an allegiance to a Code, or set of governing laws- and in a pantheon, many different sets of laws can simultaneously exist. It is important to pay respect to all sets of laws which you are bound under, or at least be prepared to face the consequences of those laws that you disregard without complaint.

      The New Order does not recognize Concord as a legitimate authority; but we accept the consequences of disobeying that authority without complaint. In fact, I do not believe that there has ever been a situation where a CODE. Catalyst pilot has been upset about losing his or her ship.

      In the same vein, Highsec residents who do not wish to recognize The Code as a legitimate authority must learn to accept the consequences of their unlawful actions without complaint, following CODE.'s lead and example. The existence of this site is upkept with stories of those who would disobey the Code.

      Someday, I wish that we could get rid of this site, that every Highsec carebear could instantly learn the lessons that The Code has to teach without them having to read it- like it were programmed into their minds automatically.

      But in the meantime, we'll still have the Saviour's posts.

    4. Do you over analyze everything ming? I made no mistake I was making a comment about what was said in the opening sentence, and what I said is correct, Concord explodes someone's ship for illegal aggression, they were being bad, not matter who it is, if you are caught being bad you are not one of the good guys...code monkies can be so stupid....

    5. Anon@11:51, do you understand the difference between Lawful and Good?

    6. @Anon11:51
      To sum up:
      When Concord kills a CODE. Agent, they are merely following their so-called "laws."
      When you mouth off to an Agent of the Code, who is Lawful Good, not only are you disrespecting established law, you are also fighting against everything good and holy, as well- which is why we must be so severe in our punishment.

    7. your not the law, your not good, and your certainly not holy, your code that's the complete antithesis of those words always will be.

    8. dress it up how you like pirates.
      either way a pirate is still a pirate and that's code.
      bunch of purse snatching pirates.

    9. Purse-snatching? I must admit, that's a new one. Points for creativity!

    10. We prefer to refer to it as "freely-given donation in the spirit of the Code," or "Civil forfeiture," depending on whether one wishes to be compliant or non-compliant, respectively.

    11. Here is the break down of EVE alliances and their moral alignments.

      It is a little dated but the Goons are solid NE. Neutral Evil. Since CODE is the HighSec regional office of the Goons then we can assume the alignments are the same...

      Birds of a feather and all...

      I've never really liked Goons, and it's sad that CODE has aligned themselves so strongly with them.

      - Gorila

    12. Okay, fake "Gorila,"

      You show a mapping that puts "NC." at "Lawful Evil," and Pandemic Legion at "True Neutral," while saying that Goons are Neutral Evil, even as they say they are "either your best friend or worst enemy."

      Wouldn't this, by its own admission, make Goons True Neutral? And wouldn't Pandemic Legion, of all alliances, be the most evil, since they can be proven to care only for themselves?

      Since we have obviously pointed out the flawed nature of your graphic, I am hereby branding your argument as inadmissible, and therefore irrelevant.

      If you wish to challenge the inherently Lawful Good nature of CODE. again, please present evidence that can't be so easily disproven and discarded.

    13. Thank you, maria, for confirming that you too are a stupid code monkey...btw, I know a few Organ Grinders that are missing their monkeys, some of you codies could find a better job there if you want one...

    14. you code guys should go into politics about spin doctors, and like politicians you are not to be believed ,or trusted..... at all

    15. @maria malukker thanks for the points... but your still a bunch of purse snatchers that's all you will ever be.petty criminals with big ideas.

    16. @ming
      there you go with the dressing it up again, well done but it's still purse snatching

    17. @Anon7:41
      And yet, not a single carebear is capable of listing a single incident in which an Agent of the New Order has lied.

      We say we support the Code, we do.
      We say we will gank people who don't pay for and display our permits. We do.
      We say that we will never stop until highsec is 100% complaint. We have not.
      We say that we have never ganked a compliant miner. We haven't.
      James has said he will honor every Billion isk donated with a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. He has done so.
      The New Order says it has killed over a trillion isk worth of ships in the last year. We have killboards that prove it.

      When you look at reality, CODE. is one of the most honest, straightforward organizations in the game.

      It is the miners that think they can sneak a slippery lie through and get away with things. Fortunately, not a single miner has ever succeeded in lying his way out of an enforcement action. Not ever.

    18. spoken like a true politician. well done.
      the code and "reality " are very far removed
      you will never get 100% "compliance"
      you gank whoever you like

      We say that we have never ganked a compliant miner. We haven't.
      lmao ...really ? i wonder if your friend gorilla knows that ? or was he telling porkies ? hmm and now he's a code member how strange
      killing barges and haulers is easy, that's nothing to crow about

      When you look at reality, CODE. is one of the most honest, straightforward organizations in the game.
      nice spin doctoring ....well done again

      enforcement action. is this a euphemism for "criminal act " ?

    19. @Anon8:54
      If you'll correctly recall, Gorila joined CODE. precisely because he was fed up with attempting to defend lying, scheming carebears who did nothing to help in their own defense, and wished that the people he associated with in Eve were of a higher caliber of character. That's why he joined CODE. He needed a breath of fresh air, free of all of the desperation, stagnation, suspicion, and outright lying that the typical Highsec miner is known for. Now, he is among the most elite of our Agents, considering his vast understanding of the carebear mindset. It helps him identify barriers to compliance and better work to bring those barriers crashing down.

      And, as I suspected you would, you have resorted to foffing off my request to produce a single instance of a New Order Agent lying, as if it was below you or something. This proves my point about New Order Agents being the most forthright truth-tellers in New Eden. Thank you for helping me prove the naysayers incorrect, as usual.

    20. nice spin on the gorilla thing well done again.(so he WAS lying when he said he had proof that you gank miners with permits?)
      i'm not "foffing " anything merely showing you for the adept "politicians" you truly are well done again sir ,well done indeed .
      you do use the word "elite" far too lightly though, what you do is indeed nothing like elite. but nice try

    21. p.s how many more of your members are former liars i wonder ?(reformed by code of course ... ??)

    22. @Anon10:00
      Every single miner that ever decided to leave the world of mining behind and join the New Order.

    23. nice spin well done yet again.
      you know what they say about "once a liar always a liar right?

    24. i would suggest a new moto for the code....and here it is very fitting i feel

      And thus I clothe my naked villainy
      With odd old ends stol'n out of holy writ;
      And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”
      william shakespeare

    25. @Anon12:09
      It is common for freed Agents to prefer the term: "Was blind, but now I see."

    26. @ ming tso
      and as i suspected YOU would you have (to use your words ) foffed off the fact that gorilla either lied before he joined you or you are liars in denying that you gank permit holders either way your code still harbors liars take your pick it's one or the other.

    27. @Anon2:53
      There are many Agents of the New Order who were once miners, it is true.

      They used to lie, fudge, tell stories, make excuses, "spill the beans" etc. but then they saw the Light of James 315. The read the Code, and the Truth of the Code cleansed them, and they were baptized by Concord. And then, after that, every vile act that miners had committed before that moment was forgotten in the eyes of the Saviour and of the New Order.
      Washed away, as it were.

      So you see, what I told you about Agents of the New Order never lying was true. If Gorila had lied before he became an Agent, that was okay. He wasn't an Agent at that time. But he was given a clean slate as soon as he became one.

      He even gave us administrative control of the Anti-ganking channel, which was a veritable sweatshop of lies, deceit, and desperation. We freed those people for a little while, until its administrators came back from being AFK two days later and were then faced with the mammoth task of attempting to rebuild the ban list.

      So as I see it, you have yet to prove that an Agent of the New Order has lied. Sure, you have presented that you think that New Order Agents are liars. But without proof, your words are as empty as an empty rain barrel.

    28. Redemption of sins
      Through permits and compliance
      We're not what we were

    29. @ming tso

      the "spin " is strong in this one
      the burden of proof is surely upon the liar ???(past or present )
      i am about as likely to believe you as you are to accept my premise that you lot tell lies,so i guess we will have to agree to disagree?

      i leave you with this (it reminds me of code )
      “We’re a different sort of thief here, Lamora. Deception and misdirection are our tools. We don’t believe in hard work when a false face and a good line of bullshit can do so much more.”

    30. I think lawful good is a bit of a stretch here, while the new order is undoubtedly doing good work, and the new order is honorable to the code, dispatching property and pods unprovoked could not be seen as a lawful action. Now chaotic good would not work either because the new order is just and reliable in their enforcement of the code. I think prehaps neutral good would be the best classification, which really is the most selfless alignment, being dedicated and consistent to serving the forces of goodness.

    31. @Anon April 1, 2015 at 8:51 PM
      to be "lawful " anything they would have to be concord as CONCORD is the law in high sec.
      they are not even close to "honorable" they are cyber "purse snatchers" and "car jackers" is what they are.
      they serve nothing but their own agenda to gather tears from those in high sec. and they are not too good at that even 1% ...... not exactly a huge impact is it ?
      have a nice day ;)

  3. TWO losses in THREE months! Oh my, that IS quite the "rap sheet"


    1. 8 losses totaling over 22Billion. You missed the point there carebear......
      Butthurt miners always miss the point! Always!

  4. The code always wins! Always!

    1. Always!

      Veers 'elite station docker' Belvar

  5. These carebears are so inept. It nearly takes the honor out of victory. Nearly.

  6. I wonder why agent Cohenberg was asking for the status to cfc. Could it be that the lord and saviour of highsec is nothing more than the muppet of a nullsec coalition? Could it be that the members of such nullsec coalition could be flying without permits, being aspiring botters and flay badly fit ships without any of the valiant and brave agents interfering?

    I'm shocked.

    1. anon721
      You make yourself look the fool. Takes less than a minute to check the killmail and see that most of that fleet was CFC.
      Your attempt at sarcasm failed. Your attempt to paint the savior in a bad light through name calling failed.
      Butthurt miners fail! Always!


    2. In fact you are the fool who fails at reading comprehension. I suggested that agent Cohenberg enquired the standings of the victim towards CFC because he would not have attacked an illegal bot aspirant permitless miner, if said miner was part of CFC. Now you point out that the objective, untouchable and uncompromising agents of the saviour of highsec indeed do work together with CFC. I wonder why you think that this could disprove a bias towards CFC. Please elaborate.

    3. -=M=-... A known Veers alt

    4. anon721 is a butthurt miner that is trying to change his story now. Hey anon721, go back to station docking and leave EvE to the real players.
      All CFC are immune to permits as they are null dwellers, and only hisec carebears are required to fit a permit tank. Have you been under a rock for the last few years? Oh yea, i guess you have, veldspar counts.
      The CODE is always infallible! Always!
      You miner scum should know your place, and stop shitposting

      Veers -=M=- Belvar, king of the station dockers!

    5. So, you are saying that no one from the Cfc enters HighSec for any reason? This is smelling like a double standard to me...

    6. Because if the pilots in the gank fleet are actually in the CFC, they cant shoot at blues? This would have been a totally different story I'm sure if they were natural gank alts. Please try again...

      ~ Asia Leigh

  7. Code monkeys don't post shit. They throw it!

    1. I was meaning to say that CODE blows up afk barges! Sorry for the above shitpost.
      The CODE always wins! Always!

  8. meh, seems made up


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