Friday, September 5, 2014

The First Apology

If the title confuses you: No, not that kind of "apology". The other kind.

Agent Sophaya Fortelleren is one of the foremost philosophers of the Code in highsec. (The number of highly-trained Code scholars is growing daily!) You might recall Sophaya's The Book of 315 from earlier this year.

After very careful consideration and close study, Sophaya has concluded that the Code is definitely the way to go in highsec. Yet there are still those who criticize the Code and its followers.

Time to put an end to that nonsense.

Sophaya presents The First Apology: Kindness, a discourse on the nature of the Code enforcers. Are Agents of the New Order sociopaths, as has been claimed? Sophaya puts the myth to the test.

Dealing with a brainwashed bot-aspirant? This is another tool in your kit, Agents.

BONUS UPDATE: A SoundCloud version of The First Apology: Kindness, voiced by Sasha Nyemtsov.


  1. RIDICULOUS is the best word to describe you people

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Veers... umadbro?!

    2. No bemused, because I find the whole CODE thing a bit odd. They seem to wildly gravitate between a cultish religion, a fascist/communist propoganda operation, an organization dedicated to emotional abuse/tortute, and a bunch of immature kids getting their rocks off blowing up things in a spaceship game.

    3. Mr Belvar,

      Don't be bemused. I think you're simply missing the point. Like The Code itself, and of course, its Author, things are not quite what they seem.

      Now, some folk have difficulty dealing with insubstantialities. Those who don't are able to access a world of nuance which is otherwise unavailable.

      I covered some of this in the first recorded commentary I made; a kind of exploration of the qualities of our Leader and how they permeate The Code and its supporters.

      On the most obvious level it is about internet spaceships; it's an internet spaceship game after all. But what is it about James 315 and the Code that can bring such a demonstrably disparate bunch of individuals together and cement them into such an effective movement?

      It is none of the things you mention, above. You are grasping at air.

      Sometimes it's easier to approach definitions (if you must do so) by considering them from a negative point of view. In other words, confine yourself to describing what the New Order is *not*.

      How should you not be bemused? You will never reach San Antonio, for you are on the road to Milwaukee.

    4. Ok...I think you are trying to be like DJ the propaganda officer, and spout out a whole lot of text without saying anything material (hey, it works for Obama, right?). The strange idioms due to the language difference (native v. acquired) make it all rather awkward though....

      I will reiterate my assessment of DJ (and of New Order Agents in general) - concerning the infamous Sokhar (or whatever soundcloud) -

      "DJ - I listened to the soundcloud, or as much of it as I could stomach. Forcing a person with a speech impediment to read out loud, to sing, humiliating him in any way possible, stealing all of his Eve assets, and stringing him along to make him think he could "win." Utterly despicable, sadistic, emotional abuse. A real nauseating experience - that's what Code is really about. It's not about Eve, it's about using the game to emotionally torture vulnerable people, and at that, I must opine, you are quite talented."

  3. Code scholars make my heart smile. If only there were more such dedicated and erudite individuals in the world. It would be a far better place.

    1. BeBopAReBop RhubarbPieSeptember 5, 2014 at 7:58 PM

      Hear, Hear!

      *goes to look up erudite*

  4. This is outstanding work! I am going to meditate over it and use it in my work.

    Brother Roland

  5. What a load of hilariously chest bumping and nonsensical madness. You guys are quite the role players though I'll give you that. Space Mafia, may I have my wish granted on this day of your daughters wedding of a free pass of a high sec space travel ahahaha

  6. I just finished reading both manifestos, which is probably my 5th time going over them overall. If you like the Code, you will love the manifestos.

    In fact, this particular reading has given me new inspiration. All I'm going to say now is that industry types better stock up on minerals and ice, because sometime in the nearish future supplies might become tight.

  7. There is a small typo in the Apology: the word "tenants" should be replaced by "tenets" in several places. Both words come from the same Latin root "tenere", so it is a justifiable mistake, but their meaning in English is altogether different.

    It was otherwise a marvelous read, a clear product of a keen mind. Excellent work, Agent Sophaya.


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