Monday, March 16, 2015

Justice Is Blind, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Iceman Alabel was ganked and put on trial. His public defender, Agent HotShotX Warcastle, took increasingly desperate measures to save his client from himself. At the last minute, his final gambit paid off: He shifted the blame to Iceman's corp, The Blind Eyes. Specifically, he accused the corp's CEO, captill, of misleading its members. With stakes as high as these, an investigation was launched without delay.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Can we please have captill invited into this group chat
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I would like him to answer some questions in front of the investigative committee
HotShotX Warcastle > o7
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > captill we have one of your corporation's capsuleers here, and he has really worked himself into a dilly of a pickle
captill > hello all i have been made awere of whats going on
The head of the investigation, TheInternet, succeeded in getting The Blind Eyes' CEO into the chat. One way or another, the truth would come out.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > captill I'm not convinced that Iceman Alabel has made you fully aware of what he has been charged with.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > We need to get to the bottom of some of your corporation's activities, and that is why we asked you to com here capitill
captill > then what do you you wish to charge him with
HotShotX Warcastle > As the defense, I would like to advise you that things have gotten quite dire.
captill claimed to be up to speed on the day's events, but the trial participants found that hard to believe. captill didn't even have the benefit of a multi-part MinerBumping post!
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Can we have members of the Committee please ask their questions relating to the possible anti-CODE activities before we get into peticulars
Chocolate Mooses > Yes.
Chocolate Mooses >
Chocolate Mooses > can you please explain this? To me, it looks like a trusted member of your corp attempeting to disrupt New Order enforcement activities.
Kalorned > oh my! In Halaima of all places!
Gaylord Fappington > * bows head at the death record of his TNT comrade
The evidence of The Blind Eyes' corruption was put forward: It was a killmail in which one of their corp members tried to counter-gank a ganker. Since CONCORD appeared on the mail, the counter-ganker had failed. Still, it is treason to even try to interfere with New Order activity. Was there another explanation? Was it an accident?
captill > my brothers kill ya i remember that i praised him for that
HotShotX Warcastle > I'm out of faces to palm.
Clearly, captill was cut from the same cloth as Iceman.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > captill so you admit that you have encouraged your corp members to engage in anti-CODE behavior?!?
HotShotX Warcastle > captill as Iceman Alabel's attorney, I hold you squarely responsible for the charges brought upon my client today.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > So it is as we suspected from the beginning of this Committee: there is, indeed, a larger plot here than just one minor miner mining.
HotShotX Warcastle > You have mislead your corpmembers into poorly fitting ships and losing corp assets at an alarming rate.
captill > we as a corp agreed we are not scard of the code and will not follow it
Skipper Blue > /emote gasps
The CEO confirmed everyone's worst fears. The Blind Eyes was indeed an anti-Order corp.
captill > i must admit ice should have never tqken that ship alone
HotShotX Warcastle > WAS THERE A VOTE?
captill > it was all in chat no need for recorads
captill > we are all friend in our corp
HotShotX was outraged. captill refused to accept responsibility for his corp members' actions. The CEO claimed everyone was on board.
HotShotX Warcastle > captill, no "friend" would teach someone to fly a fully defenseless barge.
Iceman Alabel > like i told HotShotX Warcastle we are an anti code corp
Chocolate Mooses > /emote gasps!
Iceman Alabel > he didnt know i was going out
HotShotX Warcastle > /emote throws hands up in air
Coordinating a space legal defense for Iceman proved nearly impossible. Miners love to lie, but they also love to confess. A curious people, these miners.
captill > ya have anothe member online who will agree w/ me
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Let's invite him here, it might even things up a little bit.
captill > will all feel the same way about the code
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I want to get to the bottom of what happened today
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > No stone must be left unturned
captill > Aria Ito invite him
HotShotX Warcastle > The defense is quickly running out of options.
Aria Ito > Right. Whats this about?
A third member of The Blind Eyes, Aria Ito, was brought into the convo. At this rate, TheInternet was going to get all of the rebels in highsec on record.
HotShotX Warcastle > We can only assume at this point that Iceman Alabel and his fellow corpmates have been brainwashed, and captill is their puppeteer.
Aria Ito > Yeah we are a crazy group of marionettes that follow our evil leader Captill in the pursuit of killing off ganking wankers.
HotShotX Warcastle > The defense would like to submit Aria Ito's comment as proof of my client's innocence.
Iceman Alabel > for this mate
Iceman Alabel > but i stand by Aria Ito
Iceman Alabel > and till
captill > i brain wased no1
The public defender made a valiant effort, but it was no use. Plainly, no one from The Blind Eyes was going to escape justice this day.
Lynne Ekanon > I have never in my day, heard such blasphemy... I am appalled Aria Ito
Lynne Ekanon > your mother would be ashamed
captill > my mother is proud of me staning up agenist the like of james and the code
Aria Ito > You disrepectful pups need your head viciously ripped from your Posteriors.
Aria Ito > You guys got a real power trip off of this didnt ya? Freak show.
Iceman was now a veteran of the New Order court system. He had learned to keep a respectful silence, at least some of the time. His corp members were rougher around the edges. They raged.
captill > and Lynne Ekanon what is you role in these hearings?
Lynne Ekanon > I am but a pedestrian... watching this horrible event
captill > then your role is to shut the fuck up and watch
Chocolate Mooses > How rude.
captill > what rude is you killing my corpmembers then have the ball to ask them to buy a permit
Thanks to all of the excitement, the convo was filling up with random New Order audience members, who gawked at the bot-aspirants. The Blind Eyes' CEO, like a caged animal at a zoo, spat back at them.
captill > TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet if you are really a 3ed party why are you trying to flip my members into informates?
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I need to get all of the facts straight
captill > then you will ask him in front of the cort so we all can be let into waht you find out
Aria Ito > Sneaking around shows weakness and need of guile.
captill > we have been nothing but honset so you could do the same
Finally, captill realized that it might not be a good idea to have all of his corp members dragged into the convo to make confessions. That's not standard OpSec protocol in most corps.
Gaylord Fappington > Are you aware captill that your corpmate was offered a plea deal by me where he apologizes and buys one permit and all other charges would be dismissed?
Gaylord Fappington > And he refused my offer
captill > ya and he did well to refuse
Gaylord Fappington > I destroyed his barge because I wanted to help him. I wanted to show him mercy in this court as well
captill > help him by killing a 30mill barge dont make me laugh
Gaylord Fappington > I think we have found the real criminal here, and its name is The Blind Eyes
Aria Ito > I belive we have found the pompous have no remorse.
The confessions shed new light on the situation. Now even Gaylord Fappington, who had performed the gank against Iceman, believed the corp was to blame. The Blind Eyes created an environment in which bot-aspirancy could thrive. It was a classic case of structural carebearism.
captill > the only thing he did wrong was take out a defless barge
HotShotX Warcastle > captill the barge was defenseless, because you as CEO, FAILED him, and brainwashed him into thinking this failure of a barge was acceptable for flight.
captill > theyshould know idk why ice took that barge out and i will have a talk w. him about it later
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Well, would any committee members object to getting started with perhaps some light punitive measures in the hopes of spurring compliance?
The CEO began to regret his cooperation with the tribunal. Seeing the New Order crowd turn against him, captill shifted the blame back to Iceman. But TheInternet had heard enough. He was laser-focused on The Blind Eyes corp. Its fate was about to be decided.

To be continued...


  1. Blind Eyes need to go after every one of you code monkies...

    1. They already did. It wasn't very effective.

  2. You know, if captill and his corp keep standing up to code i might just throw them my support as well as help funding them :)


    1. If you wanted to fund a functional rebel, you would send isk to that Held guy that's been harassing us. You won't, though, because you cannot stand the thought of parting with isk--it is against your miner programming.

    2. @anon10:33

      No, you won't.

    3. Prove it. You will never give them any isk. Proof or you are full of veers!

    4. Is it just me or are all the 4+ part stories dragging down the blog's quality?

    5. Lol, so cute, they try to scam me to give isk to held like i scammed ming to give isk to code :D


    6. Plingelingaling Ming is still angry?
      Just ask and we will help you lower your blood pressure and clean up your dirty panties.

    7. M can't send it anyway since he'd have to prove he sent isk in the first place and risk exposing his true identity.

    8. @Anon3:29
      So are you saying that "The Code ALWAYS Wins? ALWAYS?"
      Because when you "win," The Code and James 315 win too? (And maybe.. Just a little bit more than you do?)

    9. "Donating's a scam!"
      "I donated 40b!"
      So...which one's the lie?

  3. Sending money to held is the same as sending money to code, held is there to create a rebellion so code has something to do. deny all you want there is a reason why he is ex code

    1. Oh that's just ridiculous claptrap! You can read the latest on my blog, titled "Kill of the Weekend" over at

  4. Thrilling court drama!
    They feel the sting of justice
    Who defiled highsec

  5. Yes maria, you code monkies will feel the sting of justice...

    1. eventually, someday, until then we'll just make vauge threats and shit posts

    2. But even that might be too much commitment, better stay anonymous as well just in case.

    3. Hey. You back off my Maria. And thats hands off of my Ming also. Only i, the great and powerful M, can stalk them. I cannot fap to thoughts of them flying catalysts up my bum if i hink they have been defiled by some lowly shittalking miner.


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  6. wow, is actually anyone reading this wall of blog? The idea itself is okay, but the endless repetition and self glorification is annoying, no money from me

    1. This comment was repetitive and annoying. I'm not complaining, though, because it filled the corner box on my Miner Bingo (tm) card.

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    2. I'm pretty sure to AltAnon, literally every person on earth is a Veers alt.

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