Saturday, March 7, 2015

Part of Our World, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri's study of whale behavior made him an even more powerful Agent than ever before. He swiftly destroyed about a billion isk worth of illegal mining equipment and implants from a single The Ancient GateKeepers Military Enforcement corp mining fleet. The surviving Covetor returned to keyboard and skedaddled.

The survivor's alt challenged Salah to find him, so Salah found him. Actually, the killmail timestamp indicates that Salah found him a minute before the challenge was made. It doesn't get any more elite than this, folks.

A clean sweep! The asteroid belt looked so much more beautiful without all the bot-aspirancy mucking it up.

Salah displayed extraordinary PvP prowess. He'd eliminated all of the barges and exhumers. He'd popped their pods. The Ancient GateKeepers could deny the New Order's power no longer. Now it was time for the mining permit fees to start rolling in.

Despite Salah's victories, the peace negotiations dragged on and on.

Highsec miner Ghost Bull wasn't impressed by people who can kill a mining ship. Ganking doesn't require skill, he felt. Why do highsec miners complain about other players not having skill? The same question goes for highsec PvE'ers who complain about gankers not taking risks.

Ghost Bull was the latest to join the Rip Van Winkle club. Apparently he was asleep when the New Order took power. The good news is that a responsible voter had his proxy during the big election for supreme ruler of highsec. Ghost's vote was cast for me.

In desperate act of rebellion, Ghost Bull tried to interfere with Salah's ganking spree. But our Agents are no less capable when it comes to shooting ships that can shoot back. Salah easily destroyed Ghost's Ishkur. Peace returned to the Poinen system.

AtoMisE Aurilen was another of Ghost's alts. Salah's victory in their 1v1 was undeniable. It finally drove the carebear to give our Agent some credit.

After a brief racial inquiry, AtoMisE decided to play the victim. This is the usually the part of the story where we would look up AtoMisE's profile, discover that he'd been playing EVE a long time, and roll our eyes at his "I'm a new player" martyr routine.

...But Salah has us covered. What does a miner do when he gets called out on the "new player" nonsense? Now we know: He makes another excuse. As part of the New Order's latest public awareness campaign, I think I'll keep linking this post by CCP Rise until the situation improves.

Though his fleet's anti-asteroid firepower had been reduced, AtoMisE remained defiant as ever.

In spite of his rage, he was still just a carebear in a station. The New Order remains in power over all the highsec systems. The next time AtoMisE and his corpmates get an opportunity to speak to one of our Agents, hopefully the carebears will have something worth saying. Who knows? Maybe they'll even spice up the conversation with a payment of 10 million isk.


  1. Another victory for the New Order!

  2. Ming plays pocket repeat again!
    *checks off a square on the ming bingo card*


  3. "In spite of his rage, he was still just a carebear in a station." sounds like the real Veers to me.

    1. another confirmed Veers alt. Adding him to my little red book.

    2. Veers, The real non-alt-Veers does nothing but rage in a station for 30 minutes each day. That's how you can tell his alts from his non-alt-mains-by-another-name. At any rate Salah knows the Veers and has podded him twice so drop the red book and go troll C&P more

    3. Ehh...when do I rage in station exactly? And can you post those Salah poddings for us...I'm sure the public would love to see em.

    4. you code guys can write some amusing fiction.
      keep it up it's very funny.

  4. code monkies are just bot-aspirants with a differnt chosen activity, the are constantly scouting, gank, wait out the GCC, pre-draw Concord, then repeat...that sounds very bot-aspirant to me...

  5. I agree anonymous @ 6:26 pm
    All that code does is bot-aspirant. They claim miners are no better then npc's, yet they then 'harvest' those miners over and over and over. I would not be suprised if they already have bot programs set up for that which they activly use. Kinda ironic, those who claim to fight bots becoming the bots themselves.

    *Still enjoying scamming Ming out of 11 billion isk*

  6. I notice ming has finaly gone quiet, perhaps he is to busy crying over the 11 billion i scammed out of him.
    Poor ming is poor.


    1. Oh my James, M, we know you miss him. But he's just not that into you, and some of us just aren't as devoted to the minerbumping comments section as you are. Why not calm down for a bit, get off the internet, maybe go outside for a bit? I'm sure your family misses you by now.

    2. Well of course ming isint as devoted to things code does. He is a bigger care bear then even afk miners are. At least james has you here to still keep trying to make him look good, even thou you fail at it daily maria.
      *pats maria on the head and gives her a hug*


    3. I do wonder, how do you fanboys decide which of us to follow around? Ok, Veers having chosen DJ was pretty expected, since DJ made the most fun of him during their teamspeak interview (though really, everyone on there was having fun with him...."Code-supporter", my ass). But you've really developed a fixation on Ming specifically, above and beyond the frustrated lust that all carebears have for all Agents, and as far as I know he hadn't interacted with you before you became a minerbumping regular. Why obsess over him? Why obsess over any one Agent in the first place? Seems silly to waste so much time and effort trying to get Ming-sempai to notice you, but whatever floats your mining barge.

      Either way, keep up the good work M. Your constant attempts at baiting do a better job of demonstrating carebear hatefulness than anything any of us could say.

  7. the code displays hatefulness of it's own maria don't try and say otherwise.
    you guys are every bit as hateful as the carebears are you just word it differently that's all.
    they just let their emotions get the better of them and say stuff that really shouldn't be said, whereas you try to be a little more subtle and use mockery, sarcasm,and snide remarks about you lot being superior.
    (which your not) at least be honest about it .
    your actually every bit as bad as they are just in a different way that's all.

    1. Hatefulness? It seems like someone hasn't kept up with his daily reading of the Code. If you had, you would know that the Code demonstrates only love and forbearance for wayward carebears. But even suppose you were right, and that we did in fact despise the carebears who we work so hard to reform. Can you really say that two groups are "every bit as bad" as each other, when one group engages in gentle mockery, and the other constantly spews racist, misogynistic hate, death threats, attempts at doxxing, etc? I say that even if you were right and the Code were hateful (which it clearly is not), our Agents' superior behavior alone would place us on a higher moral ground relative to carebears. And when you then factor in that not only is our behavior superior, but our moral Code is superior to theirs as well...well, of course we're better than the carebears, and of course we feel as if we're better than the carebears. But we do not seek to rub in our superiority, or rest on our laurels. On the contrary, we are motivated by that same superiority to attempt to improve and reform the carebears. Knowing that we are better than they are, only drives us to try to make them better.

      What you seem to have mistaken for hatefulness is in fact love and altruism, Anon@4:42. What you have salndered as mockery and snide remarks is actually our version of community serviceBut it is understandable for you to have made these mistakes. After all, you have not yet spent enough time meditating on the subtleties and implications of the Code.

    2. Wow maria, raging much?
      Calm down maria, its just a game after all.
      If you rage this much, perhaps its you that should step away from the computer for a while.


    3. Ah, carebears. So apt to mistake any response longer than a sentence for "raging". What a simple world you must live in, where every single action is motivated by either greed or rage. In a way, I do envy you; the complexities of the world are something which you may never have to truly deal with.

    4. Its ok maria, we totaly understand your need to rage.
      Rage on maria, rage on!

      *hugs maria*
      Just keep telling yourself your a beautiful snowflake


    5. FORBEARANCE (noun)
      A delay in enforcing rights or claims or privileges; refraining from acting.

      hmm how many carebears complain of being killed without warning ?
      does not sound like forbearance to me ...
      you do despise them the very fact that you mock, and ridicule them at every opportunity is proof enough (you seem to think it gentle many more would disagree with that opinion than would agree i suspect.)
      you deem yourselves superior merely because you seek to enforce your playstyle upon them (they neither seek your attempts to "make them better"nor do they want to be made better.)
      i do however agree that some of their more "colourful" responses are deeply regrettable to say the least.
      altruism (noun)
      the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others.
      how you see yourselves as altruistic is beyond me or anyone else for that matter.
      you seek 10 million isk for your attempts at "making them better".you loot the wrecks for your use (to sell or re-use) .you often invite victims into chats that give you the opportunity to belittle,and ridicule,you post said conversation in here to get a laugh all over again.(does not sound too altruistic so far does it?)
      and as far as slander already have a terrible reputation so i really don't see how it could be any more besmirched than it already is you ?

    6. "you deem yourselves superior merely because you seek to enforce your playstyle upon them (they neither seek your attempts to "make them better"nor do they want to be made better.)"

      Yes, carebears are so broken by their playstyle that they not only do not seek self-improvement, but they actively resist improving. This only serves to demonstrate how desperately they need help. What kind of a broken human being would prefer imitating a bot for 10 hours a day over interacting with other people, with the broader player society? Their behavior is a cry for help, even if they don't realize it enough to explicitly ask for help.

      "how you see yourselves as altruistic is beyond me or anyone else for that matter.
      you seek 10 million isk for your attempts at "making them better"."

      Ok, you do understand that this is a pittance, right? We spend more money than that on ganking enough people enough time to get a permit sale. The only reason we charge for permits at all is because CCP insisted (they seem to have bought into the Veers assumption that the only two motivations for player behavior are greed or sociopathy). After charging this nominal fee for them for a while (a fee whose value constantly decreases due to in-game inflation, yet a fee which we do not and will never increase), we realized that it is valuable because even though we don't care about money, carebears do, and they're less likely to risk having their permits revoked if they paid money for them. But that money does not enrich us. Ganking does not enrich us, it's a net loss for the gankers 99% of the time. Voluntarily donating time and money to something which doesn't benefit is that not altruism?

    7. hmm you conveniently forget the bit about you looting the wrecks for your benefit,the bit about the chats you initiate to mock and belittle them.
      and you do actually care about money you have an entire organization dedicated to the reimbursement of your lost ships and mods ???? so you actually lose nothing. how is that not caring about money ? and as for what benefits you seems to be the infliction of your spiteful playstyle that gets you lot your jollies. and who are you to tell them how to play (don't give me that tired old line about proxy votes we all know that's just smoke and mirrors ) you set yourselves up as judge, jury,and executioner because the game mechanics allow it and that's it.
      you seek to have fun your way and if it makes others unhappy so be it .
      they are not lost, so why do they need to be found ? they seek to play a game the way they choose i see no fault in that. not everybody is a gregarious people person in RL so why you expect them to be so in a game i don't understand.(well i do understand but you just deny it )
      once again i agree that new eden should not be safe( no not even high sec) and we don't need bots afk'ers or auto piloters but most of them are none of those things yet you still persecute them because you select your targets and do your thing then make the rest up as suits you. your motives are anything buy altruistic you know it, i know it ,and so do all the new eden residents too.
      so in summary you pick a target, any target... blow them up (knowing your ship and mods get replaced) extort 10 million isk (you say it's a pittance that benefits nothing but still charge it anyway it has no motivational effect at all )
      you then tell them it was their fault you blew them up (fail fit, afk , etc....)
      mock them a little get your jollies and move on. again not sounding too altruistic is it ?

    8. "and you do actually care about money you have an entire organization dedicated to the reimbursement of your lost ships and mods ???? so you actually lose nothing."

      Opportunity Cost. We donate a lot of our time and energy to an activity which will not make us any money. And that's assuming that the ganker in question bothers James for reimbursement, and can occasionally scoop the loot from the wreck (which isn't always possible, even when something good drops, which isn't always the case). At best, ganking doesn't lose the ganker much money, but it's not earning a fraction of the money that they could be earning in any number of different ways, while requiring more involvement and energy than most other forms of acquiring ISK. Any way you look at it, ganking is community service, done out of a person's most generous impulses.

      "they are not lost, so why do they need to be found ? they seek to play a game the way they choose i see no fault in that."

      The way they seek to play hurts the game. Carebears constantly petition for more safety, more profit while in complete safety, and the banning of anyone who engages in spaceship combat. They've already skewed the risk/reward balance so far in their favor that it doesn't make economic sense to make money in nullsec anymore. James has explained all this both in the Code, and his articles about the nature of carebears and why they're an existential threat to the game. Your concerns have already been thoroughly addressed, Anon@9:09. You just haven't bothered reading the articles addressing them.

    9. i live in null, i make isk in null, i buy my ships and mods almost exclusively in null.
      and i along with the many many others who do this are doing fine thanks.
      and they can petition for more safety until the cows come how we all know they are not gonna get it.
      but i digress,

      Any way you look at it, ganking is community service, done out of a person's most generous impulses.
      the above statement should be read "ganking is fun and i do it because it is fun,and it pisses people off which i enjoy immensely"

      The way they seek to play hurts the game.
      not everyone agrees with you or mr 315 on that count if they did there would be no miners at all ( new eden does actually need miners despite what you think )
      and james only expounds HIS idea of what this game should be the fact that you and your ilk are a tiny minority and will remain so proves this fact.
      you do nothing for high sec or this game and nothing through altruism,everything you do proves this. you inflict your ideas upon high sec because you's fun right?

      ps i have not nor will i ever read the code.i get all the explanations of the machinations of it's writer and his cronies right here that's all i need to know.
      the code is nothing,it contributes nothing,(except this blog which is fun sometimes) it is a paper tiger that preys on the easiest prey it can find,because it can simple as that

    10. "i have not nor will i ever read the code."

      Then you are not and will never be qualified to discuss its content, value, or contributions to the game. Believing otherwise is like believing you are qualified to do literary analysis on a book you refuse to read.

    11. @Anon3:30
      You would be incorrect in your assumption.

      Ganking is, indeed, community service of the highest caliber. We let carebears know what they can and cannot get away with in highsec. We let them know the limits of their freedom. And we limit that freedom when we decide that we don't want them to have the freedom anymore.

      Highsec is ours to control. No military organization ever has, can or ever will beat us. Your refusal to read the Code doesn't bother us in the least- first, since you live in null, the Code does not apply to you, and second, what you think of the people under our dominion is irrelevant. The fate of the highsec carebears is ours alone to decide, not yours.

      If you decide to read the Code, you might find enlightenment, but I'm not going to waste any more words on sideliners like you just throwing their two cents. Agents of the New Order have so many better things to do with our time.

    12. as i said before "paper tiger"
      i also explained why i and most of eve have not nor ever will read the drivel you call the code.
      you control nothing (you do however labor under many delusions)
      the control you think you have is ephemeral at best.
      and i am certain that there are many military organizations in new eden that could (if desired) swat you like a bug .... your overlords would have no difficulty doing this i am certain should they so choose.
      so keep on roaring "paper tiger" just be careful not to encounter something with real teeth while you play in baby space.

    13. If we're "paper tigers,"
      then have got to be the deadliest paper tigers in existence.

      What's also funny is that you act as if there aren't military organizations that have tried to "swat" us in the past. For one, most nullsec military organizations love us- because carebears are as despised by nullsec military organizations as they are to CODE. As a result, they often applaud CODE. in our duties as the elected Highsec Carebear Disciplinarians. Bec

      But there have been "military organizations" that have had beef with us in the past. And they have all been soundly defeated by CODE. One only has to look at our recent war with Marmite Collective to realize that there are only two results to wars with the New Order;

      1.) Complete and Utter Victory for the New Order, and
      2.) Embarrassing losses for anyone and everyone who challenges us.

    14. i have not seen any real efforts to fight you at all and to use marmite as an example is a very poor example i'm afraid.(i mean does anybody actually take marmite seriously? )
      and while i agree some areas of null seem to approve of your endeavors there are also an equal amount (that are not goon or goon affiliated ) that don't.
      you are simply the bigger fish in a tiny pond. (high sec) so paper tigers you shall remain. finding and killing your defenseless prey of choice as you see fit
      so once again roar on paper tigers roar on.

    15. "Paper tiger" means "a person or thing that appears threatening but is ineffectual." And "big fish in a small pond" means "A person who is important in a limited arena; someone overqualified for a position or in relation to colleagues."

      So according to you, the New Order of Highsec is ineffectual. I mean it's only important in highsec, and it's only overqualified when compared with everyone else in highsec.

    16. not at all your new order is only important in the mind of it's creator.(and his converts of course)
      and "paper tiger" is exactly what you are. (your sphere of influence is miniscule)
      and again a big fish in a small pond is only important in his own mind you can be sure the little fish despise him.
      you are almost completely ineffectual yes. ( i say almost grudgingly) because you do seem to annoy lots of people.
      the places you inhabit and inflict your agenda upon the locals is tiny.
      the rest of new eden pays you no attention at all. in fact i only come here for my own amusement(you do provide that at least)
      and the only thing that code is overqualified in is self aggrandizement,mockery,sarcasm,and complete disregard for how others feel (all of this is in the context of the game of course, your probably very likeable in the real world )
      and lastly you never compare yourselves with anyone in high sec as you simply assume you are better than every single one of them ... am i right?

    17. ps....keep on roaring my friend ;-)

  8. No blog post on Monday? I thought this was a daily blog, someone verify that I am wrong or correct, I hope nothing happened to the savior of high sec irl, that would be horrible, on a side note what would happen if James were no longer around? would this site continue? would the CODE go on?

    1. Looks like we got a double post on Tuesday. Maybe it was caused by the daylight savings time switch.


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